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If you read our posts last week, then you know that Jess and I adore fall. We love it so much that we thought it deserved its own mini-series!
I set out to write a post on awesome ideas for fall wreaths.  Sounds simple enough right?  I mean wreaths are making a major comeback these days. Well… through my research and pursuit of fabulous wreaths to share, I realized one thing…
I HATE wreaths!
Yup, I’m confessing it publicly.  I think about 90% of them look dumb.  So, I needed to find a non-dumb looking something for my door… I found some inspiration and I’m pretty happy with it!
The Anti-Wreath Tutorial
 Here’s what you’ll need:
An 11×14 frame (with the glass removed)
Pumpkins (real or “funkins” haha I just love that cheesy name)
Staple Gun
Chair Pads
I went to Michaels and bought this frame 50% off, but… it was still $15.00.  I headed down to the basement in search of another 11×14 frame that I could use.
Here’s what I found.  I didn’t like the lines as much as the other one, but I sure did like the price tag… FREE! (Do you like all the dust on the edges?)
The best part about this project was that I ended up only buying 2 pumpkins and a can of spray paint!
I really wanted to use mini real pumpkins, but I think I was about a week too early in the season.  Instead, I found these cuties at Michaels for $2.99 each.
The first step was to spray paint the frame purple.  I didn’t take pictures of this because really, how many times do you want to see me spray paint something? Then, of course I didn’t wait long enough and scratched the paint. GRRR… back to do another coat.  I might add here that I used Krylon paint and it was awesome.  I loved the way it sprayed and it did dry really quickly… 10 mins max… I just touched it at about 7 mins!
I did a little test run of the frame on the wreath hanger and it was banging all over the place.  NOT COOL.  I don’t want a dinged up door! So… I ran to my closet of tricks and grabbed these chair pads.
No more destroying my door
For the ribbon, I simply tied ribbon onto the stem of each pumpkin and then stapled it to the back of the frame.  I also tied one piece of ribbon around the frame and knotted it onto the wreath hanger.
 I think that as far as wreaths go, well, it’s pretty cute!
The whole project took about 15 minutes (ok, maybe 20 because I smudged my spraypaint!)
It’s not an “In Your Face” wreath… I think it’s just a little accent that fits my style just right.
(don’t you love the little halloween stickies that my kids taped on the windows with scotch tape?  They’re my mini decorators.  I’m finding faux leaves and pumpkins everywhere!)
 For Christmas, I plan to paint it red and add some christmas balls
So, there you have it. An anti-wreath post, from a wreath hater. 🙂
I might be a hater, but I know some of you dig the wreath.  If so, you need to check out Emily over at one of our favorite blogs Jones Design Company.
And even as a wreath hater, I admit this one is pretty cool! Perhaps it’s the English teacher in me…
I’d love to know if you’re a lover or a hater… and head over to Emily’s blog tutorials and let her know we sent you! Have a fabulous Monday!
P.S. Jess and I hung out Sunday night and did what BFFs do… ate brownie batter, browsed Pinterest, read blogs, and planned out some super fun posts for the next month! Can’t wait!
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The comments +

  1. Lauren says:

    This is a great idea! I do like wreaths, but I always struggle with the design of mine. It gets so expensive to change wreaths out for every season and holiday, so I find them to be a bit of trouble, but still I use them 🙂

  2. Meaghan says:

    This is a fantastical idea – I love fall and have already started turning the house into the harvest!!!

  3. M says:

    am totally with you on disliking wreaths. especially perfectly round ones. don’t like the hole in the middle which is usually where my eye goes.

  4. Christina says:

    Looks gorgeous!!! Love it!

  5. Shirley says:

    Love this! And I am impressed you actually waited 7 minutes to test your paint, I usually can’t wait for 2! LOL

  6. Nicole Maki says:

    Just because it’s not round doesn’t mean it isn’t a wreath… LOL. J/K

    I absolutely love what you made. It’s cool, clean and stylish. Great job!

    FWIW, I hate wreaths too which is ironic as my most popular post ever is a wreath. Funny!

  7. I LOVE this!! Thanks for the tutorial! I am so not a wreath maker, but I love them. I will try something like this in October.

  8. Nicole says:

    I did something anti-wreath too… 😉

    I love the simplicity of it… and I love that you can switch it up with the seasons… so fun!

  9. Anonymous says:

    If I am to be honest, I totally thought those were entire heads of garlic, and that was a Halloween wreath. That would be too funny! 🙂

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