Halloween Decor 2012

So far it’s been an amazing fall, filled with lots of fun activities.  My family is actually headed to New England this weekend to pick some apples and enjoy the incredible foliage.
Here on EC2, we’ve shared our pumpkin ideas

We’ve given you mantle inspiration (2 different ways)
Decked out a spooky foyer
We shared our pumpkin picking fun
And now, we’re bringing you some fun Halloween decor for the outside of your home! 
I want to be clear that I am not the creative genius behind this cute idea.  I was inspired by Mel Designs when I found her idea on Pinterest.  I knew right away that my door was the perfect color to become Frankenstein!
I used felt for everything except for the white eyes and teeth.  They’re just card stock. We have a covered porch, so I didn’t need to worry about rain.
This was totally a kid-friendly project and my 5yr old helped me with the whole thing.  We used chalk on the felt to design the hair
Our measuring cups worked well for eyeballs
And mixing bowls for the eyes
We used Command strips to adhere the felt and paper to the door, so it wouldn’t damage the paint.
We think he’s pretty awesome and cute, not scary or creepy.
(Actually, he’s lost a tooth recently, adding to his goofiness!)
As my kids get older (10,8,5,3) they like to play more and more of a role in decorating etc.  Kenzie (10) and I decided that this dead tree from our property would make a nice addition to the porch.  She added the faux spiderwebs on her own.  The designer in me, wants to tweak thing, but I’m leaving it as is, so she’s knows I’m confident in her abilities and value her creativity.
 I also made a little adjustment to my tiered planters.  I took out the old petunias and added some winter pansies.  I’m a little doubtful about them lasting, but for now I like the pop of color.
If you want to see how I made the tiered planters, you can check out the tutorial here.
I love fall decorating and I’m pretty happy with how these few simple projects make our house feel just right for us!
Have you decorated the outside of your house for fall? 
 I’d love to hear what you did! 
 **I also just want to say thank you so much for all of your faithful voting.  Today is the last day to vote and tomorrow we’ll know the results! So thank you- we really appreciate it! **



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