Dough Bowl Coffee Table & Moroccan Wedding Blanket {Tutorial by The White Buffalo Styling Co.}

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hey there! I'm monica 

I pride myself on making amazing style and design accessible for everyone, regardless of location, budget, or ability! My design philosophy is rooted in authenticity + attainability - If I can do it, you can too! My work has been featured in countless publications, but I take the most pride in homeowners that have been personally inspired by my DIY ideas and have tried something in their own homes!

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We’re so thrilled to have Lindsay from The White Buffalo Styling Co. on the blog today sharing her 2nd place upcycle project. This is her first time in the top three, but each week her projects have been pretty amazing. In the paint round she came in 6th place with her Hand-painted Watercolor Kilim Wall, Ombre Table & Paint Dipped Chair. In week one for the knock off round, her gorgeous Marble Waterfall Island Inspired Desk, and Crate and Barrel Inspired Tie Dye Curtains came in 7th place. Each week is the challenge is so different and you just never know what everyone is going to like and vote for. Congrats Lindsay on climbing your way to the final round.



Hey y’all!

I am so excited to share my tutorials for my Dough Bowl turned coffee table and my DIY Moroccan Wedding Blanket.  These two projects are my absolute favorite kind: simple DIY’s with high style.  There are only a few steps for each and anyone could do it!  But they make a huge statement, don’t you think?

Let’s start with the Moroccan Wedding Blanket.


I LOVE bohemian design and nothing says boho to me quite like these blankets.  I’ve seen them for so long and really wanted one.  They’re great tossed over a couch, the bottom of a bed, or even as a rug!

But these are expensive, y’all!  Like, $900 expensive, depending on where you find them.  So, being a DIYer at heart, I set out to make my own.

I had seen a lot of variations, but all of them usually have the strips of shag.  Inspiration struck one day when I saw a cheap, shag bathmat.  And that was all she wrote!


Here are a few more details about materials:

Throw – You need to start with a throw as your base.  This throw was an old one that had just been sitting in the house for years.  It really wanted one that already had fringe trim around the outside since many of the blankets I’d seen have fringe.  Plus, I just love fringe.

Glue – Yes, this blanket was completely glued together.  We used fabric glue.  I don’t think regular glue would hold as well.

Sequin Trim – My first thought was that I was going to have to glue on tiny sequins by hand.  That wasn’t very exciting.  Thankfully, I found sequin trim, which made this process really easy!  Any craft store should have it.

Shag Bathmat – Here is where you can really customize your blanket.  You definitely want shag so that there is some texture standing up off of the blanket, but the pile is up to you!  I found one that had stripes of different shags, which I loved because it provided more variety and texture in the blanket.

Make sure to buy your throw first (or measure an old one that you have at home), so that you can calculate how many bath mats it will take to fully cover it in strips.  For my throw, it took three bath mats.

Once you have your materials, get crafting!

Step 1: Cut Your Strips

Step 1

You don’t just want to start cutting on this part.  I realized this the hard way.

Depending on your mat, when you just start cutting, some of the shag falls out.  Since mine had different textures, I realized that I could separate the pile between stripes where I could cut directly on the mat.  This way, I didn’t lose fibers when I cut.


Step 2: Place Your Strips on Throw

Step 3

You can really customize the look of your blanket here.  My throw had rows of hearts.  Do you see them in the picture above?  That wasn’t the feel I was going for, so I decided to cover each row of hearts with a strip.  This meant that my strips were close together, which I loved because it provides more texture.

My bathmat was 1.5′ wide, so each strip was only 1.5′ long.  I needed my strips to run the entire length of the throw, so for mine, 2.5 strips filled up the entire throw.  I laid them end to end and with the shag, you don’t even notice the seams between them.

Once you have your plan for where to place your strips, get to gluing!

Step 3: Glue Strips Down


This part takes time, but is really easy.  Run glue along the sides.  Press firmly onto the blanket and hold in place for a minute.

Be careful as you’re starting to glue other rows not to knock ones you’ve already glued down.  It takes a bit for them to set.

Step 4: Add the Sequins!


This is the fun part!  You can really customize your blanket with choosing different sequin patterns for each row.

I chose to do different patterns on mine.  I laid the strips out first and decided on my pattern.  Then, I carefully ran glue onto the trim and pressed it into place.

I’m loving my finished blanket!  It adds so much texture to the room.


Now, let’s talk about our Dough Bowl Coffee Table.

image 2

I am such a modern girl now, but rustic really was my first love and I still love it mixed into a room.  So this coffee table is making me seriously happy.

You can find these dough bowls in all different sizes, but usually, they’re huge!  I wanted mine to be functional.

dough bowl materials

Dough bowls come in all shapes and sizes, but for this project, you want to make sure it has a flat rim around the bowl part.  some are just a bowl without the extra trim and that would make attaching the legs very difficult.

Any legs that you like the look of will work.  I’ve been wanting to use some mid-century hairpin legs for a while and thought they would be perfect for this project!  I found ours on eBay and they aren’t incredibly cheap ($50 for a set of 4), but they’re solid steel and add a great industrial quality to the table.

Alright, let’s make a table!

Step 1: Test Legs


When we went to attach the legs to the bowl, we realized that even though our rim is fairly flat, these are hand-carved and it wasn’t exact.

So, we sketched around where we wanted the leg to go.

Yours may be flat and you wouldn’t have this issue, but you want the legs to rest completely against the bowl so that the table will be level.

Step 2: Chisel, if Necessary


Since ours was not completely flat, we chiseled out a level section where we had sketched.  Now, our legs will rest perfectly against the bowl!

Step 2: Attach Legs


We got all of the legs attached, then we flipped her over and she was ready for a top!


(I realize the table does not look level here, but it’s the cart it’s sitting on 🙂 )

Step 4: Measure Plexi-glass


We had planned to use real glass at first, and then realized that with a large dog who loves to run around the house, this was a safer option and it doesn’t look any different once it’s cut and on the table.

We got this large sheet at Home Depot.  It’s much thicker than your regular plexi-glass, which makes it more stable.

Place it on the table and measure where it needs to be cut.  We decided to give ours an inch overhang all the way around because again, hand-carved dough bowls don’t have an exactly straight edge.

Step 5: Cut Plexi-glass


We used a jigsaw to carefully cut on the lines we had drawn.  Make sure to use a fine tooth blade.

Step 6: Sand Edges


We went slow with cutting the plexi-glass, so we got a really straight line.  We lightly sanded the edges with 400 grit paper to make sure we had a really smooth line.

Step 7: Place your Glass!


We chose not to permanently attach the plexi-glass so that we could remove it and use the bowl for things if we wanted.

But with it styled, it is weighted down and won’t move.


Thanks for letting me share my tutorials, Monica and Jess!

I love how these turned out!


We’re so in love with Lindsay’s style, it’s a little rustic boho, modern chic and she rocks it so well. We have seen many things upcycled into a coffee table but this may be the first dough bowl, which is why we’re obsessed with it and you guys are too since you voted it into the number two spot this week! Have you seen Lindsay’s kitchen makeover, here is an after photo…


See that wood top on the island, it came from a tree in her backyard! She is going to bring something amazing to the final round, stick around folks! Stop back tomorrow to see Shannon’s Upcycled Barn Door and on Sunday we will feature our upcycle link up winner, which you can still participate in until tomorrow night!

4 more days to enter our beach vacation giveaway to Punta Cana from Apple Vacations and Occidental Grand Hotel!

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  1. Laura says:

    Wow these people are creative. And energetic.

    My vote would have gone to Bower Power, who is juggling a newborn and two other littles!

    Moms rock.

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