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My dining room. Well, like everything else around here, it seems like it’s taking forever to pull together. I am oh-so-close to doing a full reveal for you (like next-week-close!), but I wanted to give you the juicy details about the fabulous lighting that we installed that totally completes the look I was going for. Love it when that happens! The last time you saw this space, it looked like this:

Awesome planked wall, beautiful white-washed table and the doesn’t-quite-fit-in spray painted chandy. I’m happy to report that it has come a long way since then. When this picture was taken, I was feeling so stumped as to how I could make this room feel like I wanted it to, and I knew that what was holding me back was that coral chandelier. I mean, don’t get me wrong- I love the color, but it was definitely limiting me. And limits I do not like. That’s when Brad, from Lucent Lampworks, stepped in and said he might be able to help me.
 His lighting. Oh, his lighting. It’s gorgeous and simple and modern and vintage and industrial and cool all at once. Brad invited us over to his shop to take a look at his work and we were blown away. He’s not a lighting guy by trade, but creates some beautiful fixtures in his spare time. Just recently one of his lights was featured on Extreme Home Makeover, so you know if Ty P. is sold, then this guy is the real deal. Anyway, I digress. I told him what I wanted, and you know what? He made it for me. Custom. And they’re awesome. And his prices are ridiculously reasonable. See? I like Lucent Lampworks so much I can’t even write in complete sentences.
Let’s just cut to the chase, shall we?
I really wanted two sconces to flank the piece of Marbled Paper Art that fit in with the whole coastal, cottage feel. Brad searched for these cages and found them on Ebay and turned them into fabulous sconces. I absolutely love them- all they need are some edison bulbs, but I keep forgetting to pick them up when I’m out!
I love the contrast between the industrial sconces and the marbled paper art.
I’m still messing around with the final touches for the dining room (for instance, those plant pots aren’t staying that color, but it’s been too darn cold to spraypaint!), so most likely this buffet will look different next time you see it.
As for the pendant light for above my dining room table, I decided to go with a white enamel shade (similar to this one in his shop) that Brad reclaimed from the Scranton Lace Factory. This light is probably from the early 1900’s, which I love! It has loads of character and chippy goodness.
It’s perfect, isn’t it? And, I am thrilled with the view from the kitchen, now that it includes my fabulous lights!
The pendant has really soft uplighting from holes in the top of the shade that is just beautiful and helps illuminate the space better at night.
I seriously could not be happier with my new lights! If you guys are in need of any lighting, head over to Lucent Lampworks to see all that Brad has to offer! You will not find a nicer, more accomodating guy than Brad and he is super talented. Use the code EC2tenoff to receive 10% off your order and tell him we sent you!
Tell me, what does your dream light look like??

The comments +

  1. BradM says:

    Thank you Jess for this wonderful article! I love seeing the pieces hung and finished. It really finishes a job for me to see them lit. So glad you love them. All the best!
    Lucent Lampworks

  2. Mindy says:

    Yep, they’re both totally awesome. Really, I love them, but that enamel one over the table is about the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. And now I’m obsessed with it.

  3. Such awesome lighting! I love the whole room!

  4. These look so awesome! It’s so nice to see what they ended up looking like.
    Reclaimed Relics

  5. I love the look so far! Looking forward to the full reveal. It’s beautiful.
    Debbie 🙂

  6. Amazing space!! I can’t decide which lamp I love more.


  7. Bliss says:

    Stopping in to pin!


  8. Gorgeous, i love whole room, it,s bed sale UK

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