Frames Wallpaper and My DIY Dining Room

I don’t often refer to myself as the “Original Funkmaster”, but it was the first thing that popped into my mind when I saw HGTV’s recent pic on Instagram.
What the What! That looks like my house!
Now, I don’t actually think that I’m the first person in the world to do this, but in my own little world  at least, I’m the Frames Wallpaper Original Funkmaster!
Check out my dining room wall.
While no idea is ever truly original, I can proudly stake claim on this room for the past year and a half.

I realized when I saw HGTV’s pic that I’d never actually shared a full dining room reveal of sorts.  Today is that day peeps!
You know how for many people, their dining room is the most underused room in their entire home?  That is SO NOT the case in the Mangin family.  We use it all the time and so we wanted to be sure it was a space we loved!
Remember this crazy crew that we have over for dinner every single Tuesday night for what we’ve creatively named, “Tuesday Night Dinner.”  This was during cookie decorating night…
(no, it’s not usually this nutso… we typically put the kids in the other room to eat)
So back to the wallpaper… It’s Graham & Brown Frames wallpaper and I first posted about it in my very first post on this here blog.  I had seen it used for many kids spaces, but I hadn’t seen it in any “grown up” spaces… I decided my dining room was the perfect place to try!
We lived with it plain for a while before I added the pictures, and the second I added them (literally the second) I was head over heels in love!  The pop of color and the personality was SO ME!
(I actually used a purple Elmer’s Glue Stick to attach the pics.  It’s permanent, but even Command strips would have torn the paper bc it’s completely matte)
I thought for about 2.1 seconds about using like artsy pictures or something “cool,” but then I remembered that I’m not actually cool and that pics of our friends, family, and even pets would be so much higher on the awesomeness scale!
Forgive the heavy load of pictures, but I’ve gotta show you some of my favs…
First day of Pre-school… refused to smile until we did this!
From London… could have taken pics of Big Ben, but instead played Mary Poppins with the pigeons! FYI They’re creepy!
Top left pic is of my parents… Seriously, when your parents are this cool wearing 3D glasses, you’ve just gotta put them on your walls! 
Friends & Family rank high on our list, so of course we needed silly pics of the families we love! These are the people surrounded by these walls each week! 
This pic is what got us into the finals for the Parents of the Year Award.  Yup, sprinkler to the face gets me laughing every time! 
And I’d be remiss, if I didn’t include some of the Mangin Menagerie on the walls. This is Kenzie’s duck Chase.  (He attacks me and I loathe him!)
So you’re getting the idea… this space is my favorite and makes me smile so much.  Toss in some peacock feathers, some really bright furniture, and a Massive DIY Farmtable and you’ve got just the room for me!
Is it going to end up on HGTV… probably not (umm…HGTV, if you’re reading, I would totally be into that though!) but that’s okay because it’s perfect for us!


If you want to check out any of the other projects in the room, here are a few fan favorites! The DIY farmhouse table is still one of my personal favs. 
     click here                                           click here
click here

So, no pressure to call me the Funkmaster anytime soon, but at least now I’ve shared my room and you see that the looks that you see on HGTV etc.. can work in real life too!


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    Holy Schmoly, your dining room is AWESOME! I don’t know how I’ve never seen it before. It’s fantastic and so super creative. Love, love, love! Now I’ve gotta head over and get my fans to vote for slot #12 😉


  2. says

    Ummm, this is TOTALLY awesome. I love how original it is…you are a genius! I love how the family pictures are mixed in and the fact that you totally make use of your dining room space. I totally need to check out that DIY farmhouse table post.


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    love love love this so much!!! i’ve seen the paper a while back, and it is seriously fabulous! I’m hosting a decorating with pictures series on my blog this month….with a link party on friday, if you think of it with all the chaos going on with the contest, I’d LOVE you to link this up! people need to see this!

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    Hi ladies, I saw your updated information about the CWTS and I had a question for ya. I’ve been encouraging my readers, friends, and family to go over and vote for my entry since I entered based on the original instructions. I just wanted to clarify if those votes still count. Thanks again for creating such a great contest!

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    WOW! I always thought this wallpaper belonged in a child’s room but man, you really took it a whole step further by placing it in a much used space, and it absolutely works!! Love it!!!!

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