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Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ever- Take Two: 2013

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I pride myself on making amazing style and design accessible for everyone, regardless of location, budget, or ability! My design philosophy is rooted in authenticity + attainability - If I can do it, you can too! My work has been featured in countless publications, but I take the most pride in homeowners that have been personally inspired by my DIY ideas and have tried something in their own homes!

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Last year, I took a little risk here on the blog and got personal… really personal… I shared my idea for the Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ever! I guess you guys liked it, because it was our most popular post of 2012- you dirty dogs! Ha! Have no fear, this year I have another idea that’s a lot less prep and will still keep your man saying…

Let’s recap really quickly…
Check out this post for all the details and the full tutorial, but basically you’re going to use a bed sheet as a game board and pull off the most incredible surprise ever.  Trust me ladies, you will win major points with this one.  I can’t tell you how many letter I’ve gotten from readers that had the best time with this project! Husbands are huge fans of The Game of Love!
This year, we’re introducing the Game of Love Travel Version!
You don’t actually have to be traveling to play this version, but it’s perfect to take on the road.  However, even at home sometimes you need a little “spice” and don’t have time to DIY an entire game board sheet (definitely find the time to make it at some point though!).
Here’s how you prep your game…  
#1 Print out a bunch of our free printable cards.
Download free printable cards HERE
#2 On each card you’ll write some kind of fun bedroom activity.  Make some nice and others a bit more naughty.  You’ll want some variety in your cards.  If you need ideas for your cards you can check out The Original Game of Love Post and click on any of the pictures to enlarge and read my game board squares *blush*, but be creative and remember that your husband will appreciate the effort you’re putting in!
#3 Put all of the cards in a bag or container
Here’s how you play…
It’s kind of like let’s make a deal. Your hubs will choose a card out of the bag (without peeking), read the card and determine if he wants to PLAY or PASS.  Here’s the catch… he can only choose 5 total cards to PLAY and once a card is PASSED you can’t get it back! Oh Snap!  It’s super fun to see which activities he can’t resist and which ones he’s willing to pass on in hope of something even better! I’d recommend putting about 15 card options in your bag, but you can definitely do any number you’d like- you guys are pretty wild 😉 You can play one of two ways, either do all the wheeling and dealing at the beginning and then get to business or do one card and activity at a time.  Jess prefers having Kev make all his decisions up front.  Either way is fun!
We’re pretty sure this Game of Love Travel Version will be a huge hit!  We hope it gives you the second year in a row of the Perfect Valentine’s Gift!  Who knows, it might also make your hubs want to plan more weekends away so you can bring your game along!
Being married is hard work and with so many marriages falling apart these days, it can never hurt to go the extra mile to let your man know you love him!  So here’s to another successful Valentine’s Day and here’s to women that aren’t afraid to have a little fun with their hubs!
Good luck and let us know how it goes!  We loved hearing all your success stories from last year!
So, are you going to play the Original or Travel version this year? 


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  1. Mark says:

    Here is another fun idea you may love
    Instead of giving Roses you can now grow a real house plant that reacts to affection by closing its leaves and even lowering its branches when Tickled or when Blown a kiss!
    Amazing and fun kits to grow your own TickleMe Plant indoors year round.

  2. Really love this game!! I can’t wait to try it with my hubs!! 🙂

  3. stephanie says:

    I’m going to try the original on Valentines day and hopefully the travel version this weekend 🙂

  4. megsfitness says:

    this is awesome <3 Thanks for being brave enough to share!!

  5. […] This Post Is By Monica 102 Comments January 17, 2012 Good ole Valentine’s Day… Love it or hate it it’s coming! Well, you can thank me later, but I have the perfect gift for your hubs! This gift started over ten years ago on our very first anniversary… we were broke, still in school, and oh so in love.  Let me tell you it was a hit! So much so, that I just gave the same gift for our 10 year anniversary back in November. **Disclaimer- This post is written totally from the perspective of a married woman that adores her husband.  I’m being honest here ladies, so you’ve been warned.  Also, if you are my mother, STOP reading right now.  Thanks!** The Perfect Valentine’s Gift- The Game of Love Imagine with me for a moment… It’s been a long day, you and the hubs are headed to bed.  You’ve put on your favorite comfy, frumpy sweats and a tee for bed.  Once your hubs sees your bedtime wardrobe choice he knows there’s no shot of romance for the night.  He pulls back the covers to hop in bed and… what’s this?? You’ve just pulled off the best Valentine’s Day surprise ever.  It’s time to play The Game of Love! It’s a game your hubs will love even more than the Superbowl! All you’ll need for this DIY is some time without your hubby around, some markers, some kind of shape template, and a fitted bed sheet…Seriously mom, if you’re reading- Stop!  Ok, you can kind of see where this is going, and I must make a public confession… yes, I used one of my bff’s birth announcement as my template! It was an adorable shape- Sorry Mandi! I spent a lot of time ironing my sheet and then had an idea… I could have just washed and dried it.  That would be easier. Pop on your still wrinkly  ironed sheet and you’re ready to start making your game board. If you want nice, straight lines, you can use some masking tape and your template to help with your spacing. It doesn’t have to be perfect (trust me he won’t be too focused on your straight lines!) Start tracing your template.  Trace it over and over again.  Darn that I couldn’t really have a friend come and help me with this DIY… awkward Before removing the masking tape, I added some cute little dashes along the top. You can add your game’s title across the top.  Don’t you love my cheesy name?  The Game of Love… still makes me laugh! Feel free to use it or come up with a less cheesy one! Now it’s time to get creative.  I included a few presents, snacks, wardrobe changes, and lots more! Here are a few of my squares… (if you really want to know what else I added, you can try and read the teeny writing! Ha!) I had a few gifts wrapped and ready to go and  a few yummy romantic snacks as well. Put your mattress back and it’s ready to go! (Okay, I have some limits, so I pulled a little censored for your protection action!) In case you’re wondering, here are  The Official Game of Love Rules: 1. The player will roll a die, but the highest number can be 3 (so divide by 2 or the game goes too fast!) 2. Each square has a 1 1/2 minute time limit 3.  No getting carried away- you have to stop at 90 seconds and roll again (the hubs might fight you on that one) 4. Only one person “plays” your role is just the game “facilitator” 5.  The Final square is “Score” and you can’t skip ahead (if ya know what I mean) Okay, now my rationale for posting this. No, it’s not my life’s aspiration for my personal life to be all over Pinterest (don’t worry, I am cool with you pinning it though- actually I’d love it if you did!).  I just know that marriage is tough.  It takes effort each and every day, not just Valentine’s Day.  I don’t know your situation, but I know that 4 kids takes a toll on the love life.  As a woman, I have to be intentional about connecting with my husband and making him a priority (FYI “connecting” is a code word! lol).  I wanted to encourage woman to have FUN with their husbands… it’s really okay- you’re married! I call this the “Perfect Valentine’s Gift” because for me, it meant so much to Eric that I took the time to think through this, plan out the surprise, and then have an unexpected evening dedicated to us. So, will you be using The Game of Love to attempt to “Connect” with your husband this Valentine’s Day?  Psssst! We came up with a new version of this game this year. Click here for the Game of Love: Travel Edition! […]

  6. Lucy says:

    I loved this post and the other version, and came back looking for some ideas for father’s day. This father’s day will be one week BEFORE the baby is due, so some of the traditional photo ideas won’t work for me. Any suggestions?

  7. […] then, she’s created a travel version with free printables for anyone who doesn’t have the time to whip up the cute crafty bed sheet game board, or who […]

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