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This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign withPollinate Media Group™ andSharpie, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #NeonSharpie
So, occasionally I have those, “You Know You’re a Blogger When…”  moments.  They’re the moments when you step back and realize that yes, you are taking pictures of Chili outside and decorating it with wooden pallets and leaves… or like this week when I was checking out at the grocery store and this is what it looked like…
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The boy at the checkout counter was giving me some seriously weird looks!
Anyhow… I scored the crazy realistic skull for $3.99!
We have a bit of a “Not Too Scary” Halloween rule at the Mangin house.  We’re all for having fun and dressing up, but we’re not into the darker, creepo side of the holiday.  So, while I loved how authentic the skull looked, I knew I needed to pretty him up and my new Sharpie Neon markers that I bought at Target were just the thing I needed!
I couldn’t resist playing around a bit before he got his makeover!
After playing around, I got down to work.  I used the Sharpies to add a pop of color to all the fissures on the skull and then I got to work on his grill!

He be all up in my grill… and I love it!

Isn’t he looking a lot more cheerful and less scary?!?
 Then came the moment I was most excited about!  Seeing this bad boy GLOW!!
Ahhh! I was jumping for joy over this for some reason! I can’t believe how vibrant the colors are when you put them under a black light.
Look at the difference with the black light!
After seeing how simple it was to kick the skull up a notch, I decided that I’d use my Neon Sharpies to do a little more decorating.  I used newspaper wrapping paper I had on hand (although real newspaper would work too) and made a Halloween themed  table runner!
I had just watched the movie A Beautiful Mind and I thought making the plain paper look like it had hidden messages would be fun!  It was amazing how easy it was to find Halloween-like words!  And once again the Sharpie Neon under the black light added just the right pop to make it seem totally legit!
So, if you’re looking for some simple ways to decorate this Halloween, instead of dishing out big bucks, just grab a pack of Neon Sharpie markers at Target using this $1.00 off coupon (while supplies last in select stores) and add a POP to some items you already have around the house. You could add some style to plain, dollar store mugs, make a glowing pennant banner, and so much more!  One added bonus… my kids thought I was the coolest ever when I showed them how the black light worked! For more ideas using Sharpies for Halloween check them out on Pinterest and Facebook.

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