Faux Stone Succulent Planter

 Now that Creating with the Stars’ 2014 Season has ended we’ll be getting back to business as normal around here.  We still have a few CWTS fun things to share with you- like the winner of our Apple Vacations® Dream Vacation Giveaway on Monday, and the announcement of Martha Stewart Living’s choice as best CWTS project, but we’ve had a lot going on in the last month that we need to catch you up on!  We promise lots of updates soon!

Today we’re sharing a fun, kinda whimsical take on the ever so popular succulent planters. We’re among a group of bloggers that were given the challenge of coming up with a DIY project using Krylon® Spray Paints.

Krylon Spray Paint Projects

We were given kind of a “unique” color palette and we had to use all the colors in the project- Shimmer Metallic Blue/ Bright Idea/ Rich Plum/ Natual Stone Jasper.  I was excited about all the textures… gloss, metallic shimmer, and stone.

Bright Color Palette

I thought these plastic kids toy frogs would look kinda fun with itsy bitsy succulents in them.

Garden Frogs

This poor fella had a slight look of panic when he saw me bring out the drill…  sorry fella!

Spring DIY projects

Here are the tools I used on poor mister frog.  It seems a little Dexter, but I promise this was done all in the name of DIY!

DIY Tools

I got these teeny little succulent plants at Home Depot. They’re the only store around us that has such tiny ones.  They have a bunch of different types in this little size.  I think they’re just about the cutest things ever!


Small Succulent Plants

I’ve gotta tell you a funny story… When Kenzie (my oldest) saw the tiny plants she had some thoughts on the matter:

Kenzie: Mom, what are those plants for?

Me: Oh, they’re for a blog post next week.

Kenzie: Is the blog post on how to kill plants really fast? Because that’s what you’re good at.

Me:  Ahem… no… but Well played Kenzie. Well played.

So, yeah I kill plants. Even succulents, which is virtually impossible. So I promised Kenzie she could be in charge of the succulents from this project. I know they’ll be in good hands- she’s got a green thumb.

Okay, back to the frogs…

I started out with a drill bit and quickly learned that the frogs were a bit more solid than I thought, so I moved onto the paddle bit.

Spring Planter ideas

The paddle bit worked much better and made a rough opening about the size I wanted.

Spring Plant DIY

I used my utility knife to clean up the edges a bit.   I also tried out a rouge pumpkin carving tool I found in my tool box and it worked pretty well too!  Who knew?!?

Krylon Craft Projects

Once I had them all hollowed out, I took everything outside to paint.  I also picked up a terra cotta plate and some tiny planters.

Spray Painting ideas

I’ve gotta say, I’ve never used a spray paint quite like Krylon’s® Natural Stone- it was literally like spraying liquid sludge, but in a good way.  It was thick and almost like coating the frogs with wet sand.  It dried to a really smooth, stone finish- kind of like magic.

Texture Spray Paint Krylon

Stone planters can be really expensive, so I’m amazed that one coat of spray paint can totally knock off the look!

Faux Stone

I popped all 3 frogs onto my plate and have kind of a quirky, fun succulent collection.   I haven’t had time to do any real spring decorating (to be honest I still have Christmas art on the wall in our powder room- major blogger fail!) so this little arrangement is kind of my ode to spring.  I’m hosting Easter Sunday, so it’s about the only semi- Easter decor anyone’s going to see!  Let’s just hope they all focus on the food and frogs and nothing else… like Santa hanging above the toilet…

Succulent Planter

It was kind of fun to be challenged with a nontraditional color palette and I’m really excited about all the ideas I have for the Krylon® stone spray paint!!

Frog Planter Succulents

Faux Stone Succulent Planter
Happy Easter Guys! I hope it’s a really awesome day for you and your family!


*This is a sponsored post for Krylon® but all #frogontheblog awesomeness and opinions are 100% mine*

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