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I pride myself on making amazing style and design accessible for everyone, regardless of location, budget, or ability! My design philosophy is rooted in authenticity + attainability - If I can do it, you can too! My work has been featured in countless publications, but I take the most pride in homeowners that have been personally inspired by my DIY ideas and have tried something in their own homes!

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It’s been over a week since we’ve blogged! It seriously felt like forever (okay, being slightly dramatic, but it did seem really long). Since we’re totally still rookie bloggers (still in the first year) we’re kind of noticing that the trend is to do a little old recap post, so here it goes… RHBC Style…


Monica’s 2011 Blogging Favs
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#1 Farmhouse Table Remix
Don’t you love how that title makes me sound all “gangsta?”  That’s right… I’m a gangsta that makes DIY farm tables.  Baha!

So, not only is this project the one that gets the most use in our household, it also took the cake for our most popular post of the year.  Over 14,000 people have peeked at the hub’s handiwork… Of course this now has given him bragging rights, so I needed an amazing project in 2012 to put him in his place! If you haven’t checked out this post, I highly recommend it… it sorta makes you think you just might be able to accomplish any DIY project out there!

#2- The Year of the Pallet
Obviously, pallets made a huge impact on 2011 DIY projects.  Everyone was coming up with amazing ways to use them.  My very favorite way we used them was building pallet walls.

#3- Painting the Perfect Stripe
This post is a perfectionist’s dream come true.  The crisp straight lines make my heart skip a beat. (again, slightly dramatic…sorry!)

I do love the direction they started taking my family room in.  It’s sort of lacking any personality… just has a lot of toys and broken accessories and lamps (because we play ball in there all the time).  I do hope to work on this room early in 2012.

#4- More Stripes
I was pretty thrilled to finally try out painting on fabric. Since we can’t sew, I was thrilled to find something else I could do with fabric.

#5- Foyer Wallpaper
The very first thing I tackled when we moved into our house last November was the foyer.  The funny thing is that no one actually comes in our front door… Honestly, if you ever come visit, just come on in through the garage door.  We’re tight right?
It took me forever to find just the right wallpaper, but I am soooo happy with what I chose.  It makes a bold statement and it’s totally me.


#6- Paint Chip Artwork
This is one of the most popular projects from 2011 and I was pretty happy with how it turned out, but… I’m about to take it out of my bathroom and re-do the room.  I’m so darn fickle.  I’ll put it up somewhere, but for now it’s taking a break.  This project has become my 9 yr old’s favorite craft to do lately.  If she can do it, I definitely think you should try!


#7- Make a Hideous Dresser Awesome and then Give it to a 2 Year Old.
Jess and I LOVED our Anthro knockoff SO much.  Seriously, it was a labor of love and it still makes me laugh that my 2 year old has it in his room.

#8- I HEART yellow
I really do love yellow.  Whenever I’m thinking of an accent color I’m always like, “Oooh yellow!” and then I remember it’s not cool to use the same color in every single room of your house.  I am glad that I went with it for my buffet that it became quite famous as the “challenge in the room” on our first Nate Show episode.  Ha!

To be completely honest, the buffet still smells like dead people (I got it at a barn sale) but I love it and I just don’t ever open the doors!
Nothing like a little pressure to get a renovation moving along. My dining room still isn’t accessorized, but it was ready just in the nick of time for my fabulous family (all 36 of them) for Thanksgiving.

#10- Discovering I enjoy being in Small Crates and taking Self-Photos
2 ways I expanded my horizons this year… Apparently I enjoy spending time with my knees up near my ears while being crammed into a small crate, and I take oodles of cheesy self-pics for our blog.  I never could have imagined how much 2011 would grow me as a person.  HA!

Honestly though, being on The Nate Show has been one of the coolest experiences ever. We thought one visit was amazing, a second a dream come true, and a third just rocked our world and made us so amazingly thankful for the opportunities we’ve had.  So, thanks Nate, we REALLY appreciate it.

#11-  Did you really think I’d actually post 11 things? Don’t you know I procrastinate and wanted to be in bed like an hour ago???  In true Monica style, I’m ending this at 10 things, because well I don’t feel like coming up with a # 11 and because all the other bloggers did 11, so 10 makes this way more original right?

Looking back over our blog for the last 10 months has been pretty cool.  We’ve done some super-fun projects and I’m just beyond thankful that Jess and I can do this together and that you come and read what we have to share each and every day.  Thank you.  Really, I don’t get touchy feely, but we appreciate our readers so much. Ok, that’s all.  Mushy moment over.
Tomorrow Jess is recapping her 2011 year and then Wednesday I’m letting you know what’s to come in 2012… and I’m crossing my fingers that Eric and Kev don’t read that post because they might freak out if they know how many things we have planned!
So, welcome to 2012…

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  1. SO many great projects!! Love all the inspiration

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