Creating with the Stars Round 4 Voting {The Final Round!}

If you missed all the amazing projects in the first three weeks of CWTS, be sure to check them out below!
We want to thank HomeGoods and for partnering with us for this competition.  They believed in this contest from the start and I’m positive the contestants have knocked their socks off! Since this is the Final Round, and we’ll be crowning a CWTS 2013 Champion, we needed an awesome Grand Prize Package!
The Grand Prize Winners -Contestant and Blog Star- will EACH receive:
$500 from Homes.Com
$500 Gift Card to HomeGoods
Project featured by HomeTalk
Also, for this round, HomeGoods provided each contestant a $100 HomeGood’s gift card!  Jess and I adore HomeGoods and just last week we picked up about 8 rolls of the best wrapping paper ever!  You never know what awesomeness you’ll score!

Okay, now let’s get to business! There are only 3 projects this week for Creating with the Stars, so you’re voting for your 1 and only favorite!  We’re so proud of each of these ladies and we know they’ve worked crazy hard the past month!  As you’re voting and commenting, please keep things positive & encouraging and just pick your favorite project.  We’ve tried to keep things as anonymous as possible, so don’t bother playing Sherlock Holmes. :)
Without further ado, We present to you…
The Round 4- Grand Prize Projects
#1- Guest Room Makeover
For my final CWTS project, I chose to makeover a guest bedroom. I envisioned a guest room that was full of personality…fun pops of color and an interesting mix of textures and objects that feels comfortable, unique and welcoming to guests.


What do you make with an old fireplace mantel and a shower curtain?
Create a headboard of course!
 I loved the gorgeous detail in the border of the dark wood, in addition to the design of the shelf with the mirror and paneling. To complete the transformation to a headboard, I closed in the fireplace opening with plywood. and then I upholstered it with the blue and green ikat fabric—A.K.A a shower curtain from Target!


 After I spent about an eternity installing bead board and chair rail, I felt like the room needed a really fun pop of color that would also work well with the headboard fabric. For balance, I purchased a white round side table at HomeGoods, and painted it with some fabulous emerald paint!
In selecting bedding, I chose to go with a crisp white duvet cover, so as not to overshadow the headboard fabric and pillows. Picking out pillows was super-fun and HomeGoods never lets me down when I am in need of a “new pillow fix.” I fell in love with the vintage camera pillow (also from Home Goods) and felt it added an interesting and unique element to the room. The blue lamps added another great pop of color. My goal was to incorporate interesting objects with a mix of coordinating colors and textures into the room…the collage below shows all the details that I hope will make overnight guests feel cozy, comfortable and inspired.


Homegoods was the perfect sponsor for the home decor round. HomeGoods is one of those stores where you may go in with the intention “just to browse”…but never leave without something “you just had to have!”
#2- Colorful, Texture-filled Bedroom Makeover
The home decor challenge gave me the perfect opportunity to complete some of the projects I have wanted to try for a long time! Starting with a bare white room,  I couldn’t wait to add some color, pattern and texture


To frame the bed, I created an accent wall covered with grasscloth wallpaper and used trim to frame the bed and nightstands. I love the touch of glamor that the nailhead adds to the space. While installing the nailhead, I tried a few new techniques that made it go surprisingly fast! Best of all, this wall is completely removable, renter or indecisive designer approved!
I added a few accessories from Homegoods. And customized a few pillows using scarves, napkins and paint.


 I constructed the headboard from lumber and cut the detail in the arms with a jig saw.  I then upholstered it with foam and a bright coral fabric. I love the simplicity of the headboard, but the curved detail and bright coral color make it extra special!


I love the subtle texture of the grasscloth, and how the nailhead adds a little extra detail.
I hope you enjoy this colorful, energetic transformation!
#3- Reading Room Makeover
When it was time for the Home Decor round, I waffled back and forth on what to do until I remembered that I had this nice (relatively) empty room in my house just waiting to be turned into something fun. After playing around with a few ideas, I decided I wanted a place to relax, read, and spend a little quality alone time…and the next thing I knew, the reading room was created.


 I took regular ol’ Ikea Billy bookcases and turned them into built-ins (thanks to some crown molding and a little DIY magic) and amped up the room a bit with trim and some paint in a traditional “library”-ish color. To make it more modern, I painted the back of the bookcases with some chunky gold stripes and tossed in a cozy chair and pouf, a DIY-ed tree stump table, and a ton of bright and colorful accessories.

When I was shopping for the room, one of the first places I wanted to hit up was HomeGoods – I’m obsessed with basically everything they carry and knew their store would be perfect for our bookcases. I managed to snag that gorgeous throw pillow for the chair, as well as several of the cute accessories you can see on the bookcases (including my personal favorite, the blue elephant up at the top)!

I’m so excited to have this space now, and I can’t wait to settle in and start reading!

Now, it’s time to Vote! 

You can only vote once and only for one project. 

(the past weeks you could change your vote if you wanted.  You might have thought you could cast multiple votes, but nope- it was just changing your vote- it was set to just one per IP. This week we didn’t allow vote changes, so make sure you have your mind made up when you vote! Good Luck- it’s a tough choice!!)

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  1. says

    Oh my that was hard! I couldn’t decide between 1 and 2. I love both the headboards! The old fireplace was ingenious but the craftsmanship on the orange handmade one was incredible! Good work ladies! So good!

  2. says

    The one room that I actually loved was the second one. I loved the colors and texture and overall simpleness of it. It felt beautiful, though not cluttered like the reading room. I thought the first was pretty good, but still slightly generic. My only complaint about the second one is that it didn’t show much, or maybe there wasn’t a whole lot done to the room? Not sure. But what I CAN see is beautiful.

  3. says

    Are there any more pics for entry #2?? It’s pretty but there’s nothing to see. Although the proportions are off on the mantle, I’d say #1 wins despite the wall hangings. #3 looks interesting. Grood job ladies!

  4. says

    I love #2, but now that the additional image is added, I feel like the other two rooms did a lot more in the way of transformation. I love all the colors and details in both. Picking was hard!


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