Transom Window {Kitchen Update}

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I know what you’re thinking. Another update? I thought she was done! What? Is she crazy? And the answer is yes and yes. I thought I was done, too, but alas my brain works in mysterious ways, and once I get an idea in my head, it’s really hard to get it out. Just ask Monica. And my hubs. (Thankfully, Monica understands completely because she is the exact same way.) Anyway, I kept looking at the new opening we made from our kitchen to the dining room, and I liked it. Really I did. But it just seemed like it was missing something, or that the opening was too vast and non-descript. I wanted to add some architectural interest without taking away the openness or blocking the light. A few weeks ago, Monica and I were at our second home, Architectural Antiques looking for a Plan B headboard for our Superfab Room Redesign, and this baby jumped out at me. An old, beat up transom window. We both knew at that moment that it would be the perfect addition to my kitchen.

It was just a little too beat up- paint chips were literally dropping off in mass quanitites every time we touched it, so I sanded off the old paint. I liked the look of the natural wood with just a hint of the old paint still on it, so I went with that.  Plus that means less work for me, which I’m always a big fan of.
After carefully measuring where we wanted it to go, Kevin pre-drilled some pilot holes in both the window and the ceiling. There’s a beam that goes straight across the top of the opening, so we didn’t have to worry about finding studs to drill into. We added eyehooks, and hung the window on S-hooks (is that the right name?)
I absolutely love the way it looks now. It fills the space so well, doesn’t block the view and adds some much needed visual interest! The kitchen feels a lot more cozy and finished.
You’re seeing a whole lot of unfinished and empty dining room, which just gives you a glimpse of what our next BIG project is. 🙂 Can’t wait to get started so that the first floor will be pretty much done!
I may just go ahead and paint the window white and then distress it a bit, but I still haven’t decided. Thoughts?
I love that the old, original hardware is still attached.
It looks so much better! So glad my crazy idea actually worked out. 🙂
Are you guys impulsive decorators, or do you mull over your ideas for awhile before making a decision? Dish!


The comments +

  1. Tracie OB says:

    I love the finish on the transom window as it is now; it ties in with the paint color in the kitchen (at least on my monitor – ;} )
    Great Idea!

  2. I heart transom windows!!! I scored 6 transoms from a friend’s attic that were in great shape; he was just going to throw them out (gasp!) I have two hanging on our walls in our new house; good, simple art! I love the way your idea turned out!
    (total impulsive decorator over here; took a fancy and just gave my dining room chairs their 4th makeover this morning). 🙂

  3. I am definitely a mish mash of both impulsive – sometimes and idea literally gets me up and moving, and a muller – I’ve had some ideas swirling around for months I can’t seem to decide if I want to move forward with.

    But, I love your transom, I like the rustic feel of the wood as is combined with the fun, colorful candy in the background. 🙂

  4. Kris says:

    Totally impulsive which makes my family and husband crazy sometimes.

    I love your window! What about painting it a light yellow or red and distressing. I’m not sure of the other colors in your kitchen off the top of my head but I love a little fun color here and there. Just a thought!

  5. Carolyn says:

    It totally worked out. I love it.

  6. Now you’ve given me another thing to search for–a transom window like that! We have the same size, or pretty close, opening between our kitchen and dining area. I love the look, but with everything else white, maybe it would look even better white with a bit of distress. Definitely a cool look anyway

  7. 2busy says:

    I love that! It is perfect, and as so much…Great thinking.

  8. Anonymous says:

    The window looks great! My MIL did something like that but with a stained glass window she found. Fills the space nicely.

  9. Wow Jess…you’re a genious! Your window does so much for the room(s)! This Bucks County Girl is running to Architectural Antiques this weekend to check it out. (You have already made me a regular at Liberty Thrift<3. Love your blog. Thanks for the continued inspiration!!!

  10. This is so cute!! I recently picked up a rustic ladder from a local antique store and have been pining over it ever since. I couldn’t figure out how to utilize it and didn’t want to screw with it too much. This might be just the idea to jump on! Thanks for sharing.

    • Cup Kate says:

      what about hang it above your laundry machines and use it to hang drying laundry on? (as long as it’s not an A-frame :))
      i’m looking for an older ladder to do this with.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I like the natural wood! If you paint it white, it might “disappear” into the white dining room ceiling. Perhaps a light coat of wax?

    Connie (

  12. plumbing says:

    Wide windows unencumbered by curtains bring light into a kitchen, opening the room to the outdoors. Cabinets and appliances can make it hard to open up a kitchen to light. When designing a kitchen for new construction or adding openings during a major remodel, consider floor-to-ceiling windows or ones that rest right at the top of your kitchen counter.

  13. […] bench.…26. Add a transom window to a wide wall opening.…27. a simple weekly menu board using wood and chalkboard […]

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