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I always love using my Silhouette, but it seems like I really use it a lot around the holidays!  I haven’t quite finished my holiday decorating yet, but I have a few projects in mind using my Silhouette!  Today we’re giving away a Silhouette Portrait® so you can use it just in time for your holiday decorating too!  We hope you’re as excited about this giveaway as we are- it’s perfect timing for the holidays!!

Silhouette Giveaway

Last year during our Christmas House Tour I showed you how to create an Illuminated Deer Art knock off using a Silhouette Cameo®. Well this year, you may just get the chance to make your own deer art when you win a Silhouette Portrait®!


You could also spruce up your front door like I did last year...

Holiday Door Decor

Not only do we have a spectacular giveaway for one US reader, but Silhouette will also be hosting a really amazing Black Friday Sale that starts Nov. 28th. So be sure to stop back next week, not only to find out if you won your very own Silhouette Portrait®, but to check out the promo so you can buy some really sweet products!


Now, I’ve gotta know… What’s your take on Black Friday?  I used to be Hard Core about it- back in the day when it started at a normal 3am on real Black Friday.  Now, 6pm on Thanksgiving or All-day Thanksgiving… That’s just wrong in my opinion.  Half of the fun, was spending Thanksgiving evening looking through the newspaper circulars and planning out our course of attack.  Now, it’s like quick eat some turkey so we can get shopping.  It’s wrong people, just plain wrong.  I haven’t made a plan yet, for this Black Friday- I’d love to hear your thoughts on it…  Maybe it will help me make a plan!

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The comments +

  1. Jocelyn says:

    I’d love to make some vinyl and heat transfer stuff!

  2. MaryAnn says:

    I want to make a menu planning board

  3. Olivia says:

    I would love to win this! and i would make some signs ive been really wanting to make. and few other things.

  4. Bree says:

    This is amazing! I would definitely use the silhouette to do some vinyl work for our home and as gifts. Thank you for the opportunity!

  5. Nimrah says:

    I would love love love to have a silhouette! I’ve been bookmarking and pinning tons of projects the only thing im missing is a silhouette lol. I would love to have the silhouette to make invites, favors, and party decor! Especially for my cousin’s baby shower coming up soon.

    • michelle smith says:

      I think that it’s fine if the stores open on Thursday. I won’t be there, as I always have my husband’s family over on Thanksgiving.

  6. Denise Luscan says:

    I want to make some holiday decorations and gift boxes. I have been seeing so many Silhouette tutorials for them lately and I really want to make some! Fingers & toes crossed!

  7. CArrie says:

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway! I would love to win a silhouette to make my own stencils.

  8. Kim says:

    I would love to make several things with the Silhouette Portrait I don’t know where to begin. 🙂

  9. Rachel says:

    I would love to win one of these. So many things you can do with them.

  10. Molly says:

    I used to love Black Friday. Like stand out in the freezing snow giggle and chat with the other crazy peeps kinda love. But this whole open on Thanksgiving thing kinda changed my frame of mind on it. I’m done. Thanksgiving is for family. The whole day. I don’t want the kiddos in our family to think shopping is more important than the tradition of giving thanks. What am I really going to miss out on? Do I need to give a $98 flat screen? No. I bought a lot on Black Friday just because it was such a deal. Not because the person or us really needed it or even wanted it before we say it was such a smoken hot deal.
    I’m going on Saturday, see what’s up and hopefully pick up some things my family want and need. But either way Thanksgiving is off limits.

    • Monica says:

      Molly, I’m totally with you and I think you make a great point about leaving to go shopping on Thanksgiving- what is that showing our kids? I might head out late at night Thursday (because we leave for Disney on Friday), but definitely not going to let Black Friday step on Thanksgiving’s toes!! Thanks for your input and for reading EC2!!

      • Stephanie says:

        I totally feel the same way. It used to be fun, a little adventure. Now its a nightmare and ruining the spirit of thanksgiving!

  11. Katie says:

    I used to think Black Friday was fun when you are looking for that one thing that you’ve wanted all year but that day is crazy and I stay far away from it! I prefer Cyber Monday so I don’t have to go to stores!!
    It is very sad that stores are opening so early and even on Thanksgiving now. But the employees of those stores I think can make the decision to work on those days or not. I think everything should be closed on Thanksgiving to allow people to be with family.

  12. Abigail says:

    I feel bad for the employees of the stores that this craze affects. NO ONE should have to work on Thanksgiving or even at midnight.

  13. Kaia says:

    I have never gone Black Friday shopping before- have wanted to but am afraid of the crowds 🙂 We will see how I feel after stuffing my face with turkey if I feel like going this year

  14. Katie P says:

    No shopping on thanksgiving! Even though I run an online webstore I won’t be encouraging it. Also, I am implementing a no phone rule too at our family dinner. Phones must be checked at the door.

  15. McKaye Day says:

    I would love to win this! I have never done Black Friday shopping before. I would maybe think about it if there was something really big that someone wanted that was going on super sale. But I will never, ever go on Thanksgiving day. There are so few days left for families to be together, and I think it’s horrible to take Thanksgiving away.

  16. Ali says:

    I hate that sales are starting on Thanksgiving! We still have weeks to shop for the holidays! People should be at home with their families with full bellies. I would love love love to win this giveaway….Thank you for the chance!

  17. Amanda J. says:

    I’ve never really been a Black Friday shopper. However, I might go this year. But definitely won’t be going on Thanksgiving day. I think it’s ridiculous – don’t want my kids to think shopping is more important than family and the meaning of Thanksgiving. I also think the employees deserve the day off to be with their family. I know there are some that would rather have the money, but I still think the stores should be closed!

  18. mary anne says:

    No shopping on Thanksgivig. It’s a shame that one of our “family” holidays has been pre-empted by greed, the opposite of gratitude. I have gone shopping on Black Friday, but on Friday, not Thursday. It’s very stressful.

  19. Trish says:

    I think that as long as stores only use people who volunteer to work, instead of making people work, it is up to the store and the volunteer workers. I will not be shopping on Thanksgiving or Black Friday, but to each his own.

  20. I think anyone who has to work the holidays should get overtime. Many parents have to scramble to find alternate care for their children because they are forced to work a shift they normally don’t work.
    Anyone who goes out shopping on Thanksgiving–please be nice to the workers! It doesn’t help anyone if you are rude.

  21. Andrea says:

    I am so disappointed that the almighty dollar has won out over the sacredness of a day filled with family and thanksgiving. I used to wake up early every year and hit the stores running on Friday, but haven’t done even that in years.

  22. Erika says:

    I so need to win this :).

    My thoughts on Black Friday are…I think its annoying how early people are opening. Part of the fun is getting up early and going out but now that it is creeping in on family time on Thanksgiving it is just silly. I feel bad for those who are working. I won’t be going on Thursday at all.

  23. michelle m says:

    I will not shop on Thanksgiving day.

  24. Beth Marie says:

    Years before there was nothing better than the thrill. With having a little one now…well probably hold off.

  25. Liz says:

    i would love one of these, always thought they were cool and certainly easier than hand-lettering stuff, which is what I do!

  26. Michaela says:

    I enjoy black Friday shopping after the craziness has died down. Like 10am. As someone who has worked retail I feel sad that stores are opening on Thursday. Not only does that make front end staff miss a holiday meal with family but it makes those who work in the back miss all day.

  27. jes e says:

    I have wanted this for a while….never in our budget.

  28. Kelsey says:

    I remember getting so excited to go out on Friday with my mom and shop together. We aren’t big shoppers but that one day was different. However, I refuse to go out and support taking people away from their families on Thanksgiving. There is no reason why shopping should be more important than family. I’ll skip the big TV this year and spend that time with my family!

  29. Morgaine says:

    Since I am working on Thanksgiving (and have many times- since I work for a newspaper- and we work most holidays) I don’t have a problem with the stores opening on Thanksgiving, but I understand why people hate it. Recently we have skipped straight to Christmas that we forget about the family together-ness that is Thanksgiving.

  30. J Warren says:

    I would love this! What an awesome giveaway

  31. Kylee says:

    I think that Hidatsa are about family and taking a break from the everyday monotony of life. I have friends whose husbands have to work on thanksgiving this year because of this and I don’t think it’s fair. Holidays shouldn’t be about making as much money as you can. It should bf time with family and friends.

  32. Kylee says:

    Holidays… Not hadistas … Sorry autocorrect!

    • Monica says:

      LOL, I saw that and thought, “What’s a hidatsa, is this something the cool kids are doing?”. Darn autocorrect! Thanks for the comment, and good luck in the giveaway!

  33. Sarah M says:

    I’m torn on the whole thing. I don’t like that it’s creeping into Thanksgiving, but I’d much rather go at night after everyone has gone to bed for a couple hours than get up at 3 am on Black Friday. Maybe l’ll skip it and find stuff online instead. Not sure yet what we’ll do.

  34. Valerie says:

    I don’t like the idea of opening on Thanksgiving. That is family time and we don’t get enough family time the way it is. There is a whole different crowd on Thursday shopping. I like the crowd that wakes up EARLY Friday for the deals. I think Thursday should be for Thanksgiving not shopping.

  35. Jen says:

    With a husband in retail, I completely boycott black friday. 10 years in retail myself, it really isn’t worth it. The deals aren’t great. Maybe a few particular items but the stores take their low end electronics and put them on crazy sale. They can afford that because the item isn’t top of the line. Also if you shop in the evening you can find coupons and come out with the same deals. No lines and crazy parking.

  36. Jenn LaMountain says:

    I like to spend the holiday with my family, eating and catching up. Friday is a day day to hit the shops with my girl friends, eat, people watch and laugh.

  37. Jenifer says:

    I think that 1/2 the fun of black Friday shopping is having to wait. Thanksgiving is a time for family and giving thanks. Let the shopping begin on Friday.

  38. Vivian Foster says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  39. I think Black Friday sales should actually start on Black Friday! 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway, ladies!

    ~Abby =)

  40. Shannon says:

    Thanks for a chance at the Silhouette. And There is no shopping on Thanksgiving in this home! Black Friday was fine, but nothing should come between family and holidays, especially the all mighty buck and greedy corporations! Just my honest opinion!!

  41. Jeanna says:

    Thank you for this! I’ve always wanted one of these 🙂

  42. Karisa says:

    Would love a silhouette! I agree that half the fun is going through the ads to see what the best deals are-somehow I always end up shopping Black Friday. I don’t like feeling rushed out of Thanksgiving though!

  43. Staci says:

    I think it is going too far. I am actually skipping Black Friday out in the stores this year. I want to be with my family on Thanksgiving and enjoy that time instead of standing in lines!

  44. Jennie says:

    I don’t shop on Black Friday.

  45. Nicki K. says:

    I like black Friday on FRIDAY, but think all the sales should just be online too so you don’t have to fight the crowds! Would love to win this and make all sorts of art and signs!

  46. Jane says:

    I think they should just wait until Black Friday. Eventually if they all open on thanksgiving they have only succeeded in moving it a day forward and will have lost a great day for families which are few and far between.

  47. Laura Nygaard says:

    Love your show! I always tape it so I can watch it with no interuptions!

    Bennett is a doll!

  48. Amy J says:

    I don’t like Black Friday at all. I never go. That being said, I think people have to make their own choices about whether to go or not. The stores are opening earlier and earlier because they know people will come!

  49. Meredith says:

    I have never gone shopping on black Friday so the stores don’t need to be open for me.

  50. Kathy says:

    I shop throughout the year for bargains, so I’m not much of a consumer honed into gotta have it now! I already got it!

  51. Ashley says:

    We make it a family outing and head out with all of the adult siblings. It is like a scavenger hunt – great “team” building!

  52. Ashley says:

    Unfortunately, I don’t think opening early is going to change any time soon. The reality is that it supports big-box stores primarily. I prefer to do my shopping at local stores and online. It’s more convenient, supports the community, and doesn’t require employees to work on holidays.

  53. Britta Horigan says:

    I avoid shopping on Black Friday. I prefer to pay more and keep my limbs.

  54. Stacey M says:

    I don’t mind the stores being opened. I may not go, but the sales seem to be staggered w different sales starting at different times. I won’t leave my dinner to shop, but I will shop on Thursday. The REAL travesty is that I’m working on Black Friday!!! (I waitress and it’s a good money day.) 🙂 On a side note, I’d love the sillouhette. 😉

  55. Ashley says:

    Thanksgiving is for family. I try to avoid the hooplah altogether and just do a little online shopping and a lot of gift “making” throughout the year.

  56. Nicole says:

    I would LOVE to have a Silhouette! My “Be Merry” door was a huge hit last year and I’d love to create something new this year!
    As far as Black Friday goes, I’m with Molly. Thanksgiving is a day for us to spend with the people we are most thankful and to remember how blessed we are. Running out to scoop up things I don’t really need seems to be a tad contradictory to what I’m trying to teach my kids. 🙂

  57. Becky says:

    I also think it’s ridiculous. I’ve always loved Black Friday and getting the great bargains. But this is just too extreme in our culture’s mentality of materialism. Things! You need more things! Shop for them earlier to get the best deals! Sorry but my family is more important than bargains on Thanksgiving.

  58. Kachelle says:

    I would love to win this. I love to decorate for the holidays.

  59. sona says:

    thank you for this opportunity. I am against early opening. Everyone should have a chance to be with family and friends.

  60. Judy says:

    I do like being able to do some on-line black friday deals on Thanksgiving but won’t be heading out to any stores.
    I have heard from a friend in retail though that they put up sign up sheets for Thanksgiving Day and had more people interested than they had slots available. Might be because this retailer pays they about 3x their regular pay to work on Thanksgiving. Not sure if other retailers do the same.

  61. Carol says:

    I will be spending the day with family. If I can’t get my shopping done in the other 362 shopping days, we can just do without!

  62. Jody P. says:

    What a great giveaway! I love your show too. Our DVR is set to record every episode!

  63. Jessica Hornibrook says:

    Never shopped on Black Friday so I personally think that opening early is wrong

  64. Sally says:

    I think it’s so sad. I feel sorry for the employees who have to man the store so people can trample each other to buy more stuff. It’s so commercial.

  65. Angela Y says:

    I hate going out on Black Friday. Too busy and you have to wake up too early. I don’t mind stores staying open on Thanksgiving, but the workers should have an option whether they want to work or not.

  66. Brenda says:

    I don’t mind stores opening on Thanksgiving….but you won’t find me there. I’ll be with my family. I tried black Friday once and that was enough for me…lol I do enjoy shopping online the following Monday though. 😉

  67. Jeanne R says:

    I never shop on Black Friday. I hate the crowds. I do most of my shopping and wrapping before Thanksgiving and I mostly shop on the Internet. As far as shopping on Thanksgiving goes, I think it is wrong! People should be home enjoying their family and friends, feasting on turkey, relaxing and watching football games! It’s unnecessary to make people work on a national FAMILY holdiay.

  68. ErinY says:

    The deals they offer are totally not worth it to me. I’ll stay safe at home and not get trampled for the two dollar waffle iron thank you very much!

  69. Diana W. says:

    I can’t wait to make SO many projects with this thing!!!! I personally will be busy counting my blessings, but if they want to open and people want to shop I say go to it… it’s what drives free enterprise after all. I never shopped Black Friday anyway, but have started doing some web deals on black Friday.

  70. Sally says:

    Opening early on Black Friday is ok, but define early! I don’t think it should be on Thanksgiving Day at all and maybe start around 7am on Black Friday. Everything is just getting a little ridiculous!!

  71. Mel says:

    Awesome giveaway! Been wanting one of those things forever! And I totally agree about the whole Thanksgiving thing. Eventually we won’t hold any time as sacred for our families. Those memories will carry our children much farther than getting the “it” toy on Christmas morning.

  72. tammigirl says:

    Black Friday is not for me. I don’t like angry mobs. And the places opening on Thanksgiving? Awful! I think we should all refuse to shop and make it not profitable for them so they don’t force their sales staff to work on the holiday.

  73. Alyssa says:

    I agree Black Friday shopping and the crazy people rushing out at midnight to save $10 after waiting in line for hours can be a fun event (but personally, now that I’m a mom my sleep is worth more to me than $10) . We also used to get excited to tear apart the paper and map out our plan of attack. But I am disappointed that the day of being Thankful for all that we have, is being cut short for families, both shoppers and employees, so that we can rush out and “get more”. Doesn’t sound so thankful to me.

  74. Julianne says:

    I’m not a fan of the stores being open on Thanksgiving being that is a family day and that causes someone to have to work on Thanksgiving. As for Black Friday, I’m not one to just go…I’ve only gone for certain sale items and I get right back out. It is an in and out for me…lol. As for that little giveaway you have going on…..wellll…the things I could do with that!!! Please…please…I’m just saying.

  75. Annette says:

    Great giveaway!!! I would love to win…I could really decorate for Christmas and make gifts, too.
    I love Black Friday. It should be on Friday not Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving should be for family.
    Who has the energy to do both????

  76. Karen H. says:

    Love Black Friday. But I wish the stores would stay closed on Thanksgiving so employees could be home with their families. A few days a year of closed stores isn’t going to kill the shoppers… 🙂

  77. Maureen says:

    I would love to win the Silhouette as well, lots of great ideas for the holidays! I agree the planning is so fun while doing the thanksgiving clean up! It helps distract from all the work & someone goes through the circular while someone else is comparison pricing on the computer way too much f un to miss out on. Won’t give up on our traditions just yet. Shopping will have to wait until the wee hours of Friday motning!

  78. Jessica says:

    I personally choose not to shop Black Friday. My husband works retail and misses many holidays throughout the year, and I keep hoping that if enough people don’t shop those days, stores will choose to not to be open those days. (*fingers crossed*). It bums me out that a holiday where we celebrate what we’re thankful for is being taken over by corporate greed.
    And this giveaway is a great idea! I’m a huge fan of homemade, personalized gifts. They take thought and creativity, and (to me) often mean far more than a purchased gift.

  79. Geri-Lynn says:

    Oh man don’t get me started with stores opening on Thanksgiving. What happened to being thankful for family and what you have!?! Not thinking about the day going by fast so you can score a good deal on something that you probably don’t really need. I’ve never participated in Black Friday and thought it would be fun one year to do, but I will never shop on Thanksgiving. I’m going to enjoy being with my family and thanking the Lord for all that He has given us.

  80. Kerry says:

    I think the night shopping on Thanksgiving is crazy as is the early morning shopping on the day after.

  81. Shannon says:

    I’m with you. I’ve boycotted Black Friday now… 🙂

  82. Amy says:

    I am disappointed that Thanksgiving is being encroached upon by the retail industry….I won’t be there to shop on Thanksgiving

  83. Hannah Volz says:

    I’m all for some good Black Friday sales, but opening ON Thanksgiving is ridiculous. My mom works in the retail industry, and she has to be at work by 6:00 on Thanksgiving evening. My sister and I are driving home (she’s in college, and I stayed put in Tallahassee post graduation), and we won’t get to fully enjoy the day with her. It makes me sad that these employees have to sacrifice for something that really doesn’t matter that much at the end of the day. Right?

  84. Nicole says:

    Love Black Friday. Regardless of time or what/where we go. It is about my mom and I just having some fun together. Starts with a Starbucks and continues with tons of laughs, people watching, and hopefully some shopping. Ends with us getting a nice breakfast! Just our little time together!!,

  85. Rebecca U says:

    I don’t think that stores should be open on Thanksgiving. The workers deserve a holiday just as much as anyone else. What I’ve seen from the time’s I’ve gone out on Black Friday people forget what this time of the year is really about…giving to others. I’ve seen people become so overly concerned about the deal that they have to get that they are rude and even cruel to others.

  86. Morgan says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to win this! Would love to win this to make personalized Christmas gifts for my friends and family! Ive seen a ton of vinyl monogramed items Id love to make. I agree, I don’t like how early some stores are opening on Black Friday either!

  87. Jessica says:

    I enjoy shopping on Black Friday, not Thanksgiving Day. But I may try making a rustic Christmas tree from a lonely pallet in the shed on Thanksgiving weekend….I think it would look great on my front porch. Such a simple and great idea!

  88. Jessica Wyatt says:

    I LOVE a great deal, but I hate that these retailers are requiring people to be away from families on Thanksgiving! Besides….you can get great deals online without even leaving your own family! 🙂

  89. Patti McGarry says:

    Now that my daughters are older we have been enjoying Black Friday shopping but we are now very unhappy with all of the stores opening on Thanksgiving Day. How can a family celebrate Thanksgiving when half of them are eating later because they are camped out a store to get some bargains?

  90. Lisa says:

    SO want one of these!!! The list is so long of what I would make! Where to begin?
    I am not a super fan of Black Friday. I guess these new sales on thanksgiving day should be an employee choice. Not even sure that is possible. Do people in retail get time and a half? Last Thanksgiving was the first year in a very long time I shopped this sort of sale event. I was at the local Target store and I was amazed to see how chipper the employees were! Yes, I stood in line for about 2 hours but during that wait I had the opportunity to speak with several employees who said they were ok with the circumstances. Maybe they were just making lemonade because they were given lemons? Anyway I am not promoting the practice, but I must admit that I am planning to meet some friends for coffee and poke around the stores. I don’t think we will be camping out at the door of any store toting packaged leftovers or anything, but we may walk around…

  91. Lisa Cooper says:

    I do not do Black Friday! There is NOTHING in ANY store that would prompt me to get up at the crack of dawn and stand in lines with crazy people! I prefer to try to things from blogs that I follow!

  92. Diane says:

    Oh I’ve wanted one forever…….

  93. Diane says:

    Boo to shopping on Thanksgiving

  94. Kay says:

    Amazing giveaway! Crossing my fingers!

  95. Deirdre says:

    I think Thanksgiving is about family, and the fact that the retail industry is disrupting that for consumers to snag deals a few hours earlier is disappointing. As many a Mom has said, “Good things come to those who wait,” so consumers should WAIT until the following day if they are so dead-set on getting a Black Friday deal.

  96. Jillian Coyle says:

    I have never been Black Friday shopping bc I think you can pretty much get a deal anytime without the crazy people! Plus I think it is totally wrong they are open on thanksgiving and that does take away from family time and the fun of it anyways of standing in the cold Friday morning and what not. That’s when I would do it! Anyways poor people who have to work then 🙁

  97. Erica says:

    Hubs and I had a great time doing black Friday shopping last year but it didn’t start until the middle of the night! Kids went to GMA’s to spend the night and we got to shop and drink hot chocolate together This year we wwon’t get to b/c we will be out of town. 🙁 wish it would stay at midnight or later. Leave Thursday alone!!!

  98. Denise says:

    WOW would I Love this here’s to keeping my fingers crossed!

  99. Marnie says:

    I never liked shopping on Black Friday but now work in retail….not sure how that happened.

  100. Angie T. says:

    I think it is awful that the stores are open on thanksgiving….very disappointing!!

  101. Dawn says:

    I enjoy our thanksgiving day and then after all the parties go home and buy some stuff online, I still enjoy getting up early and going shopping with my sister and mom.

  102. Ryan says:

    I enjoy shopping online after all the thanksgiving day events are done.

  103. CC says:

    Thanksgiving in some families is getting “lost”. While Thanksgiving can be celebrated anytime a family is together, America is selling out Thanksgiving. Retail dollars should not trump family time; stores should be closed so employees can spend time with their family. When a retailer is open many other companies have to be open to service those stores. Kudos to the retailers who close and consider the Thanksgiving Day sacred!

  104. Paula Harris says:

    I am recently retired and this could lead to some serious crafting 🙂

  105. Carolyn says:

    Many years ago i worked in retail…all i can say is i am very happy i don’t now…. i would hate to have to go in to work on a full stomach after the thanksgiving feast!!! Hoping i win that sillouette so i can copy ur “be merry” on my front door!!!

  106. Janessa says:

    I hate crowds, so I avoid shopping on Black Friday at all costs (actually it is the best day to go to the local craft show, because the crowds are less), and it just seems plain wrong for stores to require their employees to work on Thanksgiving, since it is one of the biggest national holidays. Online shopping though might be ok.

  107. Christine says:

    I reserve Thanksgiving Day to be with family since this is the only time I see my family during the entire holiday season! The girls do sneak out in the evening to check out the wonderful sales at Michaels – can’t resist – we are crafters!

  108. Sara says:

    I like online shopping, but I hate that stores are open ON thanksgiving this year. Bummer for those that have to work.

  109. Sara says:

    I’m not a big fan of the stores being open on Thanksgiving. No one wants to work a holiday night. I try to avoid Black Friday as well, unless there’s a deal I just can’t pass up!

  110. nancys says:

    I did a black Friday stop for my hubby one year only because I was already up & out for work.
    Never again…………………….
    He use to love the game/the chase but not anymore.
    I’ll take the extra sleep thank you very much!

  111. Kurt says:

    Thanksgiving is reserved for family not merchants. Shopping can wait until Black Friday.

  112. Cyndi Gracie says:

    would love to win,,, have gobs of ideas for gifts and crafts to sell.

  113. Jennifer says:

    I think Black Friday should be on Friday! Stores should be closed on Thanksgiving so everyone can be with their families!

  114. Cindy A says:

    I do not agree with black Friday starting on Thursday. I work retail and we are opening at 8:00pm on Thursday. To me its just corporate being greedy. I agree it takes the fun out of the shopping. Greedy Thursday needs to go away.

  115. Rachel David says:

    I’m fine with businesses opening at whatever crazy hour, but on Black Friday- not Thanksgiving. The sales are creeping earlier and earlier until it will be open all Thanksgiving day!

  116. Vickie L. says:

    As far as shopping on Thanksgiving goes, I think the shops should be staffed only by people willing to work the holiday. As for shoppers, to each his own I say! We are free to do as we please. I’m not sure what my family will be doing after dinner, but whatever it is we’ll be doing it together and that is what matters to me! Happy Thanksgiving, ladies!

  117. Kris Mapes says:

    Thank you for hosting this fantastic giveaway! I will be home enjoying my family and shopping online. Crossing my fingers!

  118. Erin says:

    I really don’t like it. I was in retail when I was in my early 20s and it was bad enough having to leave your family early Thanksgiving to drive home and go to sleep to be at work at 6 am on Black Friday, but it’s just not right to make folks leave the dinner table and go to work Thanksgiving day. It should be a family day, not make a buck day! Plus the behavior of those folks shopping on that day leaves a lot to be desired. Most are there to buy and resell anyway.

  119. KP says:

    Loved the holiday houses, ladies, and would love to win the Silhouette.

    About Black Friday – it’s never been my thing. I may hit the local flea market and do some online shopping – but I prefer sleeping in and spending an extra day with family. We often tag our tree on Black Friday, and maybe watch some Christmas movies – such fun!

  120. Dina says:

    I agree, Thanksgiving day should be a time when family and friends share each other’s company. Save the shopping for the following day the the weekend. I also used to be hard core, planning my every move, but the past few years, it hasn’t been fun, and so I pretty much let my hubby go out, and then I meet him for lunch (or breakfast if he’s done early) This year I might try some online shopping instead.

  121. Jerri C. TN says:

    The Silhouette is on my Christmas wish list. I would love to have this for my classroom.

  122. Bonnie V says:

    I’m pretty neutral on Black Friday shopping, but really dislike when stores start on Thanksgiving, and cannot understand the insane stampedes every year with real injuries for stuff. It’s just stuff.

  123. cathy claus says:

    i’ve always wanted a silhouette but never could justify spending the extra money on myself!

  124. leah wall says:

    I actually enjoy Black Friday – and the rush of everyone ready to prepare for christmas. I’m not huge on the holiday of Thanksgiving so it doesn’t bother me too much that stores are open then, but it does seem to take away from the big “black friday” thing when everyone’s pre-black-friday sales start at different times. It makes friday less of an event.

  125. Carissa says:

    I agree that Black Friday should defintely stick to Black FRIDAY!! Thanksgiving Day is a time for family and friends…the shopping can wait. I love the Silhouette!!

  126. I understand why people have complained about stores being open earlier, but many of the employees are hourly. Working on a holiday sucks but so does going several days with no income during the holidays.

  127. Laura says:

    Such an amazing tool — I could make some pretty amazing gifts this year.

  128. emilie says:

    i just avoid going to any kind of store on black friday, it scares me more than anything! didn’t someone get crushed to death three years ago? :-S

  129. Dejah M says:

    I love Black Friday, and feel the way you do. my sister and I have been doing it together for years, and have so much fun making lists and staying up all night together. However, I hate these early starts. If a store opens at 6pm, you have to be in line by 4pm, and that isn’t fun for employees or shoppers. I would much rather spend time with my family, and get to a sale in the middle of the night when they’re all asleep.

  130. Alexis K. says:

    I really wish the stores would at least wait until midnight to open. That way people could at least have a nice meal with their families and have time for a short nap before working.

  131. kayla ruark says:

    I am not in favor of thursday store openings as it prevents store employees from spending time with their families. It also lessens the time others can spend with family if they are going shopping. I would love to win a silhouette.

  132. Keara says:

    While I like the not having to spend the night in line, 6pm on thanksgiving is wayyyy too early!

  133. Anne says:

    Black Friday is ok, but I hate stores opening on Thursday

  134. amanda says:

    Its wrong to be open. You can still have great sales at 7am Friday morning. I feel bad for for the people that can’t fully enjoy their day off b/c they are dreading going into work ;(

  135. Nicole says:

    I’ve heard so many horror stories about Black Friday shopping that I don’t even bother. I sit at home and wait for Cyber Monday to do my shopping. I was just telling my husband tonight that all of these Pre-Black Friday sales are creating more of a Black November. The competition between stores is good for the consumer though.

  136. Sarah says:

    My thoughts about Black Friday and stores that are opening for earlier sales on Thanksgiving…
    I LOVE BLACK FRIDAY… always have… my body would rather sleep though esp. after all that turkey…
    but now with opening on Thanksgiving… it takes people away from the real reason of thanksgiving… being thankful with our families… then people having to work on a day they should be spending time with the family makes me sad… I miss black Friday…being on…well FRIDAY…

  137. Crystal says:

    I have been wanting one for a few years now and have lots of projects in mind. Thanks!

  138. Jen says:

    I remember a time when everything was closed on Thanksgiving. Too bad it’s not like that now. People sacrifice Thanksgiving dinner with their families and family time to stand in line at some big box store. 🙁

  139. Vicky says:

    Would love to win one!!! Thanksgiving should be time spent with family not shopping in my opinion. 😉

  140. I love Thanksgiving and am feeling crowded by Christmas. There is plenty of time for both, please don’t ruin Thanksgiving with the Christmas Rush!

  141. Kristine mcnairy says:

    I think thanksgiving should be thanksgivings, leave the shopping to Friday! What’s to stop them from starting Wednesday next year?! I love to shop but love the holidays with my family the most! Please pick me! I’ve been good this year, this is on the top of this mommas list!

  142. Nancy N says:

    I miss the days when it was only hardcore campers-out who thought Black Friday was part of Thanksgiving night!

  143. Jill says:

    I will be staying home with my family. No going out on Thanksgiving. Black Friday is early enough.

  144. Kathie says:

    Thanksgiving should be more important than shopping. Great giveaway!

  145. Mary W. says:

    Blackfriday was fun when I was a kid and it was on Friday. Stores like JCPenney’s gave away chocolate and huge stuffed animals. Those were the days!

  146. Tronesia T says:

    I have been out in the Black Friday crowds 3 times before having my daughter and never will again. I will do all my shopping from my computer. 🙂

  147. Terri says:

    I love Black Friday! I love the whole Holiday Season!

  148. holly rice says:

    I really want one of these! Someone please tell Santa to bring me one! 🙂

  149. Analisa M. says:

    I’m not crazy about stores that will be opening on Thanksgiving. I do all of my black friday shopping online so it doesn’t impact me though.

  150. Lauren H says:

    Is it crazy that I have never gone shopping on Black Friday? I try to stay as far away from any store as possible. I *really* dislike crowds! But, all the power to you ladies!

  151. Tami says:

    I like how BLACK FRIDAY was in many years past…..enjoy your family and friends on Thanksgiving then gear up for shopping at 6AM on FRIDAY. It is sad how our nation skips over the one holiday that allows us to relax and enjoy good company and food. My fingers are crossed in hopes to win the Silhouette Portrait.

  152. Kristin Yates says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  153. Mara says:

    I don’t like that stores start black Friday on thanksgiving day.

  154. Sharayah says:

    I think it’s ridiculous/

  155. Mandy says:

    I think 11 pm thanksgiving is perfect.

  156. caitlin says:

    I agree… Black Friday on Thursday during family time is just not cool. Love your blog… and I love the Silhouette, just don’t have one yet! So many things could be made… vinyl decals, gift tags, etc.!!!!

  157. Sarah V says:

    It makes it so hard to enjoy both days! I think they should still be separate.

  158. Andrea says:

    I prefer Cyber Monday to Black Friday because I like shopping online to avoid the crowds.

  159. Laura J says:

    i say NO to shopping on Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Christmas is still a month away, people — you have plenty of time.

  160. Tracy says:

    Great giveaway. I’m not a shopper, but I wish the few non-commercial days we have left would stay that way.

  161. Mary says:

    I’m not a fan of stores opening on thanksgiving. People should be able to spend their thanksgiving with their family not working retail.

  162. Rebekah says:

    No shopping on Thanksgiving for me. I’m spending less and doing more homemade items for the holidays. That Silhouette would really come in handy….

  163. D SCHMIDT says:

    I like the concept of Black Friday in some ways but I dislike people having to work and missing out on family time.

  164. Erin says:

    I refuse to shop on Thanksgiving. I don’t typically do Black Friday shopping either, though I may head out later in the day. I usually spend those days with family and decorating for Christmas.

  165. Rebecca Brewer says:

    I’ve always worked in healthcare and in the service industry. Holidays have always been a workday for me, bonus, holiday pay:) I have small kids now, so it’s a little harder, but we always find ways to celebrate, it doesn’t have to be on the same day as everyone else.

  166. Heidi says:

    I’m disappointed that stores are opening earlier on Thursday since it takes focus off the holiday… but when I go on Friday the stores are no longer madhouses and I can still get some pretty good deals!

  167. Barbie says:

    Not a fan of retailers trying to take Thanksgiving away. Black Friday should be on Friday!

  168. ShannonRench says:

    I like the concept of Black Friday, even worked retail on that day, and it wasn’t so bad. However i am not a fan of it spilling over to Thanksgiving. If you want to have those sales have them online and let the employees stay with their families.

  169. Suzanne says:

    I dont think that it is fair to the employees who have to work on thanksgiving that they are opening so early. They should have the choice to spend the time with their family instead of being forced to work.

  170. Michelle B says:

    I think a line in the sand has been crossed – Christmas shopping ON Thanksgiving day is just crazy wrong.

  171. Tressa C says:

    I don’t like it. Thanksgiving should be a day with family and not the craziness of a good sale. I don’t do Black Friday at malls either, if anything, we shop local.

  172. Stacy says:

    Would love to win!!

  173. Angela says:

    I love Black Friday sales and shopping, but it seems like it’s getting a bit out of control. I can’t get behind stores staying open for Thanksgiving, and it seems like there needs to be some sort of change in the way it works to avoid people getting injured.

  174. Sara Creeden says:

    Really, the shopping is getting out of hand. When we’re not even allowed a chance to enjoy one holliday before being shoved on to the next one… We need to rethink the reason why we’re celebrating.

  175. Rachelle says:

    I like to stay home on Black Friday. The sales are not worth the headache and stress.

  176. Meg Karetny says:

    Hi! I’m not a fan of shopping on Thanksgiving & I have never waited in huge lines on Black Friday. Maybe someday I will, but not yet. Thanks for this. I have a ton of ideas for around the house decorating I could do with this 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  177. Risa says:

    I think it’s wrong and refuse to give up family time.

  178. Stacy says:

    The girls of the family loved getting up early and hitting the stores on Black Friday, most often not even searching for any one thing, just out to enjoy the company and hope to score a fun deal we could talk about. Now that stores are opening earlier and earlier it makes me sad. We have no intention of sneaking out of the house on Thanksgiving for the sake of saving a few bucks on worthless stuff, I would much rather be gathered around a table, playing games and enjoying family time. We may get up and go on Friday morning to keep up tradition, but sadly the craziness of it all has ended and we’ll just have to enjoy a changed tradition.

  179. Michelle I says:

    No way will I be there, I shop online only 🙂

  180. Amy S. says:

    Honestly, I never shop Black Friday deals in stores. Last year my boyfriend bought me a camera online for Cyber Monday, but that was it. I feel like the craziness at the stores really takes away from what is supposed to be a joyful, loving, and giving season.

  181. Ashley says:

    Love the idea of black friday shopping. It’s fun for me when I get to spend the day with my mom shopping. I do wish that they weren’t starting on Thanksgiving day or even 2 or 3 am Friday morning. What happened to normal store hours? But to me it’s more important to spend Thanksgiving with my family. I have only gone out once on Thanksgiving night shopping looking for a bike for a family we had adopted for Christmas, while nothing happened I’m not going to lie I was a bit scared for my life with the wait and then crazy free for all.

  182. Kathy T says:

    I’m not a black friday shopper – too many people not having fun. I seriously think they should rename it Green Friday, since they make so much money that day!

  183. Jamie Snyder says:

    I am not a fan of the stores opening earlier. I don’t like crowds and people just get way to crazy for my taste. Especially over silly things. I don’t mind the online sales though.

  184. Tammy Stevenson says:

    I do not shop on either Thanksgiving or Black Friday (unless it’s an online sale that I can’t miss). But for us, it’s all about FAMILY time. And I hate to think that my desire to “get a good deal” forces a low-paying worker to miss time with their families. So I’ll be home spending time with my family. 🙂

  185. Becky Loer says:

    The most important part of the holidays is the love shared when family gets together I won’t be shopping on Thanksgiving, and I wish others wouldn’t be required to work on what should be a family day.

  186. Crisanne D. says:

    I absolutely refuse to participate in shopping on Thanksgiving. I know this is a day I want to spend with family, and I am sure all the store associates probably feel similarly. No shopping for me!

  187. Kathy Mc says:

    Black Friday shopping wasn’t ever on my bucket list, but to help my sister get gifts for her children and grandchildren my DH and I joined her a couple years in a row when visiting over Thanksgiving. We were in and out in no time flat so it wasn’t too bad, except we stood out in the MN cold waiting to get inside at opening. Definitely don’t believe it should start on Thanksgiving Day period!

  188. Aimee C says:

    My thoughts on THanksgiving/Black Friday Shopping…UGH. I refuse to do it anymore! We do all our shopping online now, it seems. Amazon mostly. 🙂 We start shopping early, and collecting a lot of deals early on. 🙂 Only way to do it.

  189. Jessica B says:

    I enjoy online shopping for Black Friday, but I disagree with stores being open for earlier sales on Thanksgiving. I think Thanksgiving is a day to spend with loved ones, not fighting over material things.

  190. Tracy T. says:

    I miss the days of going through the ads with my daughters on Thanksgiving evening and then getting up at 3 am for a shopping marathon.

  191. Kathryn says:

    I don’t mind Black Friday sales starting on Thanksgiving Day, but in the evening only.

  192. Meranda says:

    No sure I’m OK with everything being open on Thanksgiving. Seriously, I love Michaels, but who wants to go to Michaels at 1 a.m.? (They’re open 4pm-2am Thanksgiving night… why?!)

  193. Tom E. says:

    Between me and my fiancé we save an incredible amount of money by shopping smart. Yes, the majority of our shopping is done online these days but it’s still fun to go out and hunt for great deals now and again.

  194. Maria says:

    I would love one

  195. Tonja says:

    Personally, I wish store would close on Major Holidays. It’s not very fair on the employees to make them work when they should be with their families. Should do online sales/specials on those Holidays and leave the rest to the Black Friday sales. If they want to open at Midnight for Black Friday they should let employees volunteer or offer incentives to work crazy hours. Just my 2 cents 🙂

  196. Cynthia T says:

    I understand the need for making money and saving money…. but for me, the holiday should be spent with loved ones. I will not be participating. Thanks for giving us the chance to save some money by winning the Portrait!! 🙂

  197. I will probably go shopping on Friday, but not so much on Thursday. It’s such a busy day any way. 🙂

  198. Vanessa says:

    I’d stay inside & avoid the madness! 😛

  199. Connie says:

    I honestly don’t go out much, more online shopping so it doesn’t matter to me.

  200. Amanda says:

    I would love to win!! I don’t do Black Friday.

  201. Jennifer Rice says:

    It’s silly. Holidays are HOLIDAYS!

  202. Brittany says:

    I hate that the stores keep making it earlier. Thanksgiving is suppose to be spent together as a family not standing in line at a store

  203. Deana M. says:

    I boycott every store on this day! Every employee deserves to be home with family.

  204. Kris Mapes says:

    I am skipping the Black Friday mania this year. I will do my shopping online and enjoy being i my cozy house with the people I love.

  205. naomi c says:

    stores match the demand, if people didnt want it – they wouldnt do it

  206. Jenni Heath says:

    I always shop from home on the computer when I can. I avoid crowds.

  207. April says:

    I wait for Cyber Monday! Too crazy otherwise.

  208. Lora W. says:

    I don’t go out on Black Friday because I don’t like crowds but my SIL gets great deals and she loves it. I don’t thnk they should open on Thanksgiving but people will shop and make it worthwhile for the stores.

  209. Carol Douglass says:

    The older I get, the less I like crowds, so Black Friday is a no go for me. I like shopping from my computer. In the end it is all about money, which is pretty sad.

  210. Patricia says:

    I used to do black Friday back in the day but now that online shopping is available I prefer that.

  211. Jenn says:

    I don’t really do black Friday but have had to work retail on black Friday before. I think that it could be time for those employees that is better spent w/family & friends.

  212. Elaine says:

    I’d love to make some iron on transfer beard tshirts for my husband

  213. Sandi says:

    oops…black friday thoughts…don’t get up early and shop…i sleep in! HA! Delete my previous comment because I forgot to add my thoughts to it please. Thank you!

  214. Michelle G says:

    I personally dont like that they are opening earlier and earlier. I did see some deals that I would love to get but I am not going to waste my time during dinner and the festivities when I could be with loved ones.

  215. Shannon says:

    Would love to win this.

  216. anne says:

    I will be spending the weekend away with friends and family ! I have never been a black friday shopper – to much craziness – even more so now ! Thanks I would love to create with a Silhouette !

  217. Claire says:

    So exciting!

  218. Atalee says:

    I think it’s wrong. I love a good sale, but I love eating with my family way more!

  219. Gina Blomgren says:

    I just wish that we would still retain some of that old school mentality when it comes to holidays. I saw a sign that says our local Sub Way was open 10-4 on Thanksgiving. I don’t know why, but that just struck me as so wrong! What ever happened to the value of family?

  220. Emily Bass says:

    I don’t think it is right. Employees should be able to eat with their families too. And it is also frustrating that, of course, the best items for the weekend are going on sale on Thursday.

  221. Charity says:

    I think Black Friday is a fun concept, but it should be limited to FRIDAY. And since much of the in-store supply is limited, retailers should really shift more to online shopping.

  222. Deena says:

    I’m not going to shop outside my house on Thanksgiving, but I won’t stop anyone else from doing it. My dad worked retail for many years and holidays are part of the package.

    I’m hoping to find a good deal on a Cameo!

  223. Ellen Sedberry says:

    Awesome Giveaway! Would love to win! I used to get out on Black Friday to shop, but now I would rather stay at home and shop from the computer!

  224. Larua says:

    I’d love to win this! There are so many projects I want to do with it!
    I love Black Friday and will go shopping but don’t agree with it starting on Thanksgiving. Black “Friday” should start on Friday!

  225. fawn strunk says:

    Not to sure what I think about them opening early. I think that world has turned to money and time with family is no longer.

  226. Lisa D. says:

    I think black Friday is great but I absolutely think it is wrong to start on Thursday. I am so torn though because the gift I need for 3 of my kids is on sale at 6 pm Thursday. Being so tight on money this year I think I have to go out on thanksgiving but I’m not going to like it! Thanks for the opportunity to win the silhouette!

  227. malstone says:

    Something’s wrong with a Black Friday with ad “leaked” weeks in advance, that begins a week before what used to be BF, and encourages people to get up and leave their families. So, I’m a happy girl to shop online-especially when it’s for an item like this that will be used for years to come. I’m excited to know that this will be the year I’ll learn how to make all the fabulous things you can do with the Silhouette!

  228. Eryn says:

    As much as it stinks to have to work on Thanksgiving.. I think we should also remember all of the other people who also work on Thanksgiving that is often forgotten about.. The nurses, doctors, techs, fireman, police officers.. We all forgot about those who are sacrificing time away from their families as well to save lives and protect us! Also if you feel bad for the workers, just simply do not shop.. Simple 🙂

  229. Tiffany T says:

    I grew up standing in line, freezing to death to buy deeply discounted movies/electronics/homewares. This thanksgiving day shopping is a travesty. People should be at home enjoying the holiday, not out shopping.

  230. Rachel says:

    This would be incredible!!! I would love to make some beautiful crafts with the Silhouette! Here’s hoping!

  231. […] We know that many of you are enjoying time with your families right now as are we; did you read our previous post on our thoughts about Black Friday creeping into the holiday? So, get your grub on, laugh at jokes […]

  232. Joanna says:

    I typically avoid Black Friday shopping because people are crazy!!! However, this year I plan to make an exception b/c I’m that excited to find and start trying a cameo!

  233. Heather says:

    I’ve always stayed clear of black friday madness! and I’d never venture out on thanksgiving to shop – not only would I feel guilty and badly for any employees I met, I’d also be to full of stuffing to keep up with all that madeness!

  234. Melissa Newman says:

    I honestly don’t like it. The madness can wait a day. Thanksgiving should be a day about being grateful for what we do have, not about frantically trying to get more.

  235. Kristy A. says:

    I prefer to do my Black Friday shopping online anyway. Since I work at a hospital I usually have to work Thanksgiving day and Black Friday anyway. But I’d love to win the Silhouette Cameo!

  236. Bri says:

    I would love to have this.

  237. Elizabeth says:

    DYING to get a silhouette! It would take my DIY projects to the next level.

  238. kate says:

    I love a good sale, but there’s no way i’m going to stand in line for hours. Mainly because i’m too lazy and don’t want to get up at silly o’clock in the morning, plus it’s super cold here at the mo!

  239. I’m more of a CyberMonday gal! Don’t like big crowds and hey you gotta respect the Turkey on Thanksgiving! Ha!
    Great giveaway!

  240. aubrey says:

    i really hope i win, would love this!!! thanks!!

  241. Bonnie says:

    To each their own on the Black Friday discussion, Personally I think stores shouldn’t open till it’s actually, well, “Friday”. We choose to not get caught up in it but if you are willing to be out there, there sure are some great deals.

  242. Kaleigh says:

    Oh the things you could make are just endless!! i’m so pumped!!! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  243. marybeth says:

    I am not completely opposed but I do think that they do not need to open until late at night so ppl can spend the day with their family or friends

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