Staples Engineer Print Artwork {Garage Mudroom Makeover}

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Probably the part of my Garage Mudroom Makeover that I got the most questions and comments about  was the huge engineer print artwork of my crew (or at least their bottom half!)  Staples Engineer prints aren’t anything new to our blog (we use them all the time!), but every time I fall a little more in love!

Engineer Print Artwork

If you missed the reveal of my makeover, you can check it out HERE.
You can check out the Custom Painted Rug tutorial HERE 

Mudroom Elements

On our final Nate Show episode, we used a really large wooden frame with some cool fabric and skeleton keys.  All the furniture from the show was shipped back to us, so I knew months ago what I had in mind for it.
I knew I wanted to frame a picture of my kiddos’ feet and put it in the garage, I just had to wait until my garage was no longer a disaster!  Once the mudroom makeover was underway, I immediate saw the perfect place for my artwork!
Plain Wall
I gave the Nate Show frame (originally purchased at a thrift store) a quick coat of spray paint using Valspar’s New Avocado.  I recently used the same color on some chairs and I’m a pretty big fan of it.
painted frame
Since we’ve done this kind of project a few times before I’m not going to go into the full tutorial, you can check out one tutorial HERE or the other HERE.
I know a few of you have had questions about what kind of print to ask for at Staples etc…  I went in and talked to our store and got the low down on some details for ya.

I did make a few small tweaks this time around.  Since the frame was empty, I needed to use foam core to mount my image and then staple it to the back of the frame.
I sort of underestimated the size of the frame- it’s huge! So I just mounted the left and right sides and left the middle… shhh, no one would ever know.
Large print
The process was really simple, and would have been even easier if I hadn’t run out of foam core.  I actually caught my finger in my heavy duty staple gun and a month later, my nail is still purple.  Ugh.  Although, it doesn’t compare to slamming your finger in a car door and cutting off the top of it while taping a TV show for Nate… not that I know anyone who did that :)


For $6.99 I’m over the moon excited about the impact that this art makes in my garage.  I come in and out of this door a million times a day and it’s pretty awesome to have something I love to look at.

Before and After 2

Engineer Print Artwork

So, what do you think of my Shoe Artwork?
Are you ready to try a Staples Engineering Print Artwork in your home?


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    Ok definitely the best video. Engaging and fun, who knew you were a teacher? I a PA local, hoping I can meet you gals (at the barn?) before the weather gets carazy. Just had to jump back and tell you I enjoyed your video.


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