An Angelina Ballerina Birthday Party

Well, I’m not sure how this could possibly be true, but my little girl turned three a few weeks ago.

I’ll leave all the sappy stuff to my personal blog, but I wanted to give you a glimpse of the details of the party. Campbell is really into Angelina Ballerina and, a few weeks before her birthday, decided she wanted to have an Angelina birthday party. I scoured the internet and could not find really cute Angelina party supplies, so I decided to be creative and make some of my own and decorate the way I wanted to.

First off, Kevin and I created a “party room” in our basement. We decided to use the area of the basement that normally houses our ping pong and air hockey tables. We just moved those aside and got to work. The color scheme was pink, silver and white. We created a fun entrance to the party room, but hanging a streamer garland across the doorway and then hung regular streamers from the garland so the kiddos had to walk through to see the rest of the room.

Then, we hung pink and white balloons, as well as, paper stars that I had cut out of stock paper and embellished with glitter paint, from the ceiling. This was actually really easy, but a little time consuming. We used large plastic pink tablecloths to cover the far wall, and to create a backdrop for pictures and a few of the games. The round tablecloth on the floor helped the kids easily sit in a circle for the “Pass the Ballet Slipper” game, and was a convenient spot for them to eat lunch and not make a mess all over our carpet!

I made the favor bags using regular old paper bags and a tag that I created on Picnik. I punched holes in the tops of the bags and threaded sparkly ribbon through to close them. These are so simple and cheap, but looked adorable!

I found an awesome tutorial on DIY printable cupcake toppers, which, again I embellished with some silver glitter paint.

The very simple menu consisted of pigs in a blanket, mac & cheese, carrots, fruit salad, cheese puffs (Campbell’s request), and snickerdoodle trail mix. The star on the far left was an indestructable pinata that none of the kids could open. Kevin ended up breaking it over his knee.

One of the games was “Pin the Mouse Ears on Campbellina”. I mounted an 11×14 picture of Campbell on poster board. Then I framed the picture with a pink polka-dot ribbon.

I made sure to take a picture of each guest with Campbell for a sweet thankyou card we sent after the party.

I just had to include a picture of the pretty ballerina herself!

And this is the best picture of the day, taken by Monica. Jen B., you need to frame this!

Happy 3rd birthday, sweetie! We love you.


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