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I pride myself on making amazing style and design accessible for everyone, regardless of location, budget, or ability! My design philosophy is rooted in authenticity + attainability - If I can do it, you can too! My work has been featured in countless publications, but I take the most pride in homeowners that have been personally inspired by my DIY ideas and have tried something in their own homes!

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Hi Guys! Today I’m sharing some last-minute Halloween costumes that we’re doing on Live! with Kelly on Friday Oct 29th.  We teamed up with Pinterest to try out some of the top trending Halloween projects that will hopefully inspire you to create your own version! You can tune in to watch the segment (9am EST), but if you missed it, don’t worry– I’ve got all the projects we did listed here for you!

DIY costumes are really trending this year, so here are some of the most-pinned! Also, make sure you check out our Halloween Hacks Pinterest Board where we’ll be adding our inspiration from the whole week!


1. Up Baby + Russell




You’ll also need: White Spray Paint | Cardigan | Khaki Pants

We’ve all seen Up (and shed a tear, or two or a hundred) and love Carl, the precious old man. This costume turns your baby into sweet little Carl, and the only thing you need to make is his little walker. Grab some PVC pipe and cut it down to the height that would be comfortable for you baby. Your local hardware store should be able to cut it down for you if you don’t have tools at home. You’ll also want two 90-degree connectors for the PVC so you can connect your three pieces to finish up the walker. We gave it a quick coat of white spray paint to cover the text on the pipe. Then take two tennis balls, cut an ‘x’ shape into them, and slip them onto the ends of the PVC pipe.

Fill some balloons with helium, and tie them into a bunch for that classic Up look. You can even tie them to the back belt loop on your baby! Stick some glasses and a bow tie on that dapper dude, and he’s ready to awww.


Materials: Yellow T-shirt | Yellow Baseball Cap | Orange Bandana | Brown Sash | Patches | Tube Socks | Balloons

For Carl’s pal Russell, put on your t-shirt, ball cap, patch sash, and tube socks, a few spare balloons, and this dapper little boy scout is sure to complete the Up look!

2. Old Lady Babies



Materials: Pom Poms | Hat | Glasses | Fake Pearls | Cardigan | Floral Dress | Mary Jane Shoes | Floral Wire | Tape

Turn your little lady into an old lady with just a few simple steps! Start by gluing white or gray pom poms onto a knit hat, covering the surface so it looks like she just got a fresh perm. Next you’ll want to attach some fake pearls to the glasses. Secure them to the arm of the glasses with some floral wire, and tape over it so she doesn’t get scratched!

Pull out a cute floral dress, little cardigan, some Mary Janes and you’ve got yourself an old lady baby!

3. No Sew Sheep


Materials: Cotton Balls | Zip-up Hoodie | Black Felt | Hot Glue Gun | Scissors | Black shirt & Leggings

After you’re done ‘aww-ing’ at the photo, you can start by taking your hoodie and cutting off the sleeves for your little sheep vest. Then glue cotton balls all over the hoodie until the whole surface is covered. Leave a tiny opening between the cotton balls on the hood for the ears of your sheet, which you’ll cut out of felt, and glue on as well.

Finish off with a little black face paint on the nose, and your little sheep is complete!

4. Baby Octopus


You’ll also need: Stuffing | Elastic | Scissors | Hot Glue | Safety Pins | Tape

You’ll need 4 pair of tights (for eight legs), and stuff them with some Poly-fill stuffing. Then glue some mini pom poms on the legs and let dry. Leave some extra fabric at the top of your tights to fold over the elastic waistband, then safety pin the leg tights to the band. We put some tape over the pins and band so keep the little guy safe from pokes.

For the hat, simply take some googly eyes, and hot glue them to the cap! Eight legs and some eyes later, you’ve got a little octopus!

5. Strawberry + Pineapple

You’ll also need: Black Leggings & Converse

You’ll also need: Black Leggings & Converse

Both Pineapple and Strawberry have similar processes, so start with the shirt. For the pineapple, you’ll want to use that brown sharpie to draw v shapes to mimic the prickly skin texture. For the strawberry, use your white felt to cut out little tear drop shapes for the seeds, and stick ’em on! You’re halfway done with this costume already!

You’ll also want to make your leafy headband piece. For the pineapple, cut your leaves long and narrow, and glue them in layers onto your toilet paper roll. For the strawberry, we only used construction paper on the headband, cutting large, wide leaves to flop over the headband. Hot glue works wonders, and we covered all paper seams with green duct tape.


In less than 30 minutes, you have a totally unique and cute costume ready to go! Just throw on some leggings, sunglasses and chucks, and you’re good to go!

6. Ear of Corn

You’ll also need: Green Zip-up Hoodie

I’m sure you’ve all dreamed of the day when you could dress up as corn, so today’s your lucky day! Best part is that you probably already own most of the materials.


For the kernels (or sweet niblets, whatever you prefer), we just bunched sheets of yellow tissue paper into kernel shapes and secured to the t-shirt with safety pins. The only thing left to do is throw on your green hoodie over the kernel shirt, add some raffia hair, and you’re ready for harvest, corn.

7. Pikachu


You’ll also need: Red & Black Acrylic Paint | White Stick-and-Peel Felt | Painters Tape | Foam core | eBlack Leggings | Converse Sneakers

There are only two parts of this costume you’re going to have to make– Pikachu’s ears, and the Pokéball.

1- For the ears, draw out two long, narrow ear pieces onto the foam core, then cut them out. You’ll want to then cover these foam core ears with yellow felt, then cut out two smaller pieces of black felt for the tips. Glue onto the headband, and you’re halfway there!

2- With your painters tape, mask off half of the foam ball, and paint the other half of it red. When that’s dry, paint a black band around the foam ball, cut a small circle out of white felt and place in the middle of the black band.


3- Use some red face paint (or even red lipstick) for rosy Pikachu cheeks, grab some black leggings and Converse sneakers, and you’re ready to be everyone’s favorite Pokémon!

8. Harry Potter


You’ll also need: White Collared Shirt | Black Dress Pants | Black Face Paint

The only things you’ll need to make for this costume are Harry’s tie and the wand, and trust me, they’re both super easy hacks!

We got a plain red tie, masked off some stripes with painters tape, and colored the stripes with a gold paint marker. Let that dry, and you’ve got a Hogwarts tie! For the wand, find a semi-long stick or branch out in your yard, the wonkier the better. Using hot glue, glue around the stick, making some areas more “globby” and bumpy than others, and keep adding glue as you see fit. Once the glue dries, give it a quick gold spray down, and you have a super cheap (dare I say FREE) Harry Potter wand to complete the costume.


Oh, and don’t forget that famous lightening bolt scar– We just used some brown face paint for that.

And there you have it, you’re ready for Hogwarts!

9. Ninja Turtles


You’ll also need: Black Leggings & Converse Sneakers

This is a super easy and fun group costume, so gather your friends, and get crafting!

Let’s start with the shell– grab your turkey pan and spray paint it green. Once it’s dry, cut two slits on either side of the pan where you will attach the elastic bands so you can wear the pan. Tie a knot on each end of the elastic to secure, and your shell is done!

For the nunchucks, take two toilet paper roll tubes and wrap them with duct tape, then attach a piece of yarn to the tubes so they’re connected.



The rest of the costume is pretty simple. Cut up the other colored t-shirts into strips of fabric for your head tie and arm and leg bands. Easy as that!

10. Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte


Materials: Tan Dress or Long T-shirt | White Feather Boa | Black Belt | Starbucks Logo Printout | Wrapping Paper Tube | Green Spray Paint | Safety Pins

This costume is anything but basic, and it’s as easy as ordering your favorite drink, the PSL. Start with a tan dress or long T-shirt. Print out the Starbucks logo to attach to your belt with safety pins. For the whipped creamy goodness, wrap a white boa around your shoulders. And don’t forget the famous green Starbucks straw! Spray paint a wrapping paper tube green, and tuck that into the back of your dress. Now you’re ready for the runway, latte.

11. Snapchat Filters




Butterfly Filter Materials: Headband | Fake Butterflies | Gold or Yellow Spray Paint | Hot Glue Gun | Floral Wire

Dog Filter Materials: Headband | Construction Paper | Hot Glue Gun | Party Blower | Tissue Paper

Unicorn Filter Materials: Headband |Construction Paper | Hot Glue Gun | Party Blower | Tissue Paper

Let’s start with the unicorn– use your construction paper to roll into a horn, and attach that to the headband. Cut out some horse ears and glue them onto the headband. For the best part of this filter– the rainbow mouth, grab one piece of each color tissue paper, and align them (rainbow order) along one edge. Cut through all pieces in a squiggle line. Fan the colors out (again in rainbow order), then glue together and trim down. Unroll the party blower, and glue the rainbow piece onto the blower.


For the butterfly filter, spray the butterflies and headband with the gold spray paint. Once they’re dry, use the floral wire to attach the butterflies to the headband. Hot glue as needed. We added some glitter for glam purposes, of course.

Lastly the dog filter, which makes us all look cute even on our worst of hair days… Cut the ears and nose out of construction paper, and attach the thin elastic to both sides of the nose. For the tongue, cut that out of pink tissue paper, and glue onto the party blower.

12. Stranger Things Eleven + Barb





You’ll also need: a Pink dress (similar) | Navy Blue Jacket or Cardigan | Converse | Red Face Paint

I’ve been obsessed with Stranger Things since it came out, and basically watched the whole season in a week… oops. If you’re as big a fan as me, you’ll love these simple Barb and Eleven costumes, mostly because you probably own 50% or more of what you need!

For Eleven, you’ll need a pink dress, navy jacket or cardigan, a blond wig, and a straight face (no, really). If you have some plain tube socks, grab some fabric markers and add the classic color stripes to the ankle and throw on a blond wig. You can add the nosebleed with some red face paint, and don’t forget your Eggo box!

For Barb, you can either raid the 80’s section of your mom’s closet or check out local thrift stores for most of the pieces. If you have long hair, throw it into a polished updo, and embrace the gawky glasses, cause that’s Barb.


Don’t miss any of our ideas for Live’s! Halloween Hacks week! Watch each day on ABC at 9am EST and don’t forget Live’s! Best Halloween Show – Decision 2016 is on Monday October 31st!

Click on the image below to see Live’s Halloween Hacks Pinterest board!


Click HERE to see all my past projects for Live! with Kelly


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