Dining Room Chairs- I Need Your Help!

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I’ve shared my dining room conundrum with you in a previous post, and we’re really making progress! My wonderful mother helped me score 14 chairs for free! The old Plumsteadville Inn was sold to new owners and they were getting rid of many of the old dining chairs.  She knows her daughter well and within five minutes she and my dad had all 14 chairs in their garage.  Best. Parents. Ever.
Look at these beauties…
 Ok, well maybe I have rose colored glasses, but I think they can one day be fabulous! I do wish they had either a more square, modern look or a more ornate, detailed look.  They’re somewhere in the middle… somewhere around “blah and boring”… but don’t tell them or you might hurt their feelings… they do have star potential, I just know it!
 oh and the fabric…
So, my first order of business was to create a chair assembly station in the basement
 Did I mention this is going to be a Big Project?  Fourteen of anything takes a while…
 4 screws x 14 chairs = too many to count (It’s my goal not to lose any of these, but it’s quite unlikely)
 14 ugly cushions
Now, comes the decisions… What new fabric to use and what color should the chairs be painted.  Originally, I was just thinking black, but hmm… I do love grey, or slate blue, or yellow???  See what I mean, I need some help!
I’ve decided that I’m going to choose fabric first and then work the chairs and the room around the fabric.  Here are the options…
Yellow and Sable Birds

 Grey, Yellow, and Slate Blue (black chairs?)

 Slate Blue and Sable Birds (perhaps with blue, distressed chairs?)

 Not sure I love this one…

 My plan with these fabrics would be to choose a few and have a variety of fabrics for the chairs

 Green and Grey (Charcoal chairs?? Black??)

 Olive, Orange, and Blue (something about this really appeals to me)

 Grey and Green

 Bold Yellow (Grey Chairs??)

Here’s where you come in… Please give me your opinion in the survey below.  Help a Sister out because I’m stumped on this one! Oh, and if you have another Fabulous fabric, please send it my way!

(oops # 1 and # 9 are the same!)

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Thanks! Can’t wait to hear your ideas!
P.S. The Hubs just previewed my post… BIG MISTAKE… “Birds?? Birds?? No Birds! When did Birds become cool?? We have Birds on the mantle; we don’t need Birds on our chairs!”…  I’m pretending he just told me he likes all the options and whatever the readers choose is going to be great.  {Wink Wink}

The comments +

  1. Anonymous says:

    I LOVE BIRDS!!!! as long as they are more abstract and artistic

  2. Okay, this isn’t going to come as a ton of help here but I’m going to throw it out there since you asked. I would recommend deciding on a color scheme first that you’re committed to and going to love through the seasons. With 14 chairs I’m assuming this is going to be the party room! Think of a color scheme you’re going to love for dinner parties, birthday parties, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter etc. I’ve regretted in the past decorating a room like this too color specific and having limitations in my seasonal decorating options. That being said, if you want to go bold in this room and not worry about seasonal decorating then gray & yellow is a fab way to go! I’m loving all the options you pulled in those tones. I would also add to the mix a mostly gray and a mostly yellow fabric. Perhaps a chevron in yellow and one in gray? I also think gray chairs would look sweet. Keep visualizing the room in your mind’s eye and the life that will take place there and you’ll figure it out ;)!

  3. Anonymous says:

    what color and type of paint did you use on the chairs???!!

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