Desiree Hartsock’s Home Office Makeover

This fall was filled with awesome makeovers and tons of DIY projects! One of my favorites was the home office makeover I did with Lowe’s for Season 9 Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock in Seattle, WA.  First off, Des is a sweetheart and we had so much fun together, secondly, I fell in love with Seattle, and thirdly, I brought along an awesome videographer to capture the whole makeover, so I could share it with you!

I’ll be sharing lots of pictures and tutorials next week, but for now,  check out the video and let me know what you think!


DIY Growth Chart

neustadt-113Breakfast Nook Makeover edit Mon

Our family takes our growth chart very seriously. I'm not sure many families can say that (lol), but we measure the kids on their birthday and half birthday until they're 10 years old, and then annually after that.  Boys with a special black Sharpie, girls with brown.  Eric has the dates set in his Outlook calendar with reminders until like 2035! No joke!  We love comparing the kids at each age and seeing how much they've grown- it's fun!  So, when I was planning the nursery for the Lowe's Fall ...

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DIY Magnetic Monogram Napkin Rings

East Coast Creative DIY Holiday Garland B-11

Hey Guys! Today's post is part of a Thanksgiving Home Hop organized by - after checking out my project you'll have 8 more fab projects and ideas to check out! Details at the bottom of this post! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I love entertaining and hosting big events with lots of family and friends.  I tend to have large groups, not small intimate little dinner parties (although just saying "intimate dinner parties" makes me sound ...

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The 2015 Christmas Printables Collection


  I'm super jazzed up to share my holiday print collection with you guys today!  This collection of Christmas Printables and Prints is a collaboration between East Coast Creative and Manayunk Calligraphy.  Kim is one talented artist, and I love how she can bring the ideas in my head, to life- if it was left up to me, these prints would look like my 6 year old wrote them! Ha! I'm going to share some of the prints in this post, and give you some ideas for how you can use them this holiday ...

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DIY Nursery Makeover Reveal: A 24 Hour Transformation

DIY Nursery Makeover East Coast Creative Lowes (11 of 20)

Once upon a time, there was a lovely couple expecting their first baby.  They dreamed of an amazing nursery in their newly purchased home, a space to raise their little girl and teach her about the world... This was not exactly what they had in mind. Welcome to my Lowe's Fall Makeover reveal- this was the state of Betty & Edgar's nursery when I arrived.  I had 24 hours, 100 degree heat,  1 helper, a group of Lowe's Heroes volunteers and a baby on the way (well, not until December, but it ...

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Create a Holiday Wrapping Station

snapfishholiday -15

One of my favorite things to do during the holiday season is to wrap presents.  I love having tons of choices of ribbon, greenery, paper, tags, accents, and more.  What I don't love to do during the holiday season is drag out all my wrapping supplies, make a disaster of my family room while wrapping, and then pack it all back up, just so I can do the same thing the next day!  I've totally solved that problem by creating a Holiday Wrapping Station that looks cute, so it can stay out throughout ...

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DIY HACK : Modern Farmhouse Table Top

DIY Modern Farmhouse Table Makeover (1 of 20)

*This DIY Modern Farmhouse Table is part of my Real Design Series collaboration with Lowe’s. It’s all about DIY home projects and ideas that actually work in real life, with a real family… not just ones that look pretty for the camera.  I’ve spent the last 2 years doing countless makeovers for other families on TV, but this series is all about the Mangin Family (that’s me) and how we’re working room by room to renovate our own home! Check out all the past series ...

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