It Was All Yellow… Refinishing Furniture

Who knew one little trip to a barn sale could produce so many cool projects?!?
While Jess and I were at this sale, I was on the hunt for a buffet for my dining room.  I stumbled across this “beauty” and was lucky to score it for $50.00!
Now, old-school brown wood is NOT my style, so I had to look past it.  When thinking about refinishing or repurposing furniture, the most important thing is to look at the lines of the piece.  The lines will remain.  The ugly finish, or brass, scrolly hardware can be changed.
Sorry, I don’t have a picture with the ugly, old hardware (I was rushing for the Nate Show) but, I liked these drawers for their simple, rectangular shape, with no detailing.
The cabinet doors also made me smile because there was just a simple line of trim and no scrolls anywhere.  Yeah, I have a thing against scrolly stuff!
I was away on a trip for work and came home to find my hubs doing this in the driveway…

I am not usually one for doing oodles of prep work, but I will admit that sanding this down a bit really helped.  If your piece is super glossy, fear not! Just do a bit o’ sanding! It doesn’t have to be perfect, but rough it up and get some of the gloss, “de-glossy!”
Have I mentioned that I love paint can pictures?  I also am having a love affair with yellow… my goal is to sneak just a little yellow into every room in my house!
Since I was really pressed for time and had about a million projects to complete, I called in some back up to help me paint.  Thanks Mark!! The yellow ended up taking FIVE coats to fully cover and get the exact shade I was looking for.
Five coats later, the finished product makes me smile every single time I see it! Seriously, this cost me $50.00 and I adore it!! I bought the sleek hardware at Lowes in their specialty hardware section.
 I can’t show you how awesome it looks in the whole room, because you have to wait for the big Nate reveal, but here’s a little peek!
I hope you’re inspired to look past your first impressions of a piece of furniture and see the true potential that it might hold! While I’m on my soapbox, please let me add… If I hear one more person tell me, “But I can’t paint it! It’s REAL wood!” I will scream! Who cares if it’s “REAL WOOD” if it’s UGLY??  I’m sorry, but real wood does not mean you can never alter it and have to deal with outdated pieces.  Seriously ladies, let’s muster up a little courage and get painting!
Check out some of these awesome furniture facelifts… Maybe they’ll make you feel a little braver…
 Seriously, how amazing are these pieces from Twice Lovely??  I obviously adore the white and grey damask!
Design Sponge is a perfect example of being brave enough to change a REAL wood piece.  This white dresser was fine… nothing special, nothing awful… just fine.
 And now it’s fabulous! I mean this red is wicked awesome! Can you imagine if she was too scared to paint the wood??  It would have been a crying shame!
Ok, so enough ranting and raving for one post.
Do tell, have you painted a piece of furniture or
have you been a wee bit scared? 


  1. says

    I bought a really nice ‘real wood’ china cabinet at at garage sale for $75 and repainted it black. We also have repainted a baby grand piano (that had already been painted an ugly antique white). I am definitely not afraid to paint over wood! I love the yellow :)

  2. Kelli B says

    You have inspired me! I’ve got two old dressers that desperately need some paint. Gonna get to it!

    P.S. Can’t wait to see the big “Nate reveal”!

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