The Presence of Presents!

Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, End of school, and graduations… This is present season baby! Now, I know it’s tempting to just hit the dollar store and buy a gift bag and tissue paper, but an awesome wrap job goes a long way.  Perhaps it could be said that I have two fetishes in life… sneakers (I seriously can’t get enough!) and wrapping paper.  I might be one of the only people that have asked for wrapping paper as a birthday present.  I was so excited to open rolls and rolls of it a few years ago!
So, let’s ditch the dollar store and check out some fabulous ideas for prettifying your gifts.  It only takes a few more minutes and it will really let the recipient know how much you care!
#1- Yarn Embellished Presents
I love the rainbow effect and the tiny little knots.  Kids could totally help with this technique!
#2 Map Wrap
How fun and modern is this?  I think the small scale ribbon is a must and adds just the right finished touch.
How cool would it be to wrap a high school graduate’s present in a state map from the college s/he is headed off to? 
#3 Monogram Tags & Newspaper
These tags are adorable and would be so simple to make with your printer.  The baker’s twine is really popular right now and much cheaper than ribbon.  The newspaper is really easy to work with and makes the red accents really pop!
#4 Picture Presents
It’s no surprise this adorable idea is from the queen of craft… Martha Stewart.  Tell me grandparents wouldn’t LOVE a present wrapped like this…
#5 Fabric Wrapped
I have tons of scrap fabric that could be used to wrap! This idea would be especially helpful for those oddly shaped presents that are impossible to wrap.  You can knot the top or tie it up with some ribbon. 
Source: via Monica on Pinterest
#6 Tissue Paper
I first was inspired to wrap with tissue paper when I was at a Christmas wrapping party and watched my friend Patty turn a present into a masterpiece! Granted, she only wrapped one present in about an hour, but it was one rockin’ present! I think that layering is the key when working with tissue paper. 
Since I have A LOT of wrapping paper, of course I needed a wrapping area.  This is my favorite wrapping station in all of blogland…
I’ve loved it for years and only wish mine would look anything remotely like this (I’m not neat nor organized enough… it would always be a mess!)
Here are a few other ways to store your paper (just in case you develop a fetish like me!)
So, with Father’s Day this weekend (I hope you didn’t forget!) maybe you can try out a new wrapping technique…
I promise you’ll love it!
PS- If you win one of Bethany’s Blossom Bands, maybe you can wrap it all fancy-schmancy before giving it to your little one! Make sure you’ve entered the giveaway… check out Tuesday’s post for all the details!

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