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It’s been a while since I first posted about never having bought a rug and daydreaming about what I’d buy if I could. Since then, I DIYed two floor mats and made my first big rug purchase. I feel like rugs are a really big commitment, and I have trouble taking that first step knowing that next year, I’ll probably change my mind and hate the rug, but I have to keep it anyway because it was so expensive. Is that true for anybody else? Well, I found the perfect solution: a really cool rug for under $100. That’s a commitment I can -and did- make. Let’s take a look, shall we? (Warning: This is a picture-heavy post! 🙂

I’m so super excited about this rug because it adds so much personality to my otherwise pretty white and neutral kitchen. I love the pattern and that it isn’t too overwhelming, but still makes a statement. After seeing the same rug in a different color on Young House Love, I got it from Urban Outfitters for $89 plus free shipping.
 It is not a cushy rug at all, and will probably need a rug pad, but I’m going to live with it a few days before making any decisions. You know, because I’m cheap like that.
I was so anxious to get it in the kitchen and snap pictures to show you guys, that I didn’t even let the seams settle at all. Oops!
I’m pretty happy with the way the navy color-blocked drapes play off the green in the rug. The room still feels sophisticated, but also a little bit playful. (Which, by the way, I would love to be described that way!)
I’m still on the lookout for a round pedestal table and chairs, but haven’t had any luck. My original plan was to thrift a table and chairs, but I actually just saw that Ikea has a white round table exactly like I want for just over $100. I may have to resort to that if I don’t come across a table I can DIY soon.
Ooooh, I’m so thrilled. My first rug purchase made me a happy girl.
What do you think of the rug? Did you know Urban Outfitters sold rugs?

The comments +

  1. The combinations of rug, lampshade and table top accessories is lovely to watch. Not too much color, but still enought to make it interesting! I’m so jealous to people how are good with mixing patterns – I never manage to do it well 🙁

  2. Cocalores says:

    That rug is cute – and the colors match! And with the white wainscoting, it isn’t too much color / pattern, so YAY, RUG! xo Anja

  3. I did’nt! Also loving the fabric on your light.

  4. It’s totally perfect! I love the color and how it accents the lamp. Well done 🙂

  5. Anonymous says:

    It looks just like the one from Young House Love. It looks really nice in your kitchen in that color, for only $89.00 it really is a good deal.

  6. Christina says:

    LOVE it Jess!! Great find…the colors are perfect and the pattern works so well in that room! love!

  7. looks great! just the right touch.

  8. I LOVE it!! Ties the room together in a wonderful way! A few years ago I made the mistake of purchasing a pricey rug {and my tastes changed} so now I’m a little hesitant about purchasing another; but I could do it for a price like that!!

  9. kim says:

    Jess – it’s brilliant! YES, i have a ton of trouble committing to a rug, too! is there a support group for that? I think you hit it outta the park and i would totally describe you as “sophisticated & playful!”

  10. That lamp shade is completely fabulous!

  11. That lamp shade is completely fabulous!

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