Faux Stone Succulent Place Cards & The Home Depot NYC Garden Party

Confession: I am a plant killer.  Kenzie ratted me out when I was working on my Frog Succulent Planters, but I still love teeny tiny plants. Something about them just does it for me!  On a recent episode of Knock It Off Jess and I had a little friendly competition to determine which style place settings we would make for the homeowners.  It was super fun and brought out both of our overly competitive sides!

One project that the homeowners didn’t choose, but Jess and I loved so much, were these little Faux Stone Succulent Place Cards.

We wanted to share the tutorial with you, because even though they didn’t make the final cut with the homeowners, we think they’re perfect for your table this spring and summer!

Faux Stone Succulent Place Cards

Succulent Placecard DIY

The second best part about these place cards (the first best is the adorable factor) is that they cost less than $3.00 each!

We started off with our cardboard boxes, which were about 50 cents.  We wanted to give them a little texture and a style more fitting for our cacti, so we gave them a coat of Rust-oleum® American Accents Stone spray paint.  We picked it up at Home Depot and it’s amazing how it actually spits out real textured stone.  It completely changed the look of simple craft boxes.

Tip: We also sprayed the inside of the boxes to waterproof them.  Then we just added tiny holes for drainage.

Faux Stone planter

After our boxes were dry, we planted our succulents.  We put in the typical, rocks and sand so the succulents would thrive.  I did a little succulent research and did you know that Cacti are the most common succulent?  I usually think of the fleshy leafed style, but nope- cacti take the cake as numero uno!

You could completely stop here and just have a fun little potted succulent in a DIY faux stone planter, but if you want these as place cards there’s one more step.

Succulent Planter Cacti

For our place card names, we used toothpicks and washi tape, because we already had it on hand, but I love the idea of using mini clothes pins, scrapbook paper cut into a small triangle, and attaching that to a tooth pick.  I think it would really complete the look.  In kind of a similar style as this bunting from A Subtle Revelry. 


These planters are perfect as a creative place card, or just a fun little garden.  You really can come up with any style to match your decor!

If you missed this Knock It Off episode, you can watch the full episode online.  It’s one of my favs!

Now, let’s chat about getting together and making some DIY planters together shall we?

I’m officially inviting you to join me at The Home Depot NYC Garden Party!  Next weekend, on May 3rd from 1 pm to 4 pm, I’ll be hosting the NYC #SpringMadeSimple Home Depot Garden Party at the Flatiron Plaza on 23rd Street and Broadway in New York.  Home Depot has hosted 4 Garden Parties across the country over the past few weeks and they’ve been amazingly fun!  Think of it as hanging out with pals, doing some DIY projects together, making delicious food with a uber famous chef, and learning some gardening tips from an expert so that you’re not a plant killer like me!  I would love, love, love to see tons of you there!!

If you plan on attending or think you’ll be in the area stop by The Home Depot Facebook events page to RSVP (you can come even without an RSVP too!)


There will be a plan and prep station for attendees to get their DIY on and paint terra cotta pots (you can totally find me there!), and Gardeniere Pamela Reed will lead you through an herb container garden planting project that you get to take home! A raised Salsa Bed Garden will be on display, as well as special garden to table recipes made by a special NYC chef, and plenty of opportunities for everyone to get their hands dirty!

Whether you can attend The Home Depot Garden party or not (I really hope to meet you there!! Did I mention that already?!?), sign up for their Garden Club to receive emails and info on special promotions, offers, how-to project instructions, expert advice and more. It will come in handy when you are stumped on when the perfect time is to plant tulips or sunflowers, what type of weed killer is best for your area and safe for kids and pets, or how to get started on that new DIY garden project you’ve been dreaming about.  I use the site all the time for tips and inspiration.  Remember last year’s Vertical Garden project I made? Yup, inspired by the Garden Club!

Check out The Home Depot on Twitter and Instagram and follow along with the hashtag #SpringMadeSimple.

So, what’s the word?  Are you going to come hang with me at the NYC Garden Party?


**I’m working with the Home Depot for their NYC Garden Party Event, but my love of succulents, and excitement for the party is 100% legit! **


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