Olympic Crafts for Kids {2012 Olympic Games}

Are you ready for the 2012 Summer Olympics?  Are your kids into it at all?  Hopefully this Olympic craft idea will begin to get them in the spirit of the games!  Do you have time for a short story?  My 4th grade year of school was an Olympic year and my teacher did all kinds of crafts and activities to help us get into the spirit of the Olympics and it rocked! I was SO into the games, the medal counts, and learning about the countries.  

So, thanks to Mrs. Hanson, here’s our first Olympic Craft Idea! 

How cool is that canvas?  My hubs was telling Kaden that people pay big bucks for cool art like this!  I even love the blue paint spill and I love even more that Kade is so laid back that he didn’t even mind or think it “ruined” his artwork!

(And just so you know, every pic in this post was taken with my iPhone, because it was really just going to be a mommy-Kaden craft, not a blog post, but it turned out too cool not to share!)
Blank Canvas (paper would work too)
Red, Green, Blue, Black, and Yellow paint (any type works- we had an assortment!)
5 Dixie Cups
Now for my disclaimer.  I nabbed this idea from pinterest, but I didn’t have toilet paper rolls, so just as I was about to unroll 5 rolls of TP, the brilliant idea of Dixie Cups hit me! Same shape, and no need to unroll my precious toilet paper! (Anyone else find it so annoying that TP is expensive?)
Since this craft is for the kiddos, there’s really no instruction needed.  Dip, Spin, do whatever to get paint on the cups and then go to town!
Kaden loves to craft.  He loves gym etc. at school, but he told me that secretly, art class is his favorite.

I love how he spaced out his circles and didn’t “over-do” them.  I promise, I didn’t even go into pushy, mom-thinks-you-should-do-this mode.  This was all him.
This project was super simple, didn’t take much time or prep, and my little man loved it.  I guess you could say this Olympic craft is kid-tested and mother approved.
What are you doing to make the Olympics Special for your kids?


**Oh and check back tomorrow, because I have an awesome Olympic Printable that my kids freaked out over! **


  1. How fun, and your boys are so so cute- I mean..{in my man voice} Handsome studs..grrrr. What a fun craft for the kids! Turned out great!

  2. What a cute little smile he has :)
    Thanks for the idea, we’ll prob do this next weekend.

  3. This is so cute! I think I’ll try it with my kids!

  4. Thanks! Me and my daughter really enjoyed making them!!!:D


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