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The season is upon us and before it creeps up any closer, I better get started on ordering our Christmas cards. That’s where Minted comes in, however I’m not sure I can pick out just one card design. From mini books and crazy pet photo cards to retro, vintage photo free designs, I love them all! But, if I did have to choose a few favorites, these would be it….

Christmas Card Ideas


Photo Cards:  Everyone loves pictures at Christmas, so here are my favs that we can use with our mugshots.



So these are definitely more pricey, but I’m loving the look of the mini-book.  I would be willing to order a handful of these for the people I want to impress… I mean just my loving parents and grandparents- LOL.  Check out the link to see all the fun pages that come in  mini-book!


One more mini book, but just check out all the details on the envelopes and everything.  I’m a sucker for little details!


Geometric and modern– all me duh!  Not over-the-top Christmassy, but really fun!


 For all you pet lovers out there.  My daughter is going to grow up and be living with like 25 cats, and a lizard, and a horse, so this will most likely be her kind of xmas card when she’s grown.  I apologize in advance.  #futurecatlady


Where was this card 4 years ago when we had 4 kids under 7 and life was a bit crazy?!?   This “Silent-ish” is fabulous!
Non-Photo Cards: Now, because I couldn’t resist, here are my favs that are photo free!
I’m all about including a family pic or something, but this card is so stink in’ awesome that I could easily be convinced to just pop a Wal-mart 4×6 into each envelope.  Boom- you get to peep at my kids and get the coolest card ever!
I love how this is simple, retro, and kind of makes me think of Clark Griswold!!
There are just too many cards that I love.  I honestly could close my eyes, point, and I’d be happy!!  I’m really obsessed with the color “blush”, which I prefer to call “flesh”… let’s be real, blush is pink and this color is skin toned AKA Flesh!
Last year I spent a LOOOONG time designing my own infographic card, but this one is way cuter and customizable!
How do you feel about this one?  I love the look of it, but I just wonder if we’ve all played out the whole state/where we live thing?  How are you feeling about it?
I’m not cool (nor hippy) enough to send this one, but I think it’s adorable!


So, it’s probably clear that I really love Minted.  Plus, if their amazing Christmas card collection wasn’t enough for you, they also have a Design & DIY blog, Julep, with tons of inspiration for holidays, decorating, kids, and more! Of course read EC2 first, then head over to Minted- just keeping’ it real folks!
I love what they did here with this beautiful farmhouse inspired Thanksgiving table setting, and it gets better…you can purchase some of these items in the Rustic Harvest Party collection, which is by Griffinbell Paper Co.  and sold on Minted.

So, these are just a few of my favorite Christmas card designs I like this year, only a few! I have my work cut out for me, it’s not going to be an easy decision.

Maybe you can help, which designs from Minted are your fav? Leave a comment to help me decide!

**Minted sent me some cards to check out and that just fueled my love of their designs even further.  This isn’t sponsored post, but I wanted to share my favs with you!!**


The comments +

  1. WorldsBestButter says:

    I hate them all. #kidding #happynow #betyouwishididntcomment

  2. Kathryn says:

    I love the silent-ish night one! But that baby picture is too cute. It would be very fitting in our house.
    But I love a good family picture on the card, so I would go with the mini album 2. The details are really cool!
    You know…and if you want to send me one! haha…jk

    • Monica says:

      LOL!! I’m lucky if I get mine in the mail. Sometimes they become New Year’s cards- HA! I love the mini album too because I’m a sucker for wood grain!! Thanks for reading Kathryn and giving me some input!! -Mon

  3. Lisa c says:

    I looked quickly – looking for one to jump out. Clark Griswold all the way!

  4. Priscilla says:

    The Silentish Night card is so cute!

  5. Janelle says:

    I think they are all really cute…. but none of them celebrate the real reason of the season. So… I’d keep looking

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  8. […] been eyeing these mini book cards up for a a long time- I almost pulled the trigger on them last year, but went another direction.  This year, they were the perfect […]

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