Family Valentine’s Mailboxes {Try this Now}

Occasionally, Jess and I do or see a project that is deserving of the “Try this Now” title.  The project needs to be super simple to execute and have a major awesomeness factor.  We know it’s easy to have an ever-growing DIY list, but these babies are projects that you should try right away.
I was browsing the Target dollar bins and spotted these cute mini mailboxes.  We have a little over a month before Valentine’s Day, so I decided that we were going to create a little family mail center!

Here’s the plan… we set these mailboxes in the family room with a stack of blank notes where anyone can leave a note for the kids and they can leave notes for each other.  We’re encouraging them to write something nice to one of their siblings each day.
Of course I wouldn’t leave you hanging without free printable notes of your own!
You can download the ones I created HERE.
I printed them on plain,old computer paper, but I think they’re pretty cute!

I had bought one mail box for each kiddo and some Valentine’s stickers.  I pulled out some washi tape and a bunch of Sharpie markers.
After dinner last night, the kids went to town decorating.  They were really into it!
The best part wasn’t the decorating though… it was seeing how excited they were to write each other notes!  Kira is really sweet and put so much effort into her brother’s note.
Here are a few of the notes that are going to be read this morning…
Kaden is honestly the best big brother on the planet!
He actually wrote 2 notes for Cal!
I’m really excited about the next month and how excited my kiddos are to send each other thoughtful notes.  We’re not a super touchy-feely family, so this is one way we can do Valentine’s Day on our terms!


Are you ready to Try This Now
Will your family be getting a Valentine’s Mail Center?  


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