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hey there! I'm monica 

I pride myself on making amazing style and design accessible for everyone, regardless of location, budget, or ability! My design philosophy is rooted in authenticity + attainability - If I can do it, you can too! My work has been featured in countless publications, but I take the most pride in homeowners that have been personally inspired by my DIY ideas and have tried something in their own homes!

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We all love Pinterest… there are so many ideas and cool people to be inspired by.  I wish I took the time to do more of the projects I see, but honestly this lil’ old blog takes a lot of time, so I don’t do as many as I’d like to (sounds weird that a DIY blog would take time away from DIYing, but it’s true!)

Today I’m excited to introduce you to two people I adore.  Meet my adorable sister-in-law Kelly and my awesome brother-in-law Bryan.  This cute couple lives in Ohio, so we miss them 24-7, but we have a blast when we’re together.  

I also have to introduce you to their little stud Jax.  He’s our one and only nephew and we think he’s the best!
Okay, so why are we having this Mangin Family blog reunion??
Well, Kelly is not just a Pinterest addict, she actually does what she pins! {Gasp!}
On our recent visit to Ohio, I felt like I was walking through a Pinterest Museum. It was too awesome not to share.  Kelly has some creative friends and family, and between them all they have done so many fun projects for her home.  So without further ado…
Welcome to Kelly’s Pinteresting Home!
State Artwork
Kel is from OH and Bry is from PA.



Aqua Painted Pedestal Table
Kel got her table and chairs at goodwill for $75 total.  Add aqua and white paint and you have an awesome statement piece!


Funky Pendant Light
This was one of the first changes Kelly made to her kitchen when she moved in!


Crossword Names
Takes 2 seconds, but is so cute as an accessory. It’s just a frame turned chalkboard.


Kitchen Office Space
She removed the wall cabinets, added open shelving, and did some adorable accessorizing.  Kelly claims she can’t decorate, but I’m pretty sure you’d all beg to differ!


Spray Painted Faux Antlers
Kel is super lucky to have a Hobby Lobby right around the corner.  These beauties came from there and got a coral spraypaint treatment.


Simple Printables
She doesn’t just PIN free printables, she actually uses them… imagine that! A simple piece of twine, some clothespins, and voila!


Modern Painted Chandelier
Bye Bye Brass, hello funky green.  The circle bulbs are just right and add a cute modern flare.


Window Frame
Kel found this awesome salvage shop in Springfield, OH.  They have windows galore!


Family Rules and More Printables
Kelly and Jess both have the Be Happy print.  You can get it at Sprik Space.


Magazine Paper Frame & Vase
These two were purchases, but I liked them too much not to include them.  If you’re patient enough you can make your own!


House Numbers and Hooks
There are so many things you can do with frames, and digital paper.  Our favorite site is Moo & Puppy! 


Yarn Wreath 
You know I’m the “anti-wreath,” but this one is really cute! I love the homemade pompoms


Paper Flowers
Kelly’s friend Amy made these for her and they match her aqua table so well.  Jones Design Company has tons of paper flower tutorials!



Clip Hooks
Are you seeing a clothes pin trend?  They’re affordable, easy to use, and cute!


Fabric Lined Shelves
Kel took plain bookshelves from drab to fab with this blue fabric.  Her shelves always look so cute! Her sister gave her the frame with the subway art and has it loaded up with a print for every season/holiday.


Unique Gallery Wall
These cool rounded frames are from Ikea and the doorknob is from Hobby Lobby.



Growth Chart
I love this growth chart that Kelly’s sister made for her.  It’s exactly like this one from Miss Natalie.  No time to make one?  You can buy one on Etsy for $56.00.


Last but not least, check out this fabulous fabric choice for a DIY headboard!


What do you think?  Are you inspired to go look at your pin boards and actually do a project? I know I have a list a mile long that I want to do now! I also have to tell you that Kel had no idea I was snooping around her house taking pictures, so none of this was staged or cleaned… this is real-deal, everyday life and I think it’s great!
Have you turned a pin into a project?  Share the link, we’d love to see! 

The comments +

  1. and now the pics you took of her stuff will be all over Pinterest! She did well! Love lots, but totally loving the antlers from Hobby Lobby. I will be off to find those! Thanks for sharing!

  2. THE COOK'S says:

    She is so creative! Love everything. Thanks for sharing!! :))

  3. So incredibly cute! Gives me lots of great ideas 🙂 I love seeing such creative minds in action!

  4. Maura says:

    I posted my canvas scrapbook paper wall art on my facebook page. I will post details someday soon!

  5. Laura says:

    Love! I have done quite a few projects from Pinterest but not my whole house?! Kudos

  6. Katie says:

    Does Kelly have a blog? She should! And I’m interested to know more about where that salvage shop is in Springfield, I live just 20 mins away from there!

  7. I love it! Great job Kelly! 🙂

  8. Becca says:

    OMG-I had no idea you guys were related! SO funny! I just love Kelly- and of course you guys are the bomb! Thanks for highlighting a few of her “greatest hits”
    xo Becca

  9. Anonymous says:

    Oh my word! This stuff is amazing. It so reminds me of the way my wife decorates. Just beautiful. Great job, Koosa!


  10. Thanks for sharing this creative post with us. I impress by this all beautiful post and done great decoration. I feel happy after visit this post.

  11. […] to see her nearly as much as I’d like to, so this week is going to be awesome!!  I posted a little tour of Kelly’s home a while back- it’s […]

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