79 Valentines & An Instagram Valentine’s Idea

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We’ve had some just for adults Valentine’s Day ideas on the blog (here and here), but today we’re keeping it PG! (I always give Jess a heart attack when I venture into PG-13 land! lol)  With 4 kids this year I had 79 valentines to prepare. Thanks to Pinterest, I spent some 1:1 time with each kiddo, browsing for ideas, and then making each of their cards.  I gave them each the option to buy, but they were feeling crafty I guess.
Kira went with Arrows and Pencils with kind of a Brave theme.  We got the free printables here.
Picture 13

Callen wanted Superheros…and again we found a Free Printable!  (noticing a trend here?!?)
Little Bit Funky blog has an awesome tutorial using felt with these printables.
Did you notice that I didn’t perfectly coordinate paper or add extra fancy ribbon?  I’ve made it a goal that kid projects (even if being blogged) don’t get bogged down by mommy details.  It’s all about the fun and that boy sure looks like he’s having fun! hahah!  He actually said, “Mom, look how happy I am… {INSERT CHEESY SMILE}.. See, that happy!” My kids kill me.
Kaden is 8 and it’s one of those ages where you have to decide if Valentines are cool or lame.  Thanks to Minecraft, he decided they were cool!
We just made them together using Google Images and two Minecraft Fonts (find them here and here).
Sweet “Cool”, Simple, & fun for me and my guy to make together!
Last, but not least was Kenzie… at almost 11, valentines are almost a thing of the past, but since school still does them, they had to be Epic (at least in her mind).
Eric and I don’t let the kids have Facebook accounts or anything, but we did let Kenz get an Instagram account (set to private).  You might see her commenting on my pictures 24-7 :)
Anyhow, Instagram is very cool in her class this year, so we made Instagram Valentine’s… but wait, there’s more… we also added a scratch off element! Booyah!  (Haha, sorry, I got a tad excited)
I’ll warn you… all these pics were taken with my phone, that’s another part of kid crafting, “No annoying Mom pictures”…
Here’s how we made them…
We started off with a picture Kenzie took on Instagram (Fried Egg A-la-Kenzie).  Using my I phone, I took a screen shot.
We saved the picture and pulled it into Picmonkey where we covered the eggs with a little Valentine’s note.  We put a few different comments in the area below the picture…
We printed our design out on plain computer paper.
Kenz liked the scratch off idea we saw on Pinterest, so… we added that too!  First, take a clear (or white if you don’t have clear- we didn’t) crayon and color over the area to scratch off.
Then we mixed together silver paint and dish washing soap.  We used about 2 parts paint to one part soap.  Then you just paint it over the colored area.  (Let it dry a full 24 hours before moving them around. They need to really cure, so they don’t wipe off too easily)
Blogger mommy might have suggested we make the scratch off area in a fun shape or something, but plain old mommy bit her tongue :)
We attached the Instagram print onto cardstock- and of course, we did it in happy face fashion…
And then it occurred to me that most 5th graders don’t carry coins, so we used a little washi to attach a  penny on the back of each card.  Kenz and I both liked this little touch!
It took us about an hour to make all 27 pretty awesome Instagram-Scratch-Off Valentines.  It might be the last year we get to make them together (who knows what middle school will bring), so it was an hour very well spent!
So, 79 Valentines later, I had one really fun afternoon of crafting with my kids and 4 sets of pretty cool Valentines.
What kind of cards are your kids giving this year?


  1. says

    We are doing the arrows and pencils this year. I was planning on doing something “original” but when my daughter saw that idea there was no turning back.

  2. Adriana F says

    I love all of your children’s valentine’s day creations!

    my son is crazy over minecraft what font did you use?
    Thank you.

    Adriana F.


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