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Do you ever have those times where you envision a project in your head and then it actually turns out just as cool as you pictured, maybe even a bit more epic?  It doesn’t happen all the time for me, but this DIY Garden Wall project from our Urban Sunroom Makeover was one of those times.  I knew it had awesomeness potential, and I knew that the room was going to be one of my favorite makeovers of all-time, but I was still kinda shocked at how it all worked out!

DIY Wall Planter 600x338

If you missed this episode of “Knock It Off!” you totally need to check it out online.  It’s my fav!

You can watch full episodes HERE.

And before we get to the planter, here’s a peek of where is space started out before our makeover… Like I said you’ve gotta check it out online!


Okay, now let’s chat about how you can build your own DIY Garden Wall shall we?

diy garden planter wall East Coast Creative

Here’s what you’ll need:

Plywood Sheet

1×6 planks of pine

(amount depends on how large you want your garden wall)

Chop Saw

Nail Gun (not needed, but recommended)

Nails & screws



Dirt & Plants

1- Determine how large you want your garden wall and cut your plywood down to size if needed.  You can use a table saw or just a circular saw or even a jigsaw would do.

2- Begin cutting your 1x6s down to size.  We wanted square planter boxes, so we made 6″ cuts.  Actually a smidge under since they’re not really 6″.  Each box will require four 6″ pieces and then a smaller bottom piece.  So cut, cut, cut for a while.

east coast creative blog diy projects

We made a BIG planter wall, so all our cuts and wood were no joke!

make a garden wall

3- Once all your pieces are cut, it’s time to make individual planter boxes.  I went into deeper detail on this process on my previous post about my mini wall planter, so you can get more info here, but basically you’re attaching each side with your nail gun, and then fitting in a bottom piece.

How to build a garden wall

make a cube

4- Once your cubes are made, stain the cubes and the plywood.  Believe it or not, we used the SAME stain on both the plywood and pine boxes and just ended up with a crazy different result.  We love the two-toned effect.  We used a natural stain made from vinegar and steel wool and I’ll be sharing all of our natural stain recipes from this episode on Thursday this week.  It’s amazing what colors you can create with kitchen items!! But any old store bought stain or stain combo would work fine too!

5- Attach the planter boxes to the plywood using screws.  We attached them through the back of each cube and we made sure we had the right length screws, so they didn’t pop out through the back of the plywood.

make a planter

If you want your planters in a grid like we did, be sure to use a level to keep things straight.


6- We didn’t take a picture of this step, but it’s an important one. We drilled 3 holes in the bottom of each planter so that we had adequate drainage for our plants.  Once the holes are drilled you can do some planting.  We used cactus soil and mixed it with some small stones as well.  We’ve found this combo works the best to help us keep our succulents alive.

That’s it! It’s honestly such a simple project, but depending on how large you make it, can have a massive impact in a room!

diy garden planter wall

I’m such a sucker for succulents- they’re so dang cool looking!

DIY garden wall

I love the contrast of the two wood tones…

DIY succulent planter

Garden Wall

So there you have it. An epic project that doesn’t cost a lot, is easy to make, and could possibly rock your world!  If you want to check out a more colorful, mini version of this project check out my scrap wood succulent planter project.

DIY Planter Box East Coast Creative

Also check out this post

to get the natural stain recipes we used & read the tutorial for the scrap wood wall art we made for the sunroom!


Have a great day guys and seriously, go make some planters!


  1. says

    3 things: 1) LOVE this garden wall 2) Are y’all not on Google +? I shared this post, but couldn’t find y’all! 3) Want to come makeover our bedroom, ha! We need professional help, ha!

    • Monica says

      Ha! Jamie you’re nuts! You don’t need a lick of help designing a room- the little man’s nursery is one of my favs!! And yes, we’re on G+ but I’m terrible and haven’t done much with it, my assistant is good about it, but I suck! :) Are you headed to Haven? We’re missing again this year because of shooting an episode. Have fun if you go!!

  2. Sally Mathis says

    How would you adapt the plant ‘wall’ to a patio wall. I live in an apartment and thought it might work well to do herbs in.??

  3. Andria says

    Like the other person comment, for the bottom row how do you water the plants and not have water all over your floor? Is this meant for outdoor use only?


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