Mexican Dream {Iberostar Cancun}

In case you didn’t know, Jess and I spent a week in paradise…


Thanks to our friend, Mr. Nate Berkus, we lived in the laps of luxury at the Iberostar Cancun.  Nate and his wonderful staff gave us this trip after our second appearance on his show.  Thanks Nate!
If you’re looking for a place to vacation, we’d totally recommend this resort.  It has only been open two months, and yet the amazing staff made everything run so smoothly.  Other than the incredible location, and beautiful accommodations, the entertainment staff, “The Star Friends” were the best part.  They got these girls out of our chairs, playing balloon volleyball, doing aqua aerobics, taking salsa lessons and more.  Honestly, the staff made this trip amazing.
Here’s a peek into our week…

Mexico collage 1

Check out the resort lobby.  It was beautiful and the decor was unique and stylish.

Mexico collage 2

If you’re a mom, take my advice and plan a girls’ weekend! We were super excited that two of our gal pals came along on this adventure.  This was the first time in years that we’d gotten away and it was so beneficial.  Having time away from all the distractions of life let us truly relax and also connect as friends.  We spent many nights sitting down by the ocean talking about life.  It was so refreshing to be able to be open and honest and go beyond the surfacey discussions that busy life lends itself to.  Jess and I are so blessed to have some pretty darn amazing women in our lives.
If I didn’t convince you to plan a girls’ weekend, maybe more pictures will!

Mexico Collage 3

Iberostar, you had me at infinity pool.


This trip was a perfect way to usher in our 30th birthday year and to celebrate our first, amazing year of blogging.  We’ve been beyond blessed by this blog journey and we’re so thankful to all of you (our readers)!


So, now we’re back to reality, (and for me a fading tan is like a slow, death.  It’s horrible to wake up each day, working my way back to pale white) but we’re excited about so many projects and ideas that we’re working on!
and now the moment you’ve all been waiting for…
The WINNER of the
Royal Design Studio/Modello Designs giveaway is:

Congratulations Kara!
email us to claim your prize!


PS. Jess and I are super excited and honored to be attending the NYC launch of the New an Improved Ladies Home Journal Magazine this evening.  We’ll be strutting our stuff  trying to play it cool as we have our pics taken on the “red carpet”.  We’ll be sure to let you know all the inside scoop tomorrow!


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