Holiday Gift Guide: For the Sporty Fashionista & Gift Wrap Open House!

My shopping is almost done… I’m not sure what qualifies as “almost”… but, I have some done, so I think that counts! I do have a good bit left to do.  I don’t mind shopping though, I actually love going out and picking out gifts and bringing them home to wrap them!

I’ve got one, final gift guide for you… this one for the Sporty Fashionista!

Inspired by Macy’s winter fashion guide


1. Makeup Palette / 2. Floral Sweatshirt / 3. Nail Polish / 4. Cluster Clip-Ons / 5. Gold Ring / 6. Bow Ring / 7. Drawstring Pants / 8. Woven Sneakers

My very favorite item from this gift guide is the gold and onyx ring- you might know that my wedding ring is a black diamond, and I really love all black stones!  I think this circle cut with gold is spot on!

The Craftery PA

A few weeks ago, I shared the Evolution of East Coast Creative and mentioned that Jess has opened a part-time business called The Craftery.

If you’re local, tomorrow night there’s a Wrapping Open House at The Craftery from 6-9pm.  It’s such a fun way to wrap presents.  All the supplies are provided for you- what the what?!?  Yup!  You bring your gifts and Jess will provide all the paper and accessories you need to wrap your gifts Martha Stewart Style!!

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 10.12.24 AM

If you’re interested, it will be a super fun GNO with food and drinks provided.

Click HERE to register for the Gift Wrap Open House

Can’t wait to see all the pretty presents!!  

Holiday Gift Guide: For the Sporty Fashionista & Gift Wrap Open House!


My shopping is almost done... I'm not sure what qualifies as "almost"... but, I have some done, so I think that counts! I do have a good bit left to do.  I don't mind shopping though, I actually love going out and picking out gifts and bringing them home to wrap them! I've got one, final gift guide for you... this one for the Sporty Fashionista! Inspired by Macy's winter fashion guide   1. Makeup Palette / 2. Floral Sweatshirt / 3. Nail Polish / 4. Cluster Clip-Ons / 5. Gold Ring / 6. Bow ...

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2014 Favorite Things Party & Golden Tote

Golden Tote Sweater SM

This weekend was our Annual Favorite Things Party at Jess' house.  It got me thinking about a lot of my favorite things from 2014... I have a lot of new favs!  Air plants are definitely one of them.  I actually don't own any yet, but Jess accidentally left my Christmas present out on her counter the other night- yup, Air Plants!  She knows me!! One of my new favorite things for 2014 is called Golden Tote!!  Have you heard about it?  It's basically a small business that acts like a personal ...

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Vintage Christmas Style & A $500 Gift Card Giveaway

Vintage Christmas Decor WM SM

My style is usually more on the modern, funky, bold side, but this year, for my kids' playroom I went with a vintage christmas style. It's still got some quirky fun, but is definitely a throwback.   That wasn't my original plan- I'm obsessed with all things Scandinavian and I really thought I'd go all minimalist black-white-gold, that is until I came across this insanely cute and quirky garland at Worthwhile Thrift. Seriously, I can't get over the color and charm in this garland.  I got two ...

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Pantone’s 2015 Color of the Year : Marsala & How to Use it in Your Home


Last week, the Pantone Color of the Year for 2015 was announced and it has been met with mixed emotions by EC2 readers. The 2015 Pantone Color of the Year...Marsala.   It seems like everyone is okay with the color for nails, lips, and anything fashion related, but pretty skeptical of how marsala will work within interior design and spaces. via Pantone is confident in Marsala's versatility, but I thought it would be fun to dig around for awesome spaces already using the color.  I'm ...

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Holiday Gift Guide: For the Casual Fashionista

Monica 3 SIDEBAR jpeg

There's no mistaking the fact that East Coast Creative is a DIY blog, and not a fashion blog, but...  I've had to branch myself into fashion a lot more because of the on-air TV side of my business.  I have plans to dedicate an entire post to my sent-from-heaven-stylist Toi Sweeney, but for now I'll just say that she taught me that it's okay to want to be a totally casual girl and have a style that's just right for me. I thought it would be fun to share a gift guide for the Casual ...

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Holiday House Walk 2014

Holiday House Walk 2 SM TEXT

Welcome to the 2014 Holiday HouseWalk!    First off,  I want to give a "Hi There!" to all my new readers who have come by way of Top This Top That. I hope you've been enjoying Jennifer Rizzo's holiday house walk this week. If you missed what I did last year check it out here. My kids are still neighborhood rockstars because of our Grinch door! I need to make a few disclaimers before I start my Christmas home tour... I'm filming for a new DIY TV show on Friday and we're shooting at my ...

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That’s a Wrap…Wrapping Ideas & FREE Printable Gift Tags

Gift Wrap Ideas 2 SM SQ WM TEXT

I hope you all had an awesome Thanksgiving weekend!  Ours was especially fantastic- we had all my family down from Massachusetts and we haven't all been together for Thanksgiving for a long time.  It was filled with puppies, food, sledding, games, and a solid dose of craziness!! My kind of holiday!  But even with all the fun and chaos (most people were staying at our house) I snuck in some time late at night to come up with some wrapping ideas and I designed some free printable gift tags for ...

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The New Must Have Tool: The Cricut Explore & Black Friday Pricing


As a DIYer, many of my go-to tools are the normal hammer, jigsaw, drill, tape measure etc...  But, over this past year, there has been an addition to my must-have tool list.  The Cricut Explore.  Originally, I thought it was just something  for super crafty people- like the scrapbooker type, but I've learned it's totally a must have for any and all DIYers. [Make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom of this post for all the details on the amazing Cricut Black Friday Deal I can offer to ...

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Holiday Gift Guide: Hot Gifts for the Hostess

Holiday Gift Guide for the Hostess

We host a lot of shindigs at our house.  I love entertaining and I think our family has struck the right vibe between a totally comfortable welcoming experience and still having a bit of style.    Jess and I spoke at a conference last spring all about the way in which you use your home- it's actually a topic I think I'd like to explore even more someday.  It's interesting to think about how YOU view your home.  Do you fall more on the Retreat or Community side?  My opinion is that a solid blend ...

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Christmas Card Inspiration from Minted & a Giveaway

Christmas Card Ideas

I'm a big ideas person- you might already know that.  What you might not know, is that because I focus a lot on big ideas, I'm sometimes terrible with followthrough.  I'm pretty much the official spokesperson for the Good Intentions Club.  Seriously, I currently have 2 cards sitting in our "junk drawer" with thoughtful, handwritten messages for some friends that lost their grandmom 3 months ago... seriously 3 months ago.  Now, it's been too long, so it'd be way awkward to send them.  That kind ...

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The Evolution of East Coast Creative

Evolution of EC2 JPEG

 If you've been a follower of East Coast Creative for a while, you know that we've undergone quite the evolution over the past 3 years.  This post is probably the formal announcement of the biggest changes yet.  I thought a little trip down memory lane might explain it best.  Thanks for ALL of your support and encouragement from the start! The next post will officially begin a new chapter for EC2.  This transition has been underway behind the scenes for about a year, but it will feel a lot ...

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Excuse our Appearance- New Blog Underway


You might notice things are looking a wee bit different around here...  We'll be back later today with a post explaining all the details, changes, transitions, and exciting upcoming news for East Coast Creative!! In the meantime take a peek at the EC2 Brand Website!  Check it out HERE! ...

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