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hey there! I'm monica 

I pride myself on making amazing style and design accessible for everyone, regardless of location, budget, or ability! My design philosophy is rooted in authenticity + attainability - If I can do it, you can too! My work has been featured in countless publications, but I take the most pride in homeowners that have been personally inspired by my DIY ideas and have tried something in their own homes!

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So, what comes to mind when you hear the word Wallpaper?
Is it something along the lines of this?
Well, guess what?  Your grandma’s wallpaper is gone and its been replaced with chic, stylish designs that can add major drama to a space.  Still hesitant because of horror stories of hanging it, removing it, etc?? Maybe this post will change your mind…
Welcome to my foyer…
I knew I wanted something with BIG impact, but I was pretty set on stenciling the area… Well, after about five failed attempts at getting a crisp result, I started my hunt for the perfect paper.  This search opened my eyes to the wonderful world of modern, trendy wallpaper.
Let me introduce you to Graham & Brown … the leader in AMAZING wallpaper.
Thanks to this cutting edge company, my foyer now looks like this…
Although I’m not 100% finished with the space, I’m already completely in love with it! The wallpaper makes a statement that I never could have achieved with paint.  It took about 2 hours to hang the paper and it was a two person job, but it was really simple and not nearly as hard as I had expected.
Check out some of these online wallpaper companies:
Amy Butler, is known for fabrics, but came out with some amazing lines of wallpaper as well.
These colors and styles are fresh, yet could still be subtle…
This wall doesn’t even need art because of the dramatic paper
Used as an accent wall in a nursery
This paper has an Imperial Trellis feel and finishes the bedroom beautifully
Upper East Side contemporary bedroom
Still not sure you’re ready for an entire wall?
It can be used as an accent when hung and finished off with simple moulding.
The possibilities are endless. I pretty much want to paper my entire house, but I’m showing restraint and I’m only going to do a few rooms.  This CRAZY paper is coming soon to an office near me…

I might add a punch of color (you can paint it, color it, etc.) and some black and white photos of my favorite little people.
So, I’m clearly a fan of wallpaper. How about you?
What spaces could you envision some amazing paper going up in your home?

The comments +

  1. Becca says:

    I”m so glad you posted about this bc i was going to attempt stenciling the large wall that my bed is on in our bedroom…but if you had issues with it looking crisp, then i would for sure. glad you also did the dirty work of finding online sites…looking fwd to more tips from you and jess:) can’t wait to see your house in person one of these days! Becca

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