DIY Photo Booth Backdrop – Cricut Design Space Star

 You guys, I don’t know how Monica does it all! She has been running around all week going back and forth to NYC, helped finish up a few big DIY projects at The Well with Worthwhile Wear, is working on the EC2 Apartment, and planned a Fall Nights Party all the while taking care of a household of four kids, two dogs, ducks, and a few other farm animals! So, since she has had quite the busy week (and life really!) and is in the middle of packing for her vacation with Jess, I’m here tonight to share with you the tutorial on the DIY Photo Booth Backdrop and how she used the Cricut Explore for the floral pinwheels.

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Last month I shared the tutorial from Monica and Jess for the Paper Pinwheel Bridesmaids Bouquets, but first came the DIY photo booth backdrop, which the bouquet idea emerged from. Monica’s Cricut Design Space Star team Lucky 13 picked a floral affair for the September Weddings and Celebrations theme, so it was a no brainer to share the details of this tutorial with everyone.

Here are the materials you’ll need to rock out this project:

two (2) 4×8 plywood sheets

six (6) 2×4′s at 8 feet

nail gun


staple gun

pinwheels and fake flowers

Cricut Explore


The booth backdrop is actually more like a theatre set style “wall” as you will see in the tutorial images below. So, when the wedding or party is over and you no longer need to use it as a photo booth your kids can use it to host their own play productions!

To put together the backdrop begin by framing out a “wall” with the 2×4′s. Nail the 2×4′s together to create a large box, which should measure 8 feet x 8 feet. Place support beams or “studs” approximately 16-20 inches apart and nail into the top and bottom of the frame. Place a cross beam or stud in that runs horizontally at the midpoint between the bottom and top 2×4′s and nail into place.


Lay the frame flat on the ground and attach the plywood to the frame with a nail gun. Trim any overlap with a circular saw. Next, roll the turf out over the surface of the plywood, and just like with upholstery, wrap the turf around the frame, pull tight, and staple into place. Continue all the way around the frame until the entire surface of the plywood is covered.



To get the “wall” to stand upright, place a 2×4 inside the backside of the frame at the bottom and nail into the upright 2×4. The 2×4 should straight out the back and rest on the ground. Place another 2×4 at an angle coming off the back of the wall. Screw into the upright 2×4 and then into the 2×4 coming out the bottom of the wall. Repeat this same process for the other side. Throw a few sand bags onto the 2x4s you just attached for extra weight.

Paper Pinwheel Decorations

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 8.43.28 PM

Now it’s time to decorate! They attached a lot of the handmade pinwheels, (see tutorial on those here) in various sizes around the top of the wall with a staple gun. Then added fake flowers so that it looked like they were cascading down the backdrop. For a fun touch, Monica and Jess nailed the wedding’s hashtag to the wall so the guests would know how to tag their photos on Instagram or Facebook!

Monica used the Cricut Explore to print out different circular designs to hot glue to the center of the pinwheels, but if you really wanted to get funky and creative you could print out a star design, sunburst, or even a cross (which is really big in home decor design right now) as seen in the Cricut design space in the photo above . 


 Don’t forget to include fun props for your guests to pose with at your DIY photo booth backdrop!

Now on to the rest of team Lucky 13′s amazing floral affair projects. Last month they did an incredible job for the Gold is the New Black theme, did you guys see the awesome leather cuff Monica made? Her teammate Erin from Suburban Bitches’ pink cut out clutch even made it to the Top Ten! So go check out these creative ladies and give them some love to help this team rock it to the top!



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