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I pride myself on making amazing style and design accessible for everyone, regardless of location, budget, or ability! My design philosophy is rooted in authenticity + attainability - If I can do it, you can too! My work has been featured in countless publications, but I take the most pride in homeowners that have been personally inspired by my DIY ideas and have tried something in their own homes!

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Happy Friday! Isn’t this week completely WEIRD??  What’s up with 4th of July on a Wednesday?!? Thursday morning my hubs came down stairs wearing a polo and jeans and I was like, “are we going on a date or something?”… he was like, “Hello… I work for a living and it’s the middle of the week.”  Boo! Anyhow, I’m glad that it’s finally the real weekend (and we’re excited to celebrate Jess’ son’s birthday on Saturday!).

I was supposed to write a final Patio post before the big reveal, but all my pictures give too much away, so you’re just going to have to wait until the grand reveal.  I’m not 100% sure when it will be because I want to show it with with table, outdoor rug, etc…  Stay Tuned! 


Instead, I’m going totally rando on ya (a gal pal of mine said “rando” the other day and I laughed at her and then said it about 15 minutes later. I’m a nerd like that)… 

Here are some fab finds and things I’ve recently Pinned …


1- Some words of wisdom.



2- Pallet Bench.  Now that my real patio furniture is on my patio, my front porch is bare! I am thinking of building a few of these.  Super Cute!




3- I printed these out this week.  I have NOT been listening to any skinny rules for a long while now.  Time to change that.




4- Here’s why I need the skinny list…  The hubs and I are planning a trip to Europe in the fall.  We’re planning London, Paris, and probably one other destination. I can’t wait to nail down all the details.


5- This is how I want to dress on our trip.

6- Found this blog this week.  This gal is crazy talented.  For 365 days she upcycled a thrift store outfit into something fabulous.  You have to check it out! (Jess and I also love the faces she makes in all the “before” pics)

7- I love this chair and I want to try something similar. I don’t have a chair though…  I’m tucking this idea away for another time, because I love it.

Source: via East Coast Creative on Pinterest


8- And just in case this isn’t a random enough post for you…  This totally is my sense of humor.  I’m actually laughing while I type this.  
Source: Organiconcrete via East Coast Creative on Pinterest

Well, that’s all for now!  Do you follow is on Pinterest?  If not, I think you should (just sayin’)


Have a great weekend! 

We have some awesome projects to share next week! 


9- ONE more…  This is what I’m reading right now.  Jess read the first two books last week and loved them.  Have you read it?  Did you like it?  What are you reading right now?  Did you know we’re both total book worms?  (Sorry for the 20 questions!) 



The comments +

  1. Cocalores says:

    Love that chair! I hope you enjoy planning your Europe trip, it’s going to be amazing for sure =)
    I just came back from Paris on Sunday, and London is one of my all-time favorite cities in the world. If you’re interested, you can check out this post I wrote with some Paris tips:
    xo, Anja @

  2. Thanks for featuring my typography chair. 🙂 I just found that one at the thrift store & painted it.

  3. Ami Allison says:

    Oh my gosh! These are great!!! So glad Allison had y’all on HOH!! 🙂

  4. Natalie says:

    I’ve read Divergent & I loved it! I’m now reading Matched by Ally Condie and I love it!

  5. ulysses says:

    I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


    Low Platelets Treatment

  6. Brandi says:

    Here’s a suggestion for your trip to Europe in October: try Switzerland. Me and my husband along with our 2 1/2 year old son went to Switzerland this past March. We started in London, then Paris, and ended in Switzerland. Switzerland was by far the favorite… we absolutely fell in love. Only a 3 hour train ride from Paris. We stayed in the town of Lausanne(30 mins. from Geneva)…great croissants and chocolate.

  7. jared says:

    I love those red boots from one of the top pictures

  8. wilderlamb says:

    The girl that redoes thrifted stuff totally stole that idea from another blogger that did the exact same thing YEARS ago! I used to read her blog but can’t remember the name. It’s a good idea but I wish people would cite their inspiration!

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