White Cabinet Reveal! {Kitchen Update}

Before you get your hopes up, this is not a total room reveal. (I can already hear the booing and hissing.) We still have loads of final details to finish up , but I wanted to give you a peek at our freshly-painted cabinets, which I am head over heels in love with. You may remember that our goal was to lighten and brighten our kitchen by painting the cabinets white, adding a neutral color to the walls, and taking down some unused cabinets. We then added open shelving, a fabulous stenciled wall and a beautiful new pendant light with custom shade. Today I’m just sharing the take-your-breath away cabinet transformation, so I’ll give you the nitty-gritty details of our painting process in a post next week. You may remember that this is how we started out:
And here’s where we are today:


I know, right? It doesn’t even look like the same room! It’s such a calming space, and is ten times brighter. Plus, because the cabinets are white, the space seems so much more open and a lot bigger.
My hubs finished off the half-wall and added a ledge made of a 1×12 piece of pine. He painted it, sanded the edges until they were rounded, and then trimmed it out with moulding.
Well, fickle, little me decided I didn’t like the black brackets used to hold up my shelves, so we took them all down and are in the process of painting them white. My poor husband.
Painting the cabinets has made me want to change the countertops out ASAP, but we’re being patient and are waiting until it fits in the budget. We took a trip to Ikea and were told that, based on our measurements, unfinished butcher block counters would cost us around $300. Not bad at all, but that’s just not going to happen any time soon. Don’t tell my hubs, but I’m hoping that Fall will be ther right time. 😉
Yes, in case you were wondering, I have decided to take back my brown Ikea curtains and replace them with navy panels. Thanks for all of your input!
The next phase will be installing two shelves to the right of the refrigerator. The bottom shelf will house the microwave, so that we can have a bit more counter-space. You can get a good idea by my rough (and I mean really rough) drawing below:
Before that happens, though we have to take care of this little problem behind the fridge:
We moved our oven across the room to the other side of the kitchen, but the problem is that we originally had a gas oven, and so there is a pretty substantial gas valve sticking out from the wall. As a result, the fridge doesn’t sit flush against the wall. We’re pretty sure we can cap off the valve, but we’re going to consult an expert because the last thing we want is our house to set on fire after all the hard work we’ve put into it!
I really am starting to love our kitchen and can’t wait to start adding some color back into it with accessories and linens (dish towels etc.)!
Now, when you walk in the front door, the house feels clean, fresh and bright! Hallelujah!
What are your feelings about white kitchens?
Beautiful or boring?



  1. says

    WOW, what a transformation!!! Absolutely be-a-u–tiful!!! Well done!
    We’re hoping to repaint our cabinets white this summer, so I definitely will look forward to your next post! :)

  2. Anonymous says

    Love it! it does seems so much more open! I have thought about painting mine…..not ready, but love the idea of a butcher block counter top. Might have to look into that one. JENA

  3. says

    Love it and I think white cabinets are beautiful! Great job!!! My sister in Chalfont is having new white cabinets installed at the end of April. She is contrasting them with a darker granite countertop. It will be gorgeous!

  4. says

    Wow! The changes you’ve made make such a difference and look great.

    I have no idea how much it would cost, but I wondered if you had thought about moving the sink when you put in new countertops? Under the window would give you more space and light, and a view!

    Good luck with the remainder.

  5. says

    Looks so great – and I never think a white kitchen is boring – it is all what you do with it = a clean slate that can be changed as your tastes evolve! Great job! Take care, Laura

  6. Anonymous says

    We have oak cabinets that are dated and I loathe them. Do you know when you will be posting the painting process? I have been thinking of painting them for years and I am afraid to really screw them up and then I would HAVE to replace them, which isn’t in the budget right now. Love the white. Can’t wait to see it accessorized.

    • says

      It really is hard to screw up painting cabinets. As long as you take your time, you should be fine! :) And don’t worry- you can sand them down a million times if you hate it! :)

      I’ll do a how-to post the week after next, so make sure you look for it!


  7. says

    Oh my…..love, love, love it!!! I’ve been waiting to see the cabinets because when I come back from Texas I’m planning an inexpensive kitchen make-over! Great job Jess and Kevin.

  8. says

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! My biggest to do is my kitchen cabinets and they WILL be white! I rent, but have the most amazing landlord that is allowing my creative side to fix up this 30 old condo. I love your kitchen and it just confirms I need to get on my to-do list asap! But, I might have to wait til your tutorial =)

  9. Jennifer says

    Absolutely love this transformation! your Kitchen is looking gorgeous!! I too am going to paint my cabinets this summer…and may take a few down and go w/ open shelving! I love that idea. Thanks for sharing your pics and inspiration!! and can’t wait for the “how to” on cabinet painting!

  10. says

    I second Julie’s commment…what color is the wall and cabinet paint? I tried to look back at previous posts, but couldn’t find it.

    It looks great!

  11. says

    Your kitchen makeover is fabulous! Painting the cabinets and changing the wall color made such a huge difference! Beautiful transformation!

  12. Anonymous says

    For what it’s worth. My dad always told me that you should have a gap between the fridge and the wall so that it could work properly. Maybe something to do with cooling down. I should have paid attention:)
    Cindy H

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