Round 2 Link Up Winner: Lavender Dining Room- Ciburbanity

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Today we’ve got another talented blogger to introduce you to!  Charlotte from Ciburbanity is our Round 2 Link Up Winner!  She linked up her lavender dining room makeover and it definitely caught our eye!  I’ll be honest I’ve been kinda skeptical of this year’s Pantone Color of the Year- Radiant Orchid, but she might have me thinking twice about the color palette.

Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 12.53.46 PM

Also, we’re super excited for Charlotte, because today is a BIG day for her!  Guys, she’s on today’s episode of Flea Market Flip!  Woohoo! We love bloggers getting recognized on TV- so give her some major props and check out the episode!  Check out her post all about her experience and inside scoop details!  We remember the day we got our first email from Nate Berkus and almost died (literally died) of excitement, so we’re totally relating to Charlotte today!


So, now you have two things to do- check out her dining room makeover here on EC2 and then go check your DVR and watch Charlotte and her pal Jill take on two “Rocker Dudes” in Flea Market Flip!

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow  to vote for your favorites in round three of Creating with the Stars: Upcycle…we can’t wait for you to see what the remaining 6 have for us this week!

Okay, take it away Charlotte!


Last week I left you in a state of perpetual bated breath and an unquenched thirst for the dining room reveal, right? Well wait no further… grab something to drum with and let the roll begin.  So remember when I said I wanted lavender, but a subtle lavender… well it’s not exactly subtle, but… it’s JUST what I envisioned. I didn’t want to waste my time painting all the walls and then have it look white during the day and barely lavender at night. I was going for obvious lavender all the time. And this is, well… you’re not going to miss it.


Reminder of how the room used to look…. here’s the image from the Home Tour.  Gag, right?


And here’s how it looks now.


And this was my vision for the space:

Dining Room OB

Another Before and After view:



This fabric is off the hook. I mean, it’s everything. Online Fabric Store provided me with a gift certificate towards these curtains and I am obsessed. The pattern brings everything together and gives some other colors to work with and they’re just boss. I DIYd these plumbing hardware curtain rods… not original, but something I’ve noticed on other blogs and really liked. And they’re crazytown easy to make.




You know what else isn’t original? Ombre. Specifically ombre drawers. I know they’re everywhere, but I just couldn’t stop my copycat brain from insisting on doing these. I tried to think of an original idea, but the ombre won. But… I love it so phhfffft.




The artwork is flea market for the most part… I was able to find some frames that fit the paintings. And then I was good on my word and went back over the frames with silver rub n buff.




I made this fun stenciled piece  from the one children’s books I know by heart… Louisa starts smiling the minute she hears the opening lines.  (Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown if you don’t recognize the words.)



I’ve wanted to do a plate wall for a while, but I’ve struggled to find cool vintage-y plates. What I did find was a bunch of those souvenir plates from places that have meaning to me (D.C., Virginia, Connecticut, Sydney… all places I’ve lived and loved). The mirrors are wicker chargers I scored at Goodwill, and the mirrors are actually from Target (but also snagged at Goodwill)… Maybe $15 for everything? I used some wire and some epoxy to adhere the mirrors to the chargers.




Did you notice the rug? Well stay tuned for more love for this rug in a post coming soon, but this bad boy was given to me by Mohawk Home Rugs and it’s the answer to this lavender room’s dreams. The darker color keeps the room from getting too close to nursery territory (in my opinion) and the bohemian pattern actually pics up the shapes of both the chairs AND the curtains. I mean this room is like the 3 couples from all 93 seasons of the Bachelor who have ended up married and in love.


The centerpieces are DIY inspired by something I saw at Homegoods and our local home and garden paradise, Terrain.



Other little details?  This bowl and the silver studded balls inside were all flea market scores.  These candlesticks were originally Ikea votive holders I picked up at Goodwill and stacked with epoxy.  And this rhino head was brown and dreary before I hit it with some Rustoleum 2x white gloss.




I’ll post step-by-step instructions for these projects over the next few weeks. And of course my fun news related to the Mohawk rug. (Hint: rhymes with live-a-bay.)  This space is SO much happier and bright and welcoming.  Now I REALLY don’t have an excuse not to entertain.




Again for fun… Before:


And (say it with me!) after:


What do you think? Loving the lavender or prefer the gray from before?  Any good crockpot recipes for entertaining a group?!  Leave a comment… I’d love to hear from you!

Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 10.37.37 PM


Thanks for hanging with us today Charlotte! And congrats again on the show!!

See you guys back here tomorrow for Round 3 of Creating with the Stars!


The comments +

  1. Thank guys!!!!! Made my day!!! I mean… just seeing any of my stuff under your logo is pretty awesome, but the feature is like over and above. Mwah!! xo

  2. AMAZING! So excited for my good friend, Charlotte! You guys are amazing for always promoting other bloggers and can’t wait to watch the episode of Knock It Off with your parents’ room! 🙂

  3. Melody says:

    This room is spectacular! Thrilled that Charlotte is being featured here!

  4. mell says:

    Lovely room. I have to find that rug.

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