Reindeer Artwork {Nate Berkus Blast From the Past}

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It’s amazing to think that it’s already been a year since our whirlwind season on the Nate Berkus Show.  Jess and I wanted to share the full segments from our Christmas Episodes with you today, but unfortunately the widgets aren’t working. Boo!  Instead, we’re going to share one of my favorite projects from our holiday episode.  I was at Jess’ house tonight for our Favorite Things Party (re-cap post coming later this week!) and she had her deer hung proudly again this year!
Also, tomorrow we’re going to begin our 2012 Christmas House Tours.  We’re both excited to welcome you guys into our homes and show you how we fancied them up for Christmas this year!
Okay, without further ado, here’s a great DIY from 2011!
I’m so excited to share this project today!  It was by far my favorite project in the room! Lots of fabulous Nate Show viewers have contacted us over the last week asking when this tutorial was coming… well, the wait is over, here is is!

First off, I want to give a shout out to a few bloggers that inspired this project.  During a Nate Show Challenge we can’t be browsing Pinterest or anything, but we do rely on remembering some cool ideas we’ve seen in the past and are ready to try.  Check out Amber’s project that she hand painted or this cool canvas on sale on Etsy for more inspiration.
Ok, now get ready, because this project is so simple that you might miss it if you blink! I didn’t take any process pictures, and I really wanted to steal the artwork from Jess, so I made a new one for myself last night!
Start with a plain canvas.  For Jess’ I used an 11×17 and for mine I accidentally bought 18×24.  During the show, I quickly looked on Google images for a reindeer that I liked and found this picture.
I printed out the picture as an 8×11 and took it to Staples to blow it up for me.  It cost all of $1.04! Score!
Have I mentioned that I seriously can’t cut well with scissors?  I actually had a “Needs Improvement” on my elementary report card for cutting…I still Need Improvement! So… instead, I cut it out using my handy, dandy, Xacto knife.
I used spray adhesive and spray paint.
First, flip your reindeer over and spray a thin layer of spray adhesive.
Position it onto your canvas and then pose for a cheesy picture.  Okay, the posing is optional, but will make your hubs really happy, especially if you ask him to do it at 10:30pm!
Did I mention it was getting late?  Perhaps all the fumes went to my head! Ugh!
After making sure that the template is pretty well sealed down, all you need to do is make a creepy face and spray!
Try to spray from directly above the artwork. Less paint will sneak through under the template.  A little bleeding is okay and gives it a pretty cool look though.
I wanted to get the template off right away, so simply peel off to reveal your masterpiece!
 Ta-Da! I’m totally in love!
Because I’m a blog slacker, my new artwork is still drying and not ready to be hung on the wall.
So there you have it.  Insanely simple artwork that makes a BIG impact!
We Love Simple Silhouette Art! 
Have you tried this simple DIY yet? 


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  1. Jessabells says:

    Love it!! This is a project that I think can do. Question? What do you do to make sure the spray adhesive doesn’t permanently stick to the canvas? Thanks, Jessica

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