Seasonal Front Door Decor {DIY Snowman Wreath}

Good morning! Monica and I spent some time at the Channel 69 News station this morning sharing some easy ideas to dress up your front door for the holidays (click here to see our Thanksgiving tablescape ideas from last year). We’ll pop the video of the segment up on facebook sometime today or tomorrow, but for now, let’s take a look at a super cute and fun way to welcome in the Christmas season!

Ok, folks, this is one the kids will love. At least, my kids do! This adorable wreath is simple to put together, requires only a few materials, and makes such a big impact.
Cute, right?! Most of you have probably seen something similar all over Pinterest, but I thought I’d break it down for you.  First, I bought three cheap wreaths at Walmart in varying sizes. These are not high-quality wreaths, but they do the trick and cost a little under $20 total, which you just can’t beat.
Before I assembled the snowman, I hit the wreaths with some white spraypaint which did two things:
1. It “winterizes” the wreaths, making it more snowman-like.
2. Hides the really fake looking greenery of the wreaths. (SCORE!)
Then, we collected some branches for the arms of the snowman. Thanks to Hurricane Sandy, we had loads to choose from, and my little guy was able to help.  I love it when I can include the kids in my projects!
I assembled the materials I needed, which included the wreaths, scarves, two branches, a hat and some floral wire.
Cut about six inches of floral wire with your scissors. (See? Not rocket science, that’s for sure.)
Wrap the wire around the bottom of the smallest wreath and the top of the the medium-sized wreath. (To make it nice and secure I wrapped the wire around twice.) Bring the ends together and twist them together and wrap once more around the wreaths. Do the same thing to largest wreath.
I had quite the audience. Oh, the pressure!
Wrap the scarf around the “neck” of the snowman and tie. Attach the arms to the wreath frame using the floral wire.
Hang your wreath on a door hanger and attach the hat to it with floral wire. My hat had a fabric tab that I was able to wrap the wire around. Stand back and take a look at all that cuteness!
Such a fun, whimsical look for your front door.
These fake presents have made their rounds….they were used originally in our Christmas episode for The Nate Show and now make their debut on my front porch!
 Oh hey there, Mr. Snowman. Come on in.
So, that’s idea #1! We still have a few more to share this week, so stay tuned.  Also, don’t forget to enter the awesome giveaway we have going on!
What do you do to your front door to welcome the holidays?


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    Thanks for the tip on where to buy the wreaths! I have been wanting to make one of these since last year and thanks to your post, it was so simple to find the wreaths! I love LOVE your snowman wreath! Cheers & thanks again!

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