Drop Cloth Window Treatments {Tutorial}

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Well, it’s about time we got back to business! Remember this?
Notice anything missing? Ok, I’ll spell it out for you. My living room has been shaping up quite nicely, but was in desperate need of window treatments. I had been planning on using drop cloths to make valances for some time, but hearing that we were going to be on the Nate Berkus Show forced me into action! Drop cloths are awesome to use because 1) they are a neutral color, so they work with almost any color scheme; 2) are ridiculously inexpensive; and 3) require no sewing, because they have finished hems and seams!
Here’s what you’ll need:
(2) 5×5 canvas drop cloths
(1) 6×9 canvas drop cloth
(2) rolls 1/4 inch brown grosgrain ribbon
(1) roll 1/4 inch Stich Witchery
Staple Gun (although you could use a hot glue gun, I guess)
Damp kitchen towel
(4) Cornice boards
*(My windows had these already from the previous owners, but you can find instructions on how to make your own here.)
The first and most important step is measuring, measuring, measuring! I (with the help of my trusty helper, my mom 🙂 measured the length of the cornice board and cut drop cloth to the length we needed. The 5×5 drop cloth was the perfect length, so we didn’t have to worry about making any cuts for the width of the board. We decided on a length of 16 inches, so that the valance would hang down about 15 inches from the top of the cornice board.
From here on out, you won’t find many pictures of the process because I was feeling REALLY pressed for time (we literally finished making and hanging these the night before the Nate Show crew arrived!) Basically, after measuring and cutting, we decided to put in a simple box pleat at the center of each valance.
1. We measured the exact center of our piece of fabric, and then 3 inches out on either side of the center mark. (so our pleat would be a total of 6 inches wide)
2. From there we, folded the 3 inch mark towards the center mark and taped it in place.
3. Repeat with the opposite side
That’s it for the box pleat!
(this was obviously taken at night. Sorry!)
Then, following the instructions on the Stich Witchery, we adhered the grosgrain ribbon right about the hem on the bottom of the valance. (This includes virtually no effort or time- just steam the stitch witchery with an iron, press the ribbon on top, place a damp cloth on top and iron for 10 seconds!) This tied in perfectly with a lamp I have in the room, and was a very simple addition that really dressed up the valance.
Finally, we folded about 1/2 inch to an inch of fabric over the top of the cornice board and stapled it in place with a staple gun. Then, my hubs mounted the cornice boards several inches ABOVE the windows (about 7 inches down from the ceiling) to make it look like we have higher ceilings and bigger windows then we actually have. 🙂
They really complete the room, don’t they? During the day they have such a light and airy feel, which I love, because the light shines through them. I wish you could all see them in person- they are perfect for the space!
The grand total for this project cost me right around $32.00! FOR 4 Drop Cloth WINDOW TREATMENTS (plus one cute table runner)! I think I’m in love with them.
Who knew a drop cloth could be so fabulous?!!

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  1. Isa says:

    Waw! I leave big work like that to professionals, but you are one!


  2. Good job! They look awesome.

  3. This one is massively looking one of the magnificent window treatment. The regarding features and contents of this post are fabulously looking just unique and massive about it. Thanks for sharing some elegant thing about window treatment in this post.

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