Favorite Things Party {Free Printable Invitation}

One of the things we’re most grateful for is our friends. We’ve talked about them a lot here on the ol’ blog, but we try really hard as a group to stay connected and do fun things (we all went to see the premiere of Breaking Dawn together yesterday!). Last year I (Jess) started what will hopefully become an annual tradition with oour girlfriends: a Favorite Things Party!
What is that, you ask? We made a little video to tell you all about it…

Basically, you ask your closest gal pals to purchase their favorite thing for under $10- one for each girl coming to the party. Then, dress it up with some fabulous wrapping paper and come bearing your gifts, and of course, your favorite appetizer (or dessert, but I’m partial to apps, so because it’s my party, that’s what we do. ha!) Here’s a peek at last year’s gift from myself and Monica:
Last year, I threw the party together at the last minute, but because I want it to be a special night for our friends, I decided to create some invitations. Chalkboard typography is THE biggest thing on Pinterest right now, so I decided to hop right on board the bandwagon. I kinda love it.
I also made a blank template so you can add your own information.
Download it here:
I made the entire invitation in Picasa with the following FREE fonts:
Ideas for Appetizers/Desserts/Drinks:
My favorite part of the favorite things party is the food, of course!
I’m crazy about seafood and this party gives me a good reason to sample these Crab-filled Crescent Wontons.
I’m going to give this recipe for homemade hot chocolate in the crockpot a try, for sure:
And then it would be really fun to dress up that hot chocolate with lots of yummy fixin’s (yes, all of the sudden, I’m Southern.)
And ohmygoodness, my friends might just receive this Salted Caramel Pretzel Bark as their present AND dessert. Ha!
Ideas for Wrapping:
Monica’s favorite part is the wrapping. Did you know that in addition to an obssession with socks, she’s also abnormally passionate about wrapping paper?
I’m already ahead of the game (Monica) for my wrapping this year thanks to The Plaid Barn.  It’s a daily deal type site that I’m addicted to! Honestly, I have to do the whole wants vs. needs thing to resist buying a deal every day! However, this wrapping deal was too good to pass up.  It has bags, wooden tags, stickers, clips, and everything I’ll need to make sure I have the cutest packaged presents.  Mwhahah! (Slightly competitive BFFs, but totally kidding!) I got 45 pieces for $7.42! Major SCORE!
Click HERE to get the Holiday Packaging Kit holiday wrap pack or to see what other goodies they have for sale today!
Here are a few other fun wrapping ideas we found for ya!
created at: 12/07/2010
Gift Wrap Envelope (For the record, we do not endorse the buying of the wrapping paper used for that envelope.)
We can’t wait for the Favorite Things Party next month! After we have it, we’ll reveal what our 2012 favs were and share some fun pictures from our night!
So, are you ready to host a Favorite Things Party?
We’d love to hear if you’re thinking of planning one now too!


  1. says

    What were the gifts that you guys wrapped up to give away last year??? I am seriously considering doing this type of party but might wait til February and do it then after the holiday rush and all. Thanks!!!

  2. Jfalke says

    This is a such a GREAT idea! Thanks for sharing. I definitely want to try this with my girlfriends! Thanks for sharing this!!!

  3. says

    My besties and I decided to do a favorite things party this year at our get-together last year! I saw the idea on a blog (The Nester, I think) and thought it was a brillz idea. I got my gifts back in July (I plan ahead, haha) and can’t wait to see what everyone else’s favorite things are! Love the chalkboard invite!

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