Design it How you Like it {EC2 House Tour Update}

I’ve been so excited to share this project with you, but I promised myself I’d hold off until our Fall Kickoff!  Way back in May, I shared my foyer with you… This might jog your memory. 

Bigfoot Rug


Then, I asked for some help to come up with a solution for this space…

Foyer Ideas



I was leaning towards something like this, but you guys gave me some amazing ideas! Seriously, I was wishing I had like 5 foyers, to try out a ton of different ideas! 


Creative Foyer Ideas

Well, in the end, I did go with something graphic, and something with letters, but something that is so much more my personality than just “Hello”…



There you have it… “Shut the Front Door”
Seriously, I chuckle to myself every time I walk upstairs.  I have a weird sense of humor and this is just so me.  Honestly, what I love the most is when people say, “Oh do your kids always forget to close the door?”  I just go, “Oh, yup! Those rascals” Ha!  The double meaning just kills me and I love that I have a 4×6 foot little joke in my house.
Now here’s my soapbox about designing your home how YOU like it… I totally could have just gone with a “Hello” or a “Welcome Friends”, or even worse “Home is Where the Heart Is,” but honestly I think I’d break out in hives if I had to see that every day.  My home is a reflection of who I am, and like it or not, I’m sorta sassy and I think cheeky jokes are funny.  So forget what other people will think and embrace your own personality.
What would your walls say?  
How to Add Personality with Wooden Letters:
I was super lucky that Jennifer from The Finest Kind contacted me about my foyer.  She was just opening her shop and suggested I try wooden letters to add more depth than just vinyl or paint would.  After seeing what she created for her own home, I was sold!
Isn’t that awesome?  (Her prints were made using the Good Old Staples Print Trick!)
Jennifer’s business is 163 Design Company
You definitely need to check out their store.  Your options are endless and they have awesomely reasonable pricing.  I loved that I could choose my font (Chunk Five) and Jennifer was so awesome to work with while I planned out my words.  She didn’t even judge me when I told her what I wanted to write on the wall! LOL.
I used 3M Command Strips to hang each letter- they’re not heavy at all.  The letters are made from Eucalyptus wood, which let’s be honest.. just sounds plain cool.
I planned my general layout…
Applied my Command Strips, Did a little measuring…
And then had the hubs help me hang them.  He went up and I did lots of “A little to the left, no right, now down, back up…” You get the idea. He loved it!
We did use a chalk like to get straight lines to work from.  I definitely recommend doing that!
We painted our letters white, but left the sides the dark color they turned from the laser cutting.  I really like the effect it has.
There you have it… my new foyer!
Seriously, I’m chuckling now, even as I type this…
This is the view I see from my kitchen and I think it’s awesome!  (We had our kiddos’ artwork displayed all summer, but it’s been relocated now.  More on that fun project coming soon!)
163 Design Company is offering East Coast Creative Readers 15% off their order for the next two weeks! You might not be ready to make such a huge statement like I did, but I totally encourage you to add some of YOU to your home somewhere!
Use the Code ECC15 and get 15% off your order, now through September 30th.  
Click HERE to go to their online store.

So tell me… What do you think of my foyer update?  

And, what would you put on your walls?  
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  1. Rhonda High says

    i LOVE it! Such a great personality piece. I can be kinda scared to do something like this, but you totally gave me confidence! :) Good job!

  2. says

    I do like the shadow effect you gave the letters and the chunky font you chose. The quote reminds me of Elaine on Seinfeld, but I think she used to say “SHUT UP!” I looooove typography, seriously thinking about what I “need”…I have been hankering for a large letter, like big big, or maybe an ampersand, uh, decisions decisions.

  3. says

    This is fantastic! It kinda looks like you have Photoshopped your entry IRL which is SUCH an awesome look! Will def be taking advantage of the deal offered too – I’ve been looking to get my own letters cut!

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. says

    Oh my gosh, this is the best thing I’ve seen in forever. I have been looking for printables to put with my photo collage all week, but they are all so serious. I want those funny sayings that are all over facebook about real life that are FUNNY. I’ve even tried to create my own because it is so much more ME. You have made my day, and I might just have to do a little copying if you don’t mind. You go girl!

  5. says

    i love it… so creative and the personality just oozes…. I’m not surprised at all, you seem to have fun with whatever you’re doing and I’d be chuckling as well.

  6. says

    Oh girl! Just when I thought your foyer couldn’t be any cuter… BAM! You go and do something uber fabulous like this!! LOVE IT!! and I maaaay be dittoing it someday (sooner than later 😉

  7. says

    Monica! LOVE LOVE LOVE! This Is freaking awesome,,, I can’t even Contain myself as I write… Look I did commas over there by the word awesome! That is how excited I am about this! DUDE- I am cracking up..cracking the heck up right now- you are A GENIUS! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Dang it- you nailed this one- SHUT THE FRONT DOOR is Right girl! Whoohoo!!


  8. says

    Love it, love it more that you get a kick out of it every time you walk by. That’s the key. I have a dog leash hanger in my back hall that is made out of the word “WOOF” that I grin at each time I pass by it too.

  9. says

    “Shut the front door”, I can’t believe you thought of this!! THIS. IS. AWESOME. At a lose for words. FREAKING. AWESOME! You are my new hero. I’ve got to put this up after we tear down some walls. Thanks so much for posting this GREAT idea!

  10. Missy G. says

    Oh my gosh, I love this!! I love it so much that I am now subscribed to your blog, haha! :) Btw, I clicked over from a comment you left on YHL.

  11. says

    How did you paint just the front of the letters and not get it on the sides? Brush? Roller? Taped off edges? I kinda assumed you would have spray painted them for the smoothest finish.

  12. says

    LOVE this idea!!! I’m going to do it in my foyer, as mine looks very similar in layout to yours and I’m so sick of the plain wall. (Been sick of it for five years now since we moved in!) I love what you did with the other side of your foyer too. May need to try some of those ideas too. And that rug is amazing!!

  13. Allison says

    We say this quite frequently in my house as well (even the kids). I had re-pinned this months ago and now we’ve finally moved into the new house with the vaulted ceiling. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the idea!

    • Monica says

      Aww, so glad you loved this Allison. Yes, can’t get enough of this saying! So glad we inspired you, thanks for re-pinning and reading our blog! :)


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