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The Evolution of East Coast Creative

Evolution of EC2 JPEG

 If you've been a follower of East Coast Creative for a while, you know that we've undergone quite the evolution over the past 3 years.  This post is probably the formal announcement of the biggest changes yet.  I thought a little trip down memory lane might explain it best.  Thanks for ALL of your support and encouragement from the start! The next post will officially begin a new chapter for EC2.  This transition has been underway behind the scenes for about a year, but it will feel a lot ...

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Excuse our Appearance- New Blog Underway


You might notice things are looking a wee bit different around here...  We'll be back later today with a post explaining all the details, changes, transitions, and exciting upcoming news for East Coast Creative!! In the meantime take a peek at the EC2 Brand Website!  Check it out HERE! ...

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Holiday Gift Guide & Giveaway with Lamps Plus


I'm super excited to have teamed up with  Lamps Plus to create an awesome holiday gift guide.  I first started learning about all the fab home decor items they offer this summer, when I was designing the safe house for trafficked women for Worthwhile Wear.  I had a what the what moment when I saw it was so much more than lamps!  Lamps Plus donated thousands of dollars in lighting for the safe house and I was beyond grateful!  So, when they asked if I wanted to buddy up and give you guys some ...

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Holiday Entertaining Tips to Help You Thrive Not Just Survive & A Cricut Explore Giveaway

How To survive the holidays

Holiday Entertaining... Those two words usually bring about one of two emotions- excitement or anxiety. Well, love it or hate it, the 2014 holiday season is about to begin!  Eric and I love to entertain and host all kinds of events at our house, so Cricut asked me if I'd share a few tips to help you THRIVE and not just Survive this holiday season!  I have tons of tips and lessons learned, but these are focused on decorating and serving.  Maybe another time I'll write tips for surviving time ...

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Modern Christmas Ornaments- Geometric Gems

DIY Christmas Ornaments

Hey Guys! Sorry for the radio silence lately.  There's a lot going on behind the scenes and I'm excited to share some exciting announcements with you soon (...ahem new blog design... ahem an EC2 store...and more!) Today I'm crossing the line... (no shocker there right?!?) and bringing out Christmas!  I've actually been working my tail off helping get two stores up and running and the decor there is all Christmas since the Grand Opening at the end of December.  I've been blaring Christmas music ...

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Urban Patio DIY Makeover

DIY Patio Makeover East Coast Creative

I'm a suburban girl- as in, I don't have an urban bone in my body.  Our crew on "Knock It Off" are pretty much all city peeps, so they have a good time pointing out my lack of "urban coolness," but they're also pretty good at showing me all the cool things Philly has to offer. Win-Win!  For our final makeover of Season 2, we tackled two outdoor spaces (a roof deck and patio) in Philadelphia.  This Urban Patio Makeover was my favorite space from the entire season!  Today I'll give you guys the ...

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Garlic + Thyme Roasted Tomatoes Recipe


 Happy Friday! Have you guys been following Monica and Jess's vacation on Instagram? I love the photo collage of the cat trying to swipe their salmon lunch, too cute! Speaking of lunch, our contributor Sarah of Offbeat + Inspired is sharing another recipe today while the #budgetbabesbeachin me jealous! They deserve it though, they are constantly on the go. If you loved Monica's Toasty Tomato Basil Mozzarella Bread then you are going to love this Garlic + Thyme Roasted Tomato ...

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Mocha Sorbet Recipe – Offbeat & Inspired


There may be a bit of a chill in the air now that Fall is officially here, but that doesn't mean we can't eat ice cream...right?! I bet Monica and Jess are enjoying ice cream on their vacation! Since they are away at the beach our contributor Sarah from Offbeat + Inspired is back with yet another tasty treat for us with her Mocha Sorbet recipe, which just sounds perfect for a late night snack by the fire!  I bet it would be amazing with the Crust-Lover's Layered Apple Pie recipe her co-blogger ...

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DIY Photo Booth Backdrop – Cricut Design Space Star

Paper Pinwheel Decorations

 You guys, I don't know how Monica does it all! She has been running around all week going back and forth to NYC, helped finish up a few big DIY projects at The Well with Worthwhile Wear, is working on the EC2 Apartment, and planned a Fall Nights Party all the while taking care of a household of four kids, two dogs, ducks, and a few other farm animals! So, since she has had quite the busy week (and life really!) and is in the middle of packing for her vacation with Jess, I'm here tonight to ...

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Fall Nights Party & A Tuesday Morning Gift Card Giveaway

Fall Nights Party

Fall is hands down my very favorite season!  Don't get me wrong, I love the sunny beach in summer, and love skiing with my kids in winter, Spring I hate, it's wet and lame, but Fall.... ahhh, I just love it!  Here in Bucks County it actually feels like fall already- cold nights, cool mornings, warm afternoons. It's perfection!  Since I love fall and love our patio and fire pit , I thought a Fall Nights Party with some of my girlfriends was in order! Once I had my party in mind, I teamed up ...

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Toasty Tomato Basil Mozzarella Bread

fresh basil recipes

This past weekend I posted a picture on Instagram (follow on IG here) of our Sunday Night Football Snack - Toasty Tomato Basil Mozzarella Bread and peeps went nuts over it.  Who knew you all are so passionate about your appetizer snacks!  I made it again the next day (oh poor me, I have to make one of my favorite apps again!) so that I could share the recipe with you.  I'll be honest, this is beyond simple, but it's totally a favorite of all our family and friends! Yeah, looks pretty amazing ...

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Fall Decorating Ideas for 2014

Fall Garland Painted Leaves

Today is the first day that it officially feels like fall here on the East Coast (well at least in PA)- I'm rocking a warm cardigan and, I wanted to share some unique fall decorating ideas for 2014.  Some are older ideas, some are new, but I feel like they all work for 2014 and aren't exactly what you'll find in every house on the block.   I'm still debating if I'm going to decorate or not (finishing the EC2 Apartment has been taking up my time and my creative juices), but for ...

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