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While my hubs finishes up the stuff I don’t know how to do (ie: drywalling, adding corner bead etc) in our kitchen, I’ve been busy trying to make myself feel better about the disaster inside my house (see kitchen demo post here) by prettifying my entry way! My sweet mother-in-law gave me a gift card to Home Goods for Christmas, which is heaven on earth for a girl like me. No joke- I’ve been there three times in the last week and a half. Anyway, I was so torn about what I should get with that precious gift card- because you know there are at least a million things in that store that were calling my name- but kept coming back to tihs gigantic letter “J”.  Our last name begins with “J”, in case you were wondering. So, finally, today I went ahead and bought it, thinking it would be perfect for the wall in my entry that housed my advent calendar in December.
This bad boy is made of some kind of metal substance but had a cherry, wood-grain finish that I did NOT like, but I knew I could spraypaint it and all would be well with the world. (What can’t you improve with spray paint and hot glue, I ask you?)
See how large it is in comparison with my hand?
I picked up two metallic spraypaint finishes from Lowes (right before my son face-planted on the floor and received a nice, fat lip and bloody nose. Picture me trying to clean him up in the drywall isle full of construction-type men). I sprayed it first with the dark bronze paint, and then lightly sprayed it with the copper paint in concentrated areas. Then I went back over it with the dark bronze to make it a bit more authentic.I was trying to achieve a rusty, architectural letter look, and I think I achieved it!
I wish you could see it in person, because it’s has a lot of depth that just isn’t showing right in pictures, but you get the idea.  Then, using the hardware provided, I hung it on the wall facing the front door. Don’t worry- it actually is level, it just tricks the eye with that curved shape!
Right away, I felt like it was missing something, don’t you?
I love the letter, but really think the entryway needs something to make it pop. (Ugh, just ignore that mess of a kitchen back there) I’m thinking I could do stripes on just that wall like this:
or do a stencil on that wall like this:
Except a lot less bold, because you know, I’m the queen of neutral. This one is a lot more up my alley:
I’ve also thought about doing a gallery wall of family pictures around it, stenciling our names in a very subtle color around the “J”, framing it with chunky trim and the list goes on.
Help a girl out! Any ideas for my entryway?


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    I think even just painting that wall a pop of color so the “J” can pop. A bit of contrast to give it the spotlight.

    I have a giant “B” w/a gallery wall in my house, so I can attest that they would definitely work too. Can’t wait to see what you decide.

    Loved what you guys did on the Nate show. Your room rocked!

    Kim http://www.plumberrypie.blogspot.com

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    Oh, one more thing, could you tell me what kind wood floors you have. We are researching floor options right now. thanks, Kim @ Plumberry Pie

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    I love the simplicity and the chunkiness of the “J.” Perhaps, it could stand (hang) alone on that wall with just the wainscoting beneath it. I agree that an accent or deeper color might be great on that wall.

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    I LOVE that idea! It would look super! {I heart that chevron wall, big time. But I’m with you, it’s not something I could have in my home- way too bold for the every day}

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    I buy things at Jo Ann’s and HomeGoods and spray paint them too! I love the metal paints.

    I think the scale of the table is off. I agree with Mikio, either remove the table completely or replace it with something slightly chunkier. I love your blog.

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