10 Fall Kids Crafts

I know there are all kinds of seasons in life and I’m cool with that, but this season of our life could possibly be entitled “On the Brink of Insanity.”  I’ve been keeping up a pretty intense pace the last few weeks and felt pulled in so many directions.  Thankfully, things are simmering down, but when they were at their peak, Eric and I talked about making sure we’re both being intentional with doing special things with our kids.  We spend tons of time as a family, but my “thing” is crafty things with the kids.  Eric pointed out that I had been letting my busyness get in the way of my “thing”.  So, I did what any good mom would do… GOT ON PINTEREST! Ha! Here’s what I found and what’s on my To-Do List:

10 Fall Kids’ Crafts My Kids Will Love!
(and yours will too!)

1- Felt Animals My oldest daughter and her BFF are obsessed with making little felt animals.  They’ve made some adorable cats, penguins, and giraffes! I can’t wait to make some cute woodland creatures with the girls!

2- Felt Garland Since we have a lot of felt around, I thought this project would be fun and simple to make for the kids’ playroom.  We have a cool, stone fireplace in there, and I think it will look so cute with a pop of handmade color. I am 100% aware that my kiddos’ cutting and stitching won’t be perfect, and I’m totally fine with that!

3- Painted Pine Cone Swag I like this project idea because first we’ll be able to go on a hunt through the woods to find pine cones.

4- Leaf Doodles Seriously, could this idea get any cuter?  I can only imagine how cute my kiddos’ drawings will be.  I’m picturing a cute family portrait of leaf people! My younger daughter will LOVE this activity.

5- Spooky Candy Tree I’ll be honest, I am not a licorice fan (I think it tastes like plastic), but it’s perfect for these trees! This is a perfect activity for after dinner and homework!

6- Painted Pumpkin Seed Art We’ve carved most of our pumpkins, but we saved a few for this week.  I’ll definitely be roasting 1/2 the seeds and saving the other 1/2 for this adorable project.  I’m planning to let the kids watercolor the seeds.

7- Styrofoam Felt Owls These are felt animals on steroids- I love them!  The inside is a Styrofoam ball and then we can just layer on the awesomeness with craft glue.  I envision a few of these babies around for Thanksgiving for sure!

8- Apple Print Banner I know I’m a tad behind on the apple crafts bandwagon, but I love this and I think we’ll try it in some orange and brown colors.  My youngest has been learning all about apples in school and this project just might make me even cooler to him than his teacher (maybe, but not likely!)

9- Marshmallow Shooter I have an (almost) 8 year old son… he will LOVE this project.  Although, I have a little tweak for fall- I think we’re going to collect acorns and shoot those babies instead.  They’re going to go so stinkin’ far- it’ll be awesome!

10- Twig Trees So simple, but really cool.  We have tons of trees around our house (we live in the woods) so we’ll find just the right sticks and then I’ll give my kiddos a choice between using either fabric, fun patterned paper, or buttons.

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As a working mom, it’s not always easy keeping everything balanced and under control, but I’m thankful for a husband who can loving tell me when I’m letting something important slide.  Today was the first day of “Intentional Mommy” and the leaf rubbings we made were a great start.  I love looking at each of these projects knowing that each one will be quality time spent with my kids.  

How do you wear all your hats and keep a balance?  

What’s your special “thing” with your kids?  

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