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hey there! I'm monica 

I pride myself on making amazing style and design accessible for everyone, regardless of location, budget, or ability! My design philosophy is rooted in authenticity + attainability - If I can do it, you can too! My work has been featured in countless publications, but I take the most pride in homeowners that have been personally inspired by my DIY ideas and have tried something in their own homes!

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I have Design and Decorating ADD. Never heard of it? It’s when you start one DIY project, and before finishing it, you move on to something else that catches your interest. I’m pretty sure my BFF suffers from it, too. (Just ask her husband!) Just to prove it to you, let’s take a look at the projects that are going on simultaneously right now at my home:
Cleaning out and reorganizing my collection of barnwood, old doors and cabinets in the shed:

Recovering lamp shades for the chandy in my dining room.
(No joke- this has been this way for at least a month)
Refinishing the buffet with Annie Sloan chalk paint- one coat done, two more to go.
I just finished a mini-makeover of this side table.
I’m sealing this project and letting it cure. I can’t wait to reveal what it is to you soon!
Repurposing an old cabinet door into something cute for my son using some awesome paints.
Sanding, stripping, and more sanding of the dining table top.
 This thing is not going down without a fight, I tell you!


At least my mantel is already decorated for early Fall. Thank goodness.



I’m pretty sure Monica and I are not the only ones who struggle with this, am I right? Please say yes.


Do you hop around from project to project, or stay with one until it’s completed?


The comments +

  1. Reyna says:

    I read your fist sentence and was laughing and looking for how-to-become-a-member-with-benefits info. I can so relate!?
    Thank you for sharing!
    I can’t wait to see the finished projects!

  2. Ally says:

    I usually stick with one until it’s done, but sometimes, if something’s not really working out like I wanted, it gets shelved for a while. I’m trying to limit myself to project I NEED to do, not just neat ones that look fun.

  3. This post could have easily been about my house. Thankfully I have a husband who understands that I get distracted from a project if it takes more than one day to complete but I would LOVE if I had the ability to stay focused on one thing until it’s done. Glad to see I’m not the only one 🙂

  4. Tracie OB says:

    I should introduce you to my 2 sons. At least they will know that I am not the only person with Design ADD – 🙂 I had an armoire in my garage for the past SEVEN years. I finally got in my master bedroom 3 weeks ago (without the doors of course. They are not done) I won’t bore you with the details and how many times I redid the finish cuz “it just wasn’t what I was looking for”. Of course, IF I had finished it 7 years ago when I got it, I would have never been able to used chalk paint on it and have it turn out as fabulous as it did. See -there are benefits to procrastinating. Thanks for all your inspiration.

  5. Michelle says:

    Just a little tidbit for you…..after I was done telling my husband what my next “brilliant DIY idea was”, my 5 year old son says to my husband……”Dad, why does Mom always have to do projects?” Clever I tell you, simply clever…..

  6. Ugh, chronic project-hopper right here lol! I am happy to hear I am not the only one though 🙂

  7. I also have Design ADD with my best friend. Currently I have a bookshelf with one coat of white paint sitting in the landing at the top of my stairs! I have to squeeze behind it to grab a towel every time I take a shower. It is getting ridiculous! I must say though that I am extremely jealous of your barnwood and old door collection!

  8. Oh my goodness, I hear you!!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Oh how I wish I could end one project before going on to the next. And I’m sure my husband has the same wish. He’s very patient with me and goes with the flow. Currently I have 2 old window projects in process, 4 chairs to paint and make seatcovers for, several painting projects, several crochet projects and a counted cross-stitch. I’m also reading at least one book and several magazines at the same time. Sometimes I don’t know which way to turn. Then there’s e-mail, Facebook, Pinterest, and blogs! Yikes. I think I need to retire from my part time job.

  10. Christina says:

    um TOTALLY not just you…story of my LIFE right now.

    My poor hubby

  11. Becca says:

    What’s it called when you haven’t even started the projects…like when you just pin and pin and repin 79 different projects with the intentions of starting!??!?

  12. sandra says:

    OH, how I relate! And I relate to Becca, too, I have a million projects “in the planning stage”–I should live so long as to get them all done. And to Michelle: When my daughter was very small, she asked her dad how much longer for the football game to be over, and he replied it was another five minutes. Having heard that sort of answer many times, she then asked “Daddy, is that falling down time, or getting up time?” LOL, so let’s just count the time we spend “getting up”, and forgot the “falling down” time!! Like in football, we can stop the clock, take a timeout, etc. Works for me~

  13. I totally hop around from one project to another. It doesn’t matter if I am doing a project, or decluttering or cleaning. I get started on one thing that leads to another and soon I have 5 things started and months later not one is finished. I really should finish something before I start the next thing. Glad I’m not alone in this. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Oh goodness! I hop from project to project then get so overwhelmed that I don’t finished most of them :)That’s about to all change! Getting organized!

  15. Laura says:

    Oh you should see my garage and craft room. Its driving my husband crazy. “Why are you buying more junk to play with when you haven’t finished the other stuff?”. “…uh because I got it for a buck at Goodwill.” I think that’s just the way our brains work.

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