A Peek into my Reality & Some Jello!

Do you ever get the feeling that DIY and Design bloggers have the perfect life?  We keep it pretty real here at EC2, but I’d guess it’s still easy to assume that every room in our homes look perfect, are always clean and beautifully staged and that our kids are perfect cherubs that don’t make messes.  Well, I’m here to promise you that’s NOT the case!  And since they say a picture is worth 1000 words,  today I’m going to expose the ugly, un-styled, downright messy over on Instagram!  Throughout the day I will be giving you boosts to your self-confidence and your style as I expose the unfinished rooms in my house, the half-way finished projects, and just a healthy dose of reality.
(If this doesn’t make you want more, I don’t know what will! Ha! #canyouspareasquare)

If you’re not following me on Instagram, you can at: @eastcoastcreative
And if you’re not into reality, and would prefer to see a pretty project, today is our first day contributing over at Tatertots and Jello!! WooHoo! We still are sort of shocked that we’re getting such an awesome opportunity.  So, head over to TT&J to see this fun project and tutorial!
And, last but not least… If you missed the announcement about Creating with the Stars, you have to head HERE to get all the details!!  It’s going to be so much fun and submissions start on Tuesday 2/5!


Okay, now go head over to Instagram and get ready to for a behind the scenes look at my world!  

Have an awesome day! 



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    You guys are killing me with the cuteness! I love your pictures with the blue frame labeling who is who. Very helpful for someone new to your blog! :-) I also love and can appreciate the behind the scenes “being real” part. I’m officially adding you guys to my morning reads. Blessings!


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