Barnwood Artwork

We interrupt the Fall Lovers Series to bring you a super cool project that my BFF completed for my dining room.  If you don’t have a crafty best friend, I highly recommend one!
(I’m not positive we’re allowed to share this post yet because of The Nate Show taping we did two weeks ago, but I don’t think they’ll recognize us do you?)
Now, first and foremost, I adore this Barnwood artwork project and it looks awesome in my dining room.  Secondly, did I mention that Nate Berkus told us that he LOVED it and wanted it for his home (to which I said “Umm…you can have it!” Sorry Jess!)
Jess is sort of obsessed with barnwood.  She can get fabulous barnwood from her father-in-law’s old barn.  We have big plans for all the wood, so stay tuned for more info about that.
(dedicated bloggers take pictures in their garages at midnight. Excuse the quality! It’s dedication!)
The awesome thing about using barnwood, is that it doesn’t have to be perfect. I love the edges of this project.  You can use any type of wood for the back of your artwork, just choose boards with lots of character to show on the front.
Jess’ inspiration for the pattern came from the material on the dining room chairs I had redone.
Remember this post?
Using some heavy plastic, she planned to trace the pattern from the fabric, but you couldn’t see through it. Bummer!
Don’t worry, that didn’t stop her! She FREE-HANDED it! Yup, impressive right?  I totally wouldn’t have tried it, but she did and it turned out great! If you’re not as gutsy, you can just put whatever you’re tracing on a lampshade and it will make it more transparent.  (I can’t be held responsible for minor house fires)
After you paint your design on the wood, let it dry and the seal the entire piece with a water-based wood sealant.  This makes the colors darken up a bit, emphasizing all the charater of the wood and gives it that rich, warm feeling.

I hope you’re inspired to create your own art.  Amazing art doesn’t have to cost millions. In fact, this piece is sorta priceless to me because it was made by my BFF.
So, sorry Nate…you can’t have it,
but now you know how to make your very own!

P.S. We’re submitting this project to Crafting with the Stars… how cool would that be??  We’re crossing our fingers and will keep you posted!!

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  1. Love the wall art! It’s just lovely!


  2. Love love LOVE it!! Send one to Nate and then tell him to have you and your family (as in sisters) over for dinner.

  3. Oh my goodness! You girls are to cute!! Love your blog! So glad I found you!


  4. This is beautiful!

  5. I hopped on over from TT&J Link Party, and I love this idea! I’m doing a rustic theme for my wedding next fall and I think this would be a great piece to include! Thanks for sharing :)

  6. LOVE this … I am putting this on my to do list!

  7. It’s gorgeous!

  8. That flower design is great! What a clever idea to trace that fabric on the chair. I might be copying this in the futures.

  9. I love it! I need to find some wood now!

  10. Margaret Skinner says:

    Monica, you are so funny! I love your blog! When is your book or movie coming out?:)

  11. Your project is SO cute, and your commentary is hilarious! Can’t wait to see what you dish up for CWTS!

  12. I love this lamp!! Did you buy it or spray it?

  13. You ladies ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Such inspiring work!!

    Create everyday!!!!

  14. beautifully stylish as always ladies!

  15. Did you sand the reclaimed wood before hand…do any other treatment before putting the print on?


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