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July 4th Recipe Round-up

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Hey Guys! I’m so looking forward to the 4th this year, so I’m sharing a round-up of our favorite summer picnic foods and drinks! Whether you’re hosting a big 4th of July party, or taking something to a friend’s house, these are some great recipes you don’t want to miss out on!
Jess originally shared this recipe years ago, but since no one read our blog then, I thought it was worth mentioning again. 😉 This recipe is soooo simple, but looks and tastes fantastic!

All you need are a few home-grown tomatoes and cucumbers (or go ahead and get them at the store) and a blush wine vinaigrette (I used Brianna’s which is to die for, but any blush wine vinaigrette will do). Just add enough vinaigrette to cover the veggies and let marinate a few hours in the fridge. If you’re really feeling crazy, add some cut red onion to the mix, as well. And voila! A refreshing, delicious salad to enjoy as we celebrate our great country!
Jess and I had a blast making and taste-testing our favorite Summertime Drinks, which include Stars & Stripe Sangria, Lime Rickeys and Pineapple Planter’s Punch. They’re all delicious and can be made kid-friendly (except for the sangria!) or spiced up a bit for the adults.

Sangria Recipe

Make sure you go see our favorite drinks collection here
And finally, these  Mozzarella & Basil Tomato Pockets are a crowd-pleaser and a scene-stealer. Easy to make, adorable to look at, and so delicious.
Now it’s your turn. What are your favorite things to serve on July 4th? Share the link in your comment!

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  1. mmmm look good! we love to either grill (the expected) or have a mexican fiesta! this year I think grilling will win out and we serve these alongside –


  2. Nicole T. says:

    I’m a newie to this blog. I do not have my own house yet. I’m currently living with the boyfriend and his family. I’m looking for a job right now. Once I get my own house, I’m doing a lot of DIY projects. You girls have tons of ideas and I cannot wait to try it! I’m from West Palm Beach and I miss that city so much! I hope you enjoyed the trip!

  3. I made your Sangria yesterday and it was great! I truly enjoy reading your blog daily and have gained A LOT of inspiration from you! Can’t wait to start my next project- keep up the GREAT work ladies!

  4. […] Amazing Sangria recipe I definitely want to make sangria! I always have everyone else’s sangria. Well guess what? There is no better time than the present!  I feel like it wont be as heavy of a drink as well… […]

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