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One of my very favorite projects in our Rustic Industrial bedroom makeover, actually got very little face time in the episode.  A 1/2 hour show is really only 21 minutes long (commercials get it to 30) and it’s super hard to fit everything in!
Using inexpensive plywood, a vinyl world map sticker, and some white craft paint, we created some pretty cool art!

We started out with a simple piece of plywood- it cost about $26 at Lowe’s.  I looked for a piece that was nice and grainy- the wood grain is part of the art in this case!
There were a few black lines on the piece, so we lightly sanded them off.  Then, it was time to paint!!
We used simple white craft paint with a dab of water added to accentuate the wood grain!  Anywhere there was light wood, we painted with white paint.  It doesn’t have to be completely exact, you can just kind of feather it on and it looks great!
Sorry this pic is totally blown out- it was a really sunny day! But, you get the idea…
After the plywood was dry, it was time to attach the vinyl world map.  There are lots of Etsy shops that carry fun world maps- here are a few of my favs…
But the one we ended up going with was a bit more traditional…
It was a typical peel and stick vinyl, all we had to do was make sure we were level when we applied it!
We attached the plywood piece directly into the wall studs (this baby was heavy!) I personally couldn’t love this piece any more than I do!  It’s graphic, bold, huge, and just plain old awesome!
Check out all the other projects in the room by clicking HERE to see the intro post!
You can watch the full episode HERE.
What do you think of our take on a world map?  
Do you dig it as much as we do?  

The comments +

  1. I LOVE it!! This past week I have watched all your episodes online, we don’t get the live well network in the Denver area. I have enjoyed them so much!! You girls are amazing!!

  2. The map is great. Just checked out the show a couple of days ago online and definitely did not notice this in the show. Love it!

  3. I love it! So very cool! Thanks for sharing the tutorial!
    House on the Way

  4. Norma says:

    I love it! It contrasts beautifully with the wall colour, plus the whole room is so cool!

  5. […] in my heart!  Love it!  Map DIYs are really popular, we’ve created a few ourselves; one on plywood  and a really cool treasure map wall […]

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