Tangled Birthday Party {And a Great Cause!}

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My daughter turned four on Sunday. Please hold on while I choke back tears and try my hardest to turn back time.
How does that happen so fast? Ugh. Anyway, she is like every other four year old girl on the face of the planet very into the Disney movie, Tangled. Because we were so busy trying to get our kitchen cabinets finished for her party, I pretty much forgot about decorating and games until 11 PM the night before her birthday party. Even so, I was able to pull together a cute birthday display and wanted to share where I got all the FREE, adorable ideas and printables in case you know a little girl having a birthday soon. 🙂
We already had that giant table-turned-chalkboard that Monica made on our first Nate Show challenge, so I used it as a backdrop for our display. I found a huge amount of free printables that I used to make the pennant banner, and the sails for my little jello boats, plus a few other things not shown from Paging Supermom. Honestly their Tangled collection is so stinkin’ adorable, and it’s FREE to boot! Make sure you take a look at the super cute invitations they have too! Campbell loved it.
I have to say though, that the best part of the display was the cake, and I can’t take any credit for it at all. There is a sweet story behind this cake (and the cupcakes that aren’t shown): A beautiful 13-year old girl created this cake as a means to raise money for the adoption of her little sister from Haiti. (You can read about their journey to adopting Seraphina who has a life-threatening disease called Sickle Cell Anemia, here.) Her name is Sydney, and she’s started a fundraiser called Penelope’s Cakes, and accepts donations for the cakes she creates. She does a fabulous job ( my family loved the chocolate cake!), and Campbell was so excited when she saw it for the first time! If you have a need for a cake for special occasion (or just because you’re hungry for cake), please think of Penelope’s Cakes. My hope is that they’ll get so many requests for cakes that Seraphina will come home to her family before the end of the year so she can get the healthcare she so needs.
Honestly, there is NO way I could have done anything like this! That little lady is so talented!
Is it possible to force best-friendship on children? If so, we’re doing a really good job with Monica’s 3rd, Kira, and Campbell. Love those two.
To end the party, we thought it would be fun to release flying lanterns into the sky just like they do in Tangled. We found these lanterns for 98 cents each and they were so awesome. Per several online suggestions, we decided to tie a long string to the lantern (about 50 feet long) so that they didn’t fly away and start a forest fire. (Our fire department is literally right behind our neighborhood and we fear their wrath!)
Kids and adults alike were in awe. Too cool.
All in all, it was a fun day and a great celebration of my sweet girl.
What are your kids crushing on these days?

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The comments +

  1. Love it all! My niece would love this party! She is sooo in love with tangled. I love that you let go of the lanterns!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Awesome! We did a tangled party for my Cam’s 4th bday this past year. So much fun! So cool about the story behind the cake too. Happy Birthday to your daughter! -Sarah Montanye

  3. imamom says:

    Hey Jess! Thank you for the sweet shoutout to Penelope Cakes! Penelope loves making the cakes and we’re so glad your cake and cupcakes were a hit! Thank you for helping us bring our sweet Haitian Princess home!

  4. Punky says:

    Great party!!! Happy Birthday to Campbell!!!! 🙂 I’ve heard of the Penelope cakes from some friends–what a great cause and a sweet-sweet story!
    My 2 year old is totally crushing on Annie these days 🙂 That will be the theme of her party in about a month! 🙂

  5. Birthday is most important day in every person’s life. I like your images and you got lots of enjoyment. I love this cake pix so much. Its looks very yummy and sweet.

  6. LisaP says:

    Ohmygooniss, what a cutie! I clicked through from Pinterest and am now devouring all your awesome posts…but this happens to be my favorite because I too have a little Cambelle at home (pronounced the same). Mine’s 8, and my baby… and I still haven’t stopped trying to turn back time, either. Happy birthday to yours!

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