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hey there! I'm monica 

I pride myself on making amazing style and design accessible for everyone, regardless of location, budget, or ability! My design philosophy is rooted in authenticity + attainability - If I can do it, you can too! My work has been featured in countless publications, but I take the most pride in homeowners that have been personally inspired by my DIY ideas and have tried something in their own homes!

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We’re finally back to blogging after our amazing trip to Mexico! We had a great time with great friends and have to admit that this vacation was just what we needed: a break from this crazy, packed-to-the-brim (just like Monica’s suitcase) year! We have lots to share about our trip, (especially about the amazing resort we stayed in!), but here’s a sneak peek at our totally burnt tan selves:

But enough about that, we’re happy to continue on with our interesting statistics from year one:
Yes, we are crazy, but we’re committed to growing the blog and seeing where it will take us. Five posts a week is a lot if you ask other bloggers, but we are so thankful that there are two of us to lighten the load. We totally recognize that this partnership is rare, and can honestly say that after blogging together for a year, we’re still friends. Ha! Plus, we love giving you guys new stuff to read every day, so even though it’s a lot of hard work, it’s worth it!
We have two awesome giveaways for you today! The giveaways are separate entities (in other words, if you win, you don’t win both!) Please let us know which giveaway you’re gunning for in your comment.
Ok, so giveaway number 1 is a service that is near and dear to my heart. I’ve mentioned Dream Dinners  before when I told you that I used to own one with my mom, but just in case you missed it, this place is amazing! You can make a month’s worth of meals in less than 2 hours- no prep work or clean-up required!  Check out this post for more details.
This giveaway is open only to local readers (Bucks, Montgomery or Delaware Counties) and is valid only for use at the Colmar, PA store..
If you can’t wait for the giveaway, use the new customer code DDNC102012 for 10% off any order of 36 servings or more.
To enter: (This giveaway is now closed)
1. Go to the Dream Dinners website, pick your favorite meal and leave a comment here with why it looks so good to you.
2. For an additional chance to win like the RHBC Facebook page, and leave a comment letting us know you did so.
Our second giveaway is pretty awesome, too (can you even handle two great giveaways in one day?!) If you ever see us around, you’ll notice right away that we love Thirty-One Gifts! We usually have at least one bag each on hand at all times. 🙂 Mandy is a killer consultant so if you have questions, fire away!


The set includes a Large Utility Tote, Picnic Thermal Tote and an About Town Picnic Blanket (in colors as shown).These items are perfect for sporting events, picnics, playdates, vacation and countless other uses! For more information about these products, check out the new 2012 Spring Catalog.
To enter: (This giveaway is now closed)

1. Go to the Thirty-One Gifts Catalog and pick your favorite product and comment with your pick.
2. For an additional chance to win, like the RHBC Facebook page, and leave a comment letting us know you did so.
Same deal: if you can’t wait to win, email your order to Mandy with the code love31 to get 15% off of your order.
Allright, folks, you have 24 hours to enter! We’ll announce the winners of both giveaways on Thursday morning, so don’t delay! Good luck!


And the winner of the Garnish giveaway is Kori!
Email us to claim your prize, Kori. Congrats!


The comments +

  1. Courtney says:

    I love a lot of the Thirty-One products! I really like the utility totes.

  2. Courtney says:

    I like RHBC on Facebook! ( and I’m hoping for the Thirty-One gifts prize)

  3. Alice says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. The buffalo chicken stuffed french bread looks the best to me because anything buffalo chicken is good. YUM!

  5. Alice says:

    As for 31products…the large utility tote is amazing! Would love to have lots of their awesome products!

  6. Alice says:

    I don’t just like your FB page…I love it! Thanks for all your great ideas!

  7. Tiffany says:

    I love 31 products! I really like the Organizing Utility Totes and the Thermal totes! Too cute! If I had to choose one I’d go with the Utility Tote! Hope to WIN!

  8. Tiffany says:

    I also LOVED your facebook page! Way to go girls!

  9. Amy Renea says:

    love the sweet little mailbox boxes!

  10. jacobcassie says:

    LOVE 31 gifts! I’ve been eyeballing a large utility tote for a while now.

  11. jacobcassie says:

    Already liked RHBC on FB!

  12. Maura says:

    I really like the Elite Skirt purse collection. Would love to win!

  13. Maura says:

    I already like you gals on FB. Thanks!

  14. I already liked you gals on FB!!! I love the all the thirty one stuff! Who couldn’t rock a new beach bag???

  15. Stacy says:

    Love their small utility totes! So many different uses! 🙂 Big fan of you guys, clearly, and 31 stuff! Yeah!! Pick me! Pick me! Maybe I should get in on this give away week? 🙂

  16. Oh the Dream Dinner give away is right up my alley! I’m expecting my first baby in the next few months and it would be amazing to have something like the Pesto Cheese Raviloi with chicken already cooked for me!

  17. Just liked you ladies on facebook too!

  18. Rachael says:

    I love the expand a tote day extender! Soon I will have my second child, Lord willing, and it would be a Perfect diaper bag!

  19. Rachael says:

    I liked you on fb!

  20. Shellie says:

    I purchased my first Thirty-One gifts last year and love them (Fold n Go Organizer, monogrammed hand towels and Square Utility Tote). My favorite is the Fold n Go Organizer and I have really enjoyed how much it kept me organized during my Christmas shopping. The velcro section holds my 3 envelopes: 1)coupons, 2)receipts/gift receipts, and 3)cash (yes, I did all my holiday shopping with cash for the first time). The notepad holds a list of items purchased and ideas for each person. If I am shopping and find a great idea for someone, I write it down for future purchase so I don’t forget. The third section holds my spreadsheet of items to shop for (I know its a little crazy, but I had a spreadsheet with ideas and amounts allocated for each person) and also any other wishlists from family members.

    I love this organizer so much, I am giving one to my sister for her birthday in March as part of a “My Favorite Things” gift. That’s my story. Would love to win and have more Thirty-One products to enjoy. Thirty-One, I am totally hooked and saving up to purchase more items in the future!

  21. Leesa says:

    LOVE all things large utility tote-wish I had 20 of them!!!!

  22. monica c says:

    you gals are doing a fabulous job with this blog. yay for one year down, many more to go:)
    my fav 31 bag (right now. it’ll change in a few minutes when i go browse some more) anyway–the metro retro weekender in awesome blossom. …and a ton of others, but you said pick ONE. 😉 thanks, ladies!

  23. Katie says:

    The Dill Marinated Shrimp with Pasta from Dream Dinners looks delicious. I LOVE dill and shrimp!

  24. Katie says:

    I’ve liked you guys on facebook for quite some time now 🙂

  25. Katie says:

    I love the 31 gifts XXL Everyday Tote! It looks perfect for overnight travel and fitting lots of stuff!

  26. jackiemdoyle says:

    I like you ladies on facebook

  27. jackiemdoyle says:

    I like the XXL everyday tote and the retro weekender

  28. Welcome Back – you two look fabulous, all tanned and relaxed! I love the retro metro weekender. I can never find a great overnight bag and this looks like the ideal size. They have some really great products at Thirty One.

  29. MemoryMakers says:

    I love the Thirty One Utility Totes!

  30. Sarah says:

    Welcome back! and happy blogiversary!!
    I LOVE the retro metro weekender!

  31. Sarah says:

    already “liked” you on facebook 🙂

  32. C Leebrick says:

    love the tote-ally awesome tote. or just one of everything 🙂

  33. C Leebrick says:

    and already “like” you guys on fbook

  34. Anonymous says:

    I would love a bag! especially love the totes in the awesome blossom design. the gray and yellow is to die for!
    Tonya T.

  35. Amy Zuck says:

    I love the around town blanket at 31 and the 5th ave. purse!

  36. Amy Zuck says:

    I also already “like” RHBC on fb : )

  37. Breanne says:

    I love the Tidy Bathroom Basket…super cute!

  38. Breanne says:

    I LIKE you on Facebook 🙂

  39. I checked out the Dream Dinner’s website, and the oven baked almond chicken would be my favorite. Looked delicious.

  40. I went through the whole 31 catalog. It was hard to decide, but I think my favorite item is the Hang up Home Organizer.

  41. I am a Thirty One addict!!! I have a ton of things. I love all the thermal totes…but to be honest, I am a sucker for anything monogrammed 🙂

  42. I am already a Facebook fan…love you girls 🙂

  43. Julie says:

    I like the retro metro bag in dark denim thanks

  44. Julie says:

    like u on fb Julie A Scott Laws

  45. April says:

    I love the large utility tote. With a 4 year old and newborn I could cram a lot of stuff in that thing!!!! 🙂

  46. April says:

    Also like you on FB 🙂

  47. Lori says:

    I LOVE the large utility tote, the organizer tote, and the purse with the different skirts. I’m a bagaholic! LOVE 31!! 🙂

  48. Lori says:

    And of course I already “liked” the RHBC FB page awhile ago. 🙂

  49. I’ve never heard of Dream Dinners! Sounds really neat and I’d love to try it out. The chicken with honey, garlic, and orange sound yummy!

  50. Ever since I saw the Metro Retro bag you gals shared on this blog months ago I’ve been dying to get one. Finally have one on order from a fundraiser at my son’s preschool! I’d love a chance to win more Thirty-One goodies!

  51. aaaaand I’ve “liked” your FB page for a long time now! 🙂

  52. Christina says:

    I’m a local reader…and I would love the creamy chicken risotto 🙂

  53. Christina says:

    and I’m a FB follower 🙂

  54. Christina says:

    I would so get a “thermal tote” for bringing my lunches to work!!

  55. Christina says:

    and I like you on FB 🙂

  56. Ashley Annon says:

    I would love to get the XXL tote what a cute diaper bag this owuld be 🙂 Thank you for the pallet wall idea I am doing my basement in the same color and style!!

  57. The Nagle's says:

    I would love to have the PESTO CHEESE RAVIOLI WITH CHICKEN & WALNUTS from Dream Dinners, bringing a little gourmet cooking into my kitchen on hectic days running my kids to their activities. I love RHBC!! :O)

  58. nkderstein says:

    I love the large utility tote, I love the thought of dream dinners (and any meal I don’t have to make entirely myself would be my favorite) and I love rhbc. You girls inspire me to try DIY, even though I am not very crafty and have zero time with a 6 week old. At least I appreciate being to “escape” while reading your posts. Thank you girls! You are amazing! -Kara

  59. MusiK says:

    Dream Dinners Fav: BUTTERNUT SQUASH RAVIOLI WITH CARAMELIZED ONIONS! That sounds so good & would make my post-baby meals a delightful breeze. 🙂
    You ladies are amazing & I’ve so enjoyed reading your blog & getting to know you better. May God bless your next year of adventures!
    -Kelli Buczek

  60. Rach says:

    LOVE RHBC and have to say that I am just being introduced to the thirty-one products! I KNOW! What hole did I just crawl out of? They seem to be everywhere so when I saw the website link on your blog I thought OKAY OKAY I hear you, I will go check it out. Can I just say that the amount of STUFF (keeping it clean 🙂 I carry to my three kids sporting events during the week is ridiculous and I totally swooned when I saw the polka dot XXL weekender bag. I think it may be meant for a fabulous weekend getaway with the hubs but let’s be real, it will be full of cleats, baseball socks, baseball gloves, volleyball knee pads and empty water bottles. But HEY at least the bag will fool people into thinking I got it all together and that is half the battle :-)! Love the blog!

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