Does Voting Matter?

It’s an election year and everyone is being reminded over and over again to get out and vote (And I totally agree), so it was probably insanely a tad annoying when we started to ask you to vote for our P&G contest- and not just one vote- daily voting (Grrr…)  Well, we just want you to know what we appreciate you all and the time & effort spent voting.  To THANK YOU officially, we made a little video. 
(And there’s a good chance you’ll never look at us the same again…)
So, Thank you thank you thank you!!  We can’t wait to bring you all the details soon! 

jess & Monica

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  1. eeeep!!! congrats!! I voted!! yay! loved the dance moves :)

  2. Yay o Yay!!! Congrats!!!! Love the dance moment ladies!
    Kim @ Sand & Sisal

  3. AHHHHHHH!!! Holy Schnickies Wykickie Willie Kerrrrrrzzzzzssss!!! I am jumping up and down- whoop there it is! YES YES YES!! I am so so SO {to the millionth square root} Excited for you both! Ekkk- Ok Holy cute Dance.. shopping cart- check. sprinkler-check- Jess hot bootie “circling” -check. “catch a Jess” -check. Love you girls, wish I could dance in person with ya, but know darn well I am doing my own victory dance for you hot mama!! CONGRATS!!!!

    • Haha! You sound just as excited as we were when we found out. We definitely tried to hit all the most important dance moves- so glad to see you appreciated them. :)

      Thanks for voting for us!
      Jess & Monica

  4. Niki Luna says:

    YAY!!!!! I am so happy for you!! I voted everyday and had been wondering! Loved to video… watching it in my office, cracking up, with coworkers looking at me like I lost it.. again! You both are so awesome and fun! Congrats!!!!

  5. Niki Luna says:

    YAY!!!! So happy for you!!!! This is awesome!!! I voted everyday and had been wondering! Love the video… watching it in my office, cracking up, with coworkers looking at me like I lost it.. again! You all are so fun and awesome! Congrats!!!!

  6. Niki Luna says:

    I guess I am extra excited since I posted twice! Hit my name is Niki and I am a dork!

  7. Awesome!! Congratulations ladies!!

  8. YAY! I voted numerous times for you!!! Voting does count!!! Yippee!! So excited for you two….and the dancing wasn’t lame….it’s exactly what I would do, which is why I love how fun you both are!!! Keep the ideas coming ladies!!!!

  9. awww yay!!! so excited for you guys!!

  10. Great job guys! Congratulations. I had to work all day so I’m just now seeing your good news :)

  11. Too cute :)

  12. CONGRATS!! Uhm….you should have had Kevin as your back up dancer.

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