NEW!!! CWTS Grand Prize Round Announcement!

 Earlier Today we announced the winners of Round 3 of Creating with the Stars.  Our semi-final round had 6 upcycle projects, but unfortunately we had to say goodbye to 3 contestants… or did we???

Week 3 Results

See what I did there??? Left you on a major cliffhanger didn’t I?

So here’s the deal.  These projects have been so incredible and they’ve gotten some serious attention across blogland and beyond.  We have a sponsor that wants to see even more DIY awesomeness and have asked to come on board for the Grand Prize Round! So, we thought about it and agreed we’d like to see more too!

We accepted this new Grand Prize Sponsor (who will be announced Monday with Round 4) and have decided to let one more contestant into the final Round!!  It’s a little insane, but we ran the idea past our Blog Stars and they were game with the idea.  So, let’s officially welcome Classy Clutter into the Grand Prize Round!  Their Upcycle project was a close 4th place and we’re really excited to see what they can do in the final challenge.

As readers this means that you’re going to get to see four amazing home decor projects next week instead of just three (which is awesome), but it also means that your job of picking one final winner just got that much harder!!

Here are the official Round 4 Creating with the Stars Contenders:

Becki & Chris

Thistlewood Farms & The Uncommon Common Law



U Create and The White Buffalo Styling Co. 



Bower Power AKA Design & Life


Mallory & Savannah 

Vintage Revivals and Classy Clutter 


 So we know this is a little unexpected, but we’re really excited about the Grand Prize Round!  We’ve heard little bits hear and there about the projects coming our way and they’re pretty much mind blowing!

We hope you’re all as excited as we are to see who’s crowned the new Creating with the Stars Champion!

Don’t forget to check back later today for Becki and Chris’ upcycle tutorial!



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